Information On Car Audio And DVD Installation Guide, FYI For DIY – Part 2

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.4.2008. | 11:45

(…continued from part 1) One of the most basic errors a person can make is to throw away the instructions without reading them and this is especially true for people trying to install a car stereo.

Car DVD installation information like the instruction book or sheet is a must read as it will give you details about what type of wire should be used in installation and where the component should be placed.

This is especially important not only when installing a DVD player, but when doing car alarm installation.

You need to ensure electronic components are placed in a sensitive enough position to guarantee maximum security and maximum performance from your car in dash DVD player.

However, this is only the first stage of research, though, with a trip through the World Wide Web being encouraged before any serious installation begins.

information on installing a car dvd player page

There are a number of sites and pages with instructions for installing in dash car DVD player on the internet, with everything from how to install a mobile DVD player into a car to the most complex and powerful set- ups.

Car Audio Forum

Sites and web pages with instructions for installing in dash car DVD players often have glossaries, detailed step-by step guides on how to install components and some even offering wiring guides for specific models of cars.

Car Audio forums ( have a number of experienced enthusiasts who have the ability and desire to answer specific questions on car DVD installation.

Go to the web and search out how to install a mobile DVD player into a car guides for simple step-by-step instillation guidelines.

Car Audio Forums like the car audio forum are also useful resources as members are only more than happy to answer any specific questions you might have.

Make a plan

People often discover after they’ve fitted a new speaker into the door, but that they’ve forgotten to attach one of the wires and have to take the speaker out again. This could have been avoided if they only made a plan.

While it may mean a longer period before the car DVD player is installed it will mean that the whole process is smooth and everything works first time.

Checklist for car DVD installation

Plans don’t have to be complicated, a simple step by step list of jobs is often sufficient.

They expect to do it in a day in a cluttered garage.

People who don’t give themselves the time and space to complete an install can often run into trouble. To successfully install a stereo or car DVD player you have to have a weekend at the very least up your sleeve where you can work on the car uninterrupted and a space where you can lay components out in a logical pattern so you know where everything goes before you put it into the car.

After all, who wants to be hunting for a screw or wire in 10 years of accumulated junk?

They just twist wires on to connection points and expect the stereo to work perfectly.

Eifel tower in a thunderstorm

One of the basic elements of electricity is conductivity (, or the ability of something to transfer an electric current.

It goes without saying then that a wire that has been soldered on to a speaker or head unit will transport a much stronger signal than one that has just been twisted on… It is also much less likely to be shaken off.

soldering iron

Soldering is extremely easy to do and most soldering irons and soldering wire can be found in inexpensive kits at most handyman stores.

They try to install components around seats and carpeting.

Another of the key mistakes people make is to leave seats and carpet inside the car and try to install components around them simply because they think it will save time.

However, what people often find is that pushing wires under carpets and through upholstery is often much more time consuming and difficult than simply taking out components in the first place.

Removing seats will also give you more options for wire placement.

They mount 6 inch speakers on a thin surface

One of the most commonly heard sounds on a badly installed car stereo is a rattling bassline. The musicians who wrote the music didn’t intend it to sound like that, and the electronics makers who made the sub or the speaker didn’t make them to sound like that.

So what happened?

What most probably happened is that the material the speakers are mounted onto isn’t strong enough to cope with the vibrations.

This can be solved simply by reinforcing the surface or replacing the back tray if the rattle is coming from the rear of the car.

If you are installing a serious car audio system you are probably looking at putting in a separate amplifier and power source for it so that it doesn’t affect the car’s performance.

complete car dvd system tv tuner and rds system

Items like this car dvd player might require an extra powersource, especially if you are running it with a decent speaker system.

People doing this for the first time often make a couple of mistakes which result in their high-end systems only being as powerful as the stereo that came with the car.

  • They don’t earth stereo system correctly
  • They put the speaker’s source wire next to power wire.
  • They use too long an earth wire when earthing their stereo system.

It doesn’t matter if the battery is used to run your car, or your stereo and DVD player, it will still need to be earthed, with the negative terminal usually being the one that has the earth wire connected from it to some part of the car.

However, the longer the earth wire the more energy it transfers, meaning extremely long earth wires will result in an embarrassing drop in the voltage that your system is capable of producing.

bluetooth enabled 2din car dvd player

Products like this 2DIN car DVD player require the very best in sound, so why ruin it with an over-long earth wire?

They put the source wire next to the power wire when wiring the speaker.

It is all to easy, when someone is running speaker wires back to the head unit and power source, to put the two wires next to each other as it looks tidy and it makes the job seem easier.

However when doing this that person could be robbing themselves of volume and sound quality as well as generating noise.

The poor sound quality and noise are created because the current pushed through the power cables create a magnetic field, these magnetic fields can then pass through the air interfering with the currents in the signal cable. Chinavasion’s car DVD installation specialist describes this process as the process of inductance.

The ideal move is to run your signal and power cables down opposite sides of the car, but if this can’t be achieved then putting as much distance between your power cable and your signal cable is advised.

By avoiding these mistakes you will find that installing a car DVD player becomes easy and the car DVD player or car stereo becomes treasured part of the driving experience instead of an embarrassing annoyance.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.4.2008. | 11:45
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