Coolest Kitchen Gadgets to Buy in 2020 to Make Cooking Easy and Fun

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.6.2020. | 20:58

Cooking can be quite an exhausting and time-consuming task, but as long as you own  some extraordinary kitchen gadgets you, your routines isn’t going to be all that stressful.


Probably the recent havoc caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has restricted your movements, confining many of you to your home for months now.  Quite a few of you must have visited the kitchen often to polish your cooking skills, and must have been surprised by your own culinary skills.

 Well, if you’ve loved your cooking experiments so far and want to be more productive in the kitchen in the days to come, you could consider some of these really cool kitchen gadgets. Some of these gadgets also make great gifts and can make the routines of your loved ones quite convenient.

 Chinavasion has an interesting array of unique kitchen gadgets for cheap prices that would definitely strike a chord with you. Some of the gadgets that have arrived might take you by surprise.


Here’s our list of the best kitchen gadgets that could make your time at the kitchen less stressful.



Multifunction Electronic Scale Digital Measuring Cup Scale

Multifunction Electronic Scale Digital Measuring Cup Scale for Kitchen red

Here’s a measuring cup of a different kind altogether that could make sure your everyday smoothies are almost perfect and blending is perfectly carried out to the desired amount.

Over the years, each time you set out to make a dessert or a milk shake, getting the right amount of flour, sugar, milk, and oil was probably a concern. Equipped with a weight sensor and a scale, this measuring jar ensures you get the quantity of ingredients perfectly right. 

The most eye-catchy feature of this measuring cup is its digital display that notifies current temperature and instances of low voltage. This cool gadget also has an automatic shutdown time of 1 minute, which makes it quite power-efficient too.

The ABS handle of the jar is easy to grip and is quite durable, so product quality shouldn’t be much of a concern.

Considering all these different advantages, the Multifunction Electronic Scale Digital Measuring Cup Scale seems to be a total value for money sort of product.

Click here to learn more about the product and bag it  for a throwaway price on Chinavasion right now.


Starfrit Rotato Express

One of the perils of cooking, probably why some people dislike the activity, is peeling vegetables. Although technology has made great strides over the years, it seems like not much attention was paid to address the woes associated with vegetable peeling.

The Starfrit Rotato Express is an invention that absolutely deserves to be hailed since it peels vegetables effectively within minutes.

Be it potatoes, radishes, eggplants, lemons, or onions, all you need to do is fix them between the Rotato’s non-slip base and arms. Within a few seconds, the outer layers of your vegetables would be peeled – we bet you can’t find a better time-saver.

The height of the cutter can be adjusted to suit the vegetable being peeled. So, the gadget is adept at peeling almost every vegetable. Power the device by pressing a big red button and one continuous curl of the blade is all it takes to get a layer of your vegetable peeled.

While procuring the Starfrit Rotato Express, it is important to ensure the package includes a 6V adapter.


TS-82 Kitchen Digital Touch Screen Food Thermometer with Timer Alarm

TS-82 Kitchen Digital Touch Screen Food Thermometer with Timer Alarm for Sugar Cooking 8.5*2.5*8.5

Each time you try cooking a Turkey or just slices of Bacon for breakfast, the thought of whether the meat will end up being well-cooked must have always plagued your mind.

Here’s a genius of an invention that ensures that your meat is quite well cooked and you don’t have to fret over spoiling a favorite delicacy.  The TS-82 Kitchen Digital Touch Screen Food Thermometer is a gadget which includes a probe, which when brought in contact with any delicacy, notifies if it is ideally cooked or not.

The highlight of this cool gadget is its touch screen digital display which allows you to toggle and choose the appropriate meat type, ranging from beef, pork, and lamb to many others.

The switch includes an M/M icon that enables the user to select the desired temperature of the meat to be tested. The COOK button on the device has to be turned on and the cord of the device has to be touched with the dish you have prepared.

If the temperature of the meat cooked matches with the desired temperature selected on the switch, the switch would emit a beep sound implying that the meat is perfectly cooked. Visit Chinavasion now to buy this cool gadget for a reasonable price.  


Iron Wall Mount Wine Glass Hanging Holder

Iron Wall Mount Wine Glass Hanging Holder

A common challenge across several kitchen spaces is that of storage. You must have often struggled for space to preserve those precious wine glasses since other crockery has already occupied all your shelves. Well, this cool Iron Wall Mount Wine Glass Hanging Holder has emerged to be a problem-solver in this regard and has found a lot of takers in the recent times.

These can be easily mounted on walls, low ceilings or wooden planks, and you could have wine glasses hanging upside down.

Not only does it make it easy to store those wine glasses but adds to the aesthetics of your home or restaurant too. This product could be a great addition to your kitchen.

Buy it today for cheap, right here at Chinavasion.


Automatic Pan Stirrer

What could be a bigger relief than someone helping you stir the half-cooked meal at the kitchen, while you nurse the baby in the living room? A sign of relief for most people juggling between cooking and several other tasks during the day is the automatic pan stirrer.

This cylindrical gadget includes three legs that help it stand upright steadily on a pot or a pan. You could also choose between 3 speed modes to achieve the desired amount of stirring. All you need to do is press the power button on the top and select the desired speed. You could also program the timer to turn off this battery-operated stirrer at the desired time.

