What Is Tempered Glass and What are its Benefits for Aesthetics And Safety

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Strength, durability and several other reasons are responsible for tempered glass being a vital component of most architectural marvels and manufacturing processes of several objects today.


Tempered glass has permeated into every sphere of life today and has become an inevitable part of everything we use.  Not just the huge rectangular shields on your windows, tempered glass has been offering both protection and aesthetics to microwave ovens, shower doors, and also coffee machines. What could be a better example than the films that protect your phones and prevent them from severe damage each time you drop them down?

Moreover, an inevitably common sight among living spaces as well as offices worldwide is the abundance of tempered glass windows around. The most vital reason as to why it is highly preferred is its many physical properties, which differentiate it from normal glass.

Are you planning to move into a new house in a few months from now and are in a dilemma whether a big glass patch would be good for the living room? Or are you simply amazed as to how the glass door of your oven sustains heat fluctuations and drastic changes in the temperatures you select?

Well, this article will prove why these transparent panels are absolutely safe and advantageous as compared to several cheaper variants. In addition, you’ll also realize how it contributes to the elegance of just any object or space it is included in.


What is Tempered Glass?

A lot of you might have wondered over the years how tempered glass differs from the material used in the manufacturing your transparent tumblers?

 Tempered glass is a result of several thermal treatments and stress tests, which are the reasons why they are widely considered durable and very less vulnerable to harmful external environmental factors such as weather or temperature. Probably that’s the reason why even your microwave oven’s door is made of tempered glass.

 This glass variant is at least 3 to 5 times stronger than the annealed kind since the compressive stress added to their surface during manufacture varies from around 69 to 100 megapascals.


What is the difference between tempered glass and regular glass?

Regular or annealed glass isn’t subjected to any sort of stress treatments unlike the tempered kind, which makes them easily prone to external damage. Even when exposed to damages, the annealed kind breaks into shards that could be dangerous, whereas tempered glass disintegrates into fragments that aren’t really harmful and the resultant debris is less messy.

Due to the high compressive stress that tempered glass is subjected to, they are far more durable and resistant to external damage than regular glass.


Where are tempered glasses mostly used?

Tempered glass has found more than a dozen applications over the years, a few of these might take you by surprise. Apart from your windows and the protective layers of your phones, tempered glass is also used in the manufacture of diving masks, coffee machines, bulletproof glasses of cars, windshields, and even crockery.


Below we have listed some benefits of tempered glass and why they are in demand these days.



A high degree of protection from harms of external environmental damage,  in short – safety,  is an obvious expectation from any material being used in the manufacture of an object or the construction of a home.

 The foremost reason why you should probably consider buying tempered glass for your home is as safety of course, which is a primary concern for most. They aren’t too brittle, in the first place, unlike annealed glass samples you’ve seen in the past. Even if they do break, the resultants are small shredded pieces and not large shards with sharp edges which could be dangerous.

Even cleaning up a mess of shredded glass is relatively less dangerous than clearing broken annealed glass chunks. A broom should help clean up these glass chunks easily and there’s less possibility of you hurting yourself.

If you are looking to minimize the probability of intruders breaking into your home, it’s important to buy tempered glass developed by some of the best glass manufacturers.


Resistant To Erratic Weather

When glass is being relied on to protect a building, a car’s windshield or a microwave oven, the most important criterion to be considered is being unperturbed by temperature fluctuations. Tempered glass has found a place in many buildings worldwide for their ability to resist any sort of weather fluctuations.

Considering how the challenge of global warming has reached alarming levels, it is quite normal for people in many regions to experience scorching heat and torrential rains on the same day. The physical properties of tempered glass make it strong enough to not succumb to the harshness of the weather.

You’d probably appreciate its abilities the most during a hailstorm and would be quite relieved to see how your tempered glass window remains unperturbed by nature’s fury.

Usually annealed glass is quite sensitive to high temperatures, or extreme heat, to be precise. You must have even noticed a few glass tumblers bursting into a few shards when piping hot liquid is poured into it at times. Well, that’s not going to happen to your tempered glass panel.


Strength & Durability

Have you ever wondered why most skyscrapers and commercial buildings across the world are dense with tempered glass panels? Well, this pretty much explains the materials resistance to environmental fluctuations.

Those of you who visited the Grand Canyon quite recently, remember the famous skywalk at this historic landmark? A lot of other skyscrapers too have similar skywalks perched at dizzying heights over which hundreds of people walk everyday.

Of course, traversing over such skywalks installed at tourist spots such as the Grand Canyon are enthralling experiences. However, what we often fail to realize is the strength of these tempered glass bridges.

So, how strong are these bridges? We’ll reiterate the example of the Grand Canyon skywalk to illustrate the strength of tempered glass. This magnificent bridge, measuring approximately 1.6 million pounds, can hold as much as 822 people at a time, even if each person walking on it weighs 91 kgs on average.

Another relevant example is that of underwater aquariums, which aren’t affected by the consistent pressure of water and any sort of turbulence. Remember how the shark stared at you during your previous visit to the aquarium, but you were really sure of being safe because of the trust in the glass surface. Well, that’s the power of a tempered glass.


Scratch and Damage Resistant

Each morning while working at your desk, have you observed those cleaners hanging on harnesses and wiping the stains of the glass panes. The sight of the glass turning sparkling clean again at the stroke of a mop is a priceless treat to the eye, isn’t it?

Well, this is a quality of the tempered glass. No matter how fogged those glass panes are or how many hail stones have come crashing on their surfaces, these tempered glass surfaces are absolutely scratch-resistant. A simple wipe is all it takes to bring them back to their old glory.

A simple example that illustrates how tempered glass is scratch resistant is that of the rectangular films that protect your phones from damage as we mentioned earlier You could find many such tempered glass surfaces right here on Chinavasion.

 Those of you who own a Xiaomi smartphone for instance, can buy the Xiaomi Redmi Pro tempered glass film which is anti-peeping, anti-fingerprint, and also anti-oil.


Design Versatility

If you thought tempered glass are mere rectangular or square-shaped slabs tailored to fit the gaps in your windows, several examples of modern architecture might prove you wrong. Tempered glass can be carved to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interiors they are going to be installed in.

Apart from windows, tempered glass panels have permeated into bathrooms as well. The frameless, transparent shower doors with tempered glass and many fancy aquariums we see today have proved that tempered glass also facilitates creativity by a large extent.


Considering the number of examples we have stated in this article, you must have figured that tempered glass is a perfect fit in several kinds of objects and spaces. Probably there aren’t many such materials that are highly durable, strong, and contribute to aesthetics too at the same time.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.6.2020. | 15:17
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