Returning to Work After the Lockdown? Some Safety Measures You Must Take

Author Alex Zhang 9.6.2020. | 01:10

Gradual relaxation and partial release of the lockdown indicated returning to the work, but it is crucial to follow safety measures and comply with work plan to manage the change.


Since the past three to four months nothing’s normal; something none of us had thought off. Imposition of COVID-19 lockdown, remote working and social distancing has brought in a drastic change in the day-to-day lives of all. No commuting, no socializing, work from home is the new reality of today.

However, with the relaxation on the lockdown, social places and offices are beginning to open but with extreme precautionary measures. While most may avoid going to malls, and parks, workspaces cannot be avoided completely. Although employees were equipped with laptops, remote collaborations tools, IT supported VPNs for safe remote working, yet at some point returning to office was obvious.

But do you think everything will be same now? Definitely not! Staffs won’t be coming back to office under normal conditions, as the virus isn’t contained yet.

Several experts have predicted that it will last till 2021. So, during this crisis, proper management is a must, including re-organizing how you will work, travel, and socialize. While organizations are ensuring safety measures, it’s equally important that as individuals you take care of your own safety.

So, as you plan to return to work after the lockdown, here are few measures that you must take to make this transition from remote working back to office smoother.

1. Safe Commute to Work

Before the virus outbreak, commuting to work wasn’t a big concern for you. Right? Obviously, most of you often take a public transport to work, while some of you used your own vehicle. On your way, you touch a gazillion of things knowingly and at times unknowingly.

Earlier, this wouldn’t have imposed much danger but now touching such things can be risky. Touching surfaces, cash and other things on the way to office surely poses danger of contracting the virus, especially when you touch your nose, mouth and eyes after that.

We’re sure that commuting to work amidst this pandemic has become a matter of concern. Most of you must be wondering how to be safe while commuting to work? Well, according to health experts, you need to be cautious about things you touch. Basic safety requirements like gloves and masks are must.

Apart from that, you can also opt for digital payments instead of dealing with cash. Moreover, if your regular mode of commutation is a public transport, then you must avoid travelling during peak hours on crowded buses/trains/metros. You can also request your company to change your timings so that you can travel during non-peak hours.

A safe commute to work is definitely a necessity especially when the virus is yet to subside. Taking safety on your own hands is required. So, before you head out to office, make sure you are well prepared with all protective gears – gloves, masks and face shields.

 You can check out Chinavasion to get these gloves, masks and safety face shield at a reasonable price.

2. Avoid Mass Gathering

Waiting to hang out in the office cafeteria during work breaks is surely a thing most of you look forward to. Definitely, it is quite refreshing after long hours of working. Also, catching up with your colleagues during lunch or at times with team mates after work rejuvenates you.

But with this coronavirus pandemic, it is quite risky to be around a lot of people. Since the office cafeteria is one such place where most workers pour in during lunch or work break, its better everyone maintains at least 6 ft. distance from one another.

Apart from gatherings at cafeteria, attending team meetings and conference also poses risk of spreading the virus. Again make sure everyone is at a distant from each other and only few or four people gather for meetings at a time.

If you’re a part of such gatherings or meetings, don’t forget your masks and gloves. Besides, you must also use hand sanitizers in case you touch anything in and around your office. Grab a handy bottle of Anti-bacteria Hand Cleaner to keep one on your desk.

3. Maintaining Social Distancing

Ever since the pandemic, social distancing has become the new norm. Especially with the vaccine still in its discovery stage, it’s the only way to contain the virus. So, with the relaxation of the lockdown and reopening of offices, most of you have to step out and travel to your respective workplaces.

But how are you going to follow social distancing at the workplace? We’re sure most of you must have thought about this. But most companies are preparing a new work environment keeping in mind social distancing norms. Whether it’s placement of seats far apart, or touch free sanitizer dispensers organizations are ensuring that rules are followed.