The legs of the stirrer can be removed after the stirring and dumped in the dishwasher for cleaning.


Stainless Steel Bacon Master

Frying slices of bacon couldn’t have been easier and more efficient, thanks to the new Stainless Steel Bacon Master. This gadget, which sort of resembles a toast maker, helps you place at least 6 strips of Bacon at a time across its semi-circular surface area. You don’t even have to flip them over frequently to ensure each side is evenly cooked, the Stainless Steel Bacon Master will ensure the job is perfectly achieved.

Since the slices of Bacon are to be placed vertically, all the fat dripping from the meat would be accumulated in the tray attached to the stainless steel kitchen gadget. Not only does such a design make sure your bacon is low on fat, but the grease accumulated could be utilized for various other cooking purposes later as well.

Like microwave ovens and several other electronic cooking devices, the Stainless Steel Bacon Master also includes a timer to ensure the cooking is just adequate. The cooking surface is non-sticky too, so you don’t have to fret over grease accumulation.


Bagel Guillotine Slicer Stainless Steel Cutter


Bagel Guillotine Slicer Stainless Steel Cutter Kitchen Tools   1 item

Slicing rolls, pieces of bread, meat, or fruits is an art in itself and demands a certain amount of precision. If you don’t get it right, either you end up with a messy result or even hurting your fingers.

However, now a kitchen gadget has arrived that has just made this task easy.  The Bagel Guillotine Slicer Stainless Steel Cutter has made sure that you don’t really need to be talented to slice any food item to perfection, as long as you own this gadget.  If you are wondering where can you buy or read more about this unique product, its right here.

Grab your piece right now, to save a significant amount of money.


Stainless Steel Fruit Squeezer Juice Maker

Thicken Mini Manual Stainless Steel Fruit Squeezer Juice Maker for Lemon Orange Silver

Extracting juice from your favorite fruits has undoubtedly been quite a messy process over the years. Not any more, since the arrival of the Stainless Steel Fruit Squeezer Juice Maker.

This juice maker, which is a cylindrical cup, includes several blades across its surface area. Its way of working can be probably illustrated better by considering the example of a fruit such as orange. This device can be pushed into the fruit from the top and the juice extracted from the pulp is collected in the cylindrical pipe of the juice maker, which can be later poured into a tumbler.

The length of the cylindrical juice maker is approximately 7 centimeters, and its conical top is 4.4 centimeters wide. The narrow cylindrical pipe with blades responsible for the crushing is merely 2centimeters wide. This cool design makes the device quite effective at extracting juice withing a few seconds, eliminating the hazzles of cutting and squeezing the fruit using hands.

This gem of an invention is available for really cheap on Chinavasion, buy one soon to make your juice-making routine easier.


Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper

One of the most tiresome kitchen tasks is stripping corn from the cob, which is also a real test of one’s patience. Corn isn’t even an ingredient you can’t do without much, since it is the chief constituent of most dishes today.

This circular peeler, inclusive of a sharp blade within, separates kernel from the corn in just one circular motion. The internal blade, made of stainless steel, is of top-notch quality and doesn’t wear off quickly. A quick twist and push is what it takes to do the job effectively.

A little over 10-inches tall and a diameter of 7 inches, this invention is worth an investment and a must-have. By relying on it, you can prepare salads, soups, and sandwiches within a few minutes.

Not just corn, this Chef’n invention is also useful in chopping garlic, ginger, grating cheese, and even slicing potatoes. Within a short period since its arrival, the product has garnered a lot of rave reviews from its users and many have hailed its efficiency.  

Non-Stick Removable Egg Tart Cake Mold

Non-Stick Removable Egg Tart Cake Mould Pie Pan Pizza Plate Tray Baking Tools Gold 5.5inch Round Plate

One of the greatest challenges of baking, be it pizzas or cakes is the experience of the dish sticking to the mold. Although many chefs and cooking experts have suggested using butter paper and oiling the surfaces of the vessel used for baking, the tips have been of little use.

Here's that product you probably longed for since months but probably never found online or at the nearest store. The Non-Stick Removable Egg Tart Cake Mold, now available on Chinavasion, has been quite a big relief, if you absolutely love baking.

The container is made of high carbon steel, which makes it less susceptible to damage and easy to demould. You could read more about its technical details and many benefits right here.

These are some of the best kitchen gadgets you could own today. Some of these can help in not just making cooking easier but you also save a lot of time in  the kitchen.


Oil-proof Aluminum Foil Sticker

40X100CM Kitchen Oil-proof Aluminum Foil

One of the first parts of any living space to lose glitter is the kitchen. You must have realized that since merely a few months after moving into your new home, greasy stains have accumulated on your kitchen counter and the walls. 

If you are looking to prevent further damage to your walls, kitchen shelves, or counter, by the smoke emitted from cooking, you’ve stumbled upon this article at the right time. The Oil-Proof Aluminum Foil Sticker is that resistant shield against cooking effluents you always longed for.

This silver sheet can be easily pasted on your walls and doesn’t require any additional glue. These sheets are oil-resistant, anti-aging wonders that are waterproof. You can find them right here at a great discount.


So, what are you waiting for? Get these cool kitchen gadgets and make cooking much more easy and fun. Fortunately, most of them are available for really cheap on Chinavasion.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.6.2020. | 20:58
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