But make sure you do your part too and follow these rules. Keep a distance of 6 feet from your colleagues, avoid using crowded lifts and take the staircase instead. If you need to touch the railing for support, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you reach the office – even before you set your bag down at the desk. You can also use hand sanitizers before stepping inside the office.

Quite a number of organizations are following such practices of social distancing and hygiene. In case your organization is not, do request them to do the same, as it is the requirement of the hour. After all your and others safety are in your hands.

You can check out the Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and also get it installed in your office.  


4. Go Completely Digital

Once you return to office, some work will require you to use papers or other documents. Passing these documents from executives to team head to managers will involve touching these. These can be handled by several people in the office and also increase the risk of spreading the virus.

In such times, you need to be extra cautious about where you lay your hands in the office. So, go entirely digital and avoid handling or passing on paper documents.

Well, there are several offices, which have been following this from a long time. But if your office hasn’t switched to digital, then propose the idea now.

However, sometimes no matter how much you avoid coming in contact with someone, use of biometrics or swiping cards somehow ensures this happens. In such situations its essential the surface is cleaned constantly.

Also you can use an Antibacterial Sterilization Card Space to disinfect your access card and keep in mind to sanitize your hand the moment you touch these places.

5. Double Hygiene Practices

In the comfort of your home, hygiene practices were not much of a concern. You did as much and knew you were safe. But once you go back to the office, you need to double up your hygiene practices. There are a lot of things you may touch on the way or in and around the office, so being mindful is extremely important.

Wash your hands every time you end up touching a door knob or press the lift buttons with your bare hands. Ensure you avoid touching any part of your face. It’s all about presence of mind as well.

A step up to these practices is also required. Wipe your desk, mouse, keyboard, laptop or system everyday with disinfectant wipes before you start your work.

Even though the workplaces are also equally cautious about the virus, make sure that you maintain your own hygiene. For this, you can prepare a protection and hygiene kit, which you can carry every day to work. Face cover, hand sanitizer, hand soap, gloves, toilet seat sanitizer and tissue papers- include everything that will keep you hygienic and protected.

Also, you can use Portable LED Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp to disinfect your desk, chair, mouse, keyboard, office bag and other things, which you regularly touch while working. After all being hygienic and protected is what can keep you away from the coronavirus.

We hope following these measures strictly will help you to stay protected from the virus.

 However, you must take care of few basic things that you were accustomed to before. Glance over these plans and put it into action before you head to your office.

·       Prepare before returning to work: Preparations are needed to ensure complete safety. It’s not only about a personal hygiene kit but also you need to plan out proper social distancing and health checkup along with your organization. The present situation requires strict protocols for regulating hygiene and health of employees.


Also, before you resume your office, you must also make sure that the office is sanitized and is equipped with all disinfectant supplies.

·       Adopt a preventive way: As you all know that the virus is contagious and social distancing is current possible way to stop the spread. So, once you return to work, you must continue social distancing with colleagues and other people. Also, identify the common touch points in the office and strengthen hygiene practices. Sharing food or cutlery should be avoided.


In case you’re attending a client meeting or have an outdoor meeting, don’t forget to wash your hands before and after you go. After all prevention is better than cure!


·       Inform and keep Track: Another thing that is quite important is keeping the organization informed about your health and keeping track of people you’re meeting at work. Keeping track of people you meet at work will help with contact tracing.


 With these precautionary measures, hopefully you will be able to manage your work alongside tackling the virus.

Lockdown coming to an end doesn’t mean the virus is contained. It still exists, but you all need to be extra-careful now. With the measures and plans, we suggested above, you can return to work.

However, it is also important that you stay up-to-date about the coronavirus. As much as you’re responsible for your work, you’re also equally responsible for following the guidelines, informing the organization about your health before you resume and show empathy towards others at workplace.

Stay Safe! 

Author Alex Zhang 9.6.2020. | 01:10
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