3 Really Cheap Ways to Turn Your Old Television into an Android Smart TV

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.6.2020. | 22:21

Re-define your television experience by adopting few simple and cheap ways to turn your old TV into an Android Smart TV.


Technology has redefined the entertainment modes and ways. Take for instance, people these days prefer watching online content rather than the usual TV. And for this purpose alone many of you prefer a smart TV over a normal Television set. Although these Smart TVs have started just a couple of years back, it has picked up pace because of the experience it provides.

Yes, ever since Android systems have emerged, everything related to the electronic items are also changing to the smart versions – including the TV set. Television being the primary in-house entertainment form has also drastically changed and now it’s the era of Smart TV.

Through a Smart TV you can manage everything- your house parties, watch movies and series on OTT platforms, play games, and even browse web. 

However, we also know many households are still stuck with an old TV set which cannot connect to anything except a coaxial cable. Though everyone wants a smart TV, the cost pulls down the plan of purchasing one even though it comes with every possible feature.

So, what can you do if you cannot buy one? Well, we have come up with some cheap ways to turn your old TVs into a Smart one.


1.     Android TV Box

An Android TV Box will connect to the television set and the Wi-Fi network, which brings internet to the TV. Once the TV is internet enabled, you’ll get access to different apps and services.

Well, if you’re concerned about how to install it on your old TV, relax, it is super easy.

·       All you need to ensure is that your TV has a HDMI slot.

·       Attach the Android TV Box to the television set using a HDMI cable.

·       Internet connection is the next requirement to turn your TV into a Smart TV. If you’ve Wi-Fi connectivity, connect to the Android Box or else connect straight to the router by Ethernet.

In case your router is at a distance and you’ve to connect via Wi-Fi you may consider using boosters also known as home plugs. You need to plug these in directly into the plug sockets of the house, not into extension leads. We recommend boosters that double up as adaptors because you don’t lose a plug socket. So, once you connect it to the internet and your old television set , you’re all set to access your new Smart TV.

 Isn’t it an amazing way to turn your old TV into a Smart one? Also, during this lockdown due to Covid 19, it’s a great way to enjoy your time at home. You can plan a special movie night with your friends or family, and watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and more, for some amazing shows. Or else, you can simply install YouTube to listen to music all day long.

So, why indulge in expensive Smart TV purchase, when you can turn one using just a few bucks. But before you rush off to pick any Android TV Box, check out MECOOL M8S PLUS W from Chinavasion with Android 7.1 and 2+16GB RAM and ROM available at a discounted price.

Get one now to recreate an excellent TV experience!

2. Android TV Stick

We know that Smart TVs are technologically driven products but also equally expensive. These smart TVs enable everything that a smart phone does. But spending a hefty amount on one is not a cool idea. Instead if you can try the Android TV Stick, not only it will turn your regular TV set into a Smart TV but also is a cheaper alternative. Even cheaper than an Android TV Box.

Unlike the Android TV Box, these sticks are like a dongle, a USB-sized device which you’ve to plug into the TV.

Besides its  pocket portability, these android sticks are super easy to setup and use.

·       All you need to do is find your HDMI port at the back of your TV and connect the stick directly.

·       Once connected, you can stream all – YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and many more.

So, if you don’t want to go for complex setups like Android TV Box, Android Sticks are the ones for you.

But before you buy one, you must check the model’s control capability. Also, cheaper ones don’t support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. So, if you want a bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled model, it might cost you more, but it’s worth it.

Nevertheless, our suggestion is the H96 Pro H3 S905X, an android stick with 2+16GB storage, and bluetooth and Wi-Fi features. This you can get at a budget-friendly price on Chinavasion.


3. Android Mini TV Box  

Are you bored of playing games on your phone or laptop? Want an altogether different experience on a big screen now? But for such an incredible experience you need a Smart TV with enabled internet connection. However, considering the price of a smart TV, it is better to turn your regular TV into one by connecting an Android Mini TV Box.

Not very different from an Android TV Box, the mini version serves the same purpose. Suitable for gaming with access to wide range of apps and channels, the Android Mini TV Box combines the best of both – portability of an Android Stick and features like a full set-top box.

Setting up the mini android television box is no different from full set-top box.

·       Connect the mini android box to the television set using a HDMI cable.

·       Use Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connect it to a router for internet.

·       Once it’s connected, your TV can turn into a brand new Smart gaming console as well.  

Apart from watching series and movies, browsing web or just YouTube, this mini box is quite ideal for gaming as it provides great control. Android sticks usually don’t come with controllers, which can make playing games a bit difficult, plus, purchasing a controller is an extra cost.

These mini TV box on the other hand, come with controllers, which give you a superior gaming experience with an exceptional interface and better functionality.

Also, these mini boxes are cheaper than the full set-top Android boxes. So, if you want to turn your TV into a Smart TV solely to play games, a Mini TV Box is the apt alternative.

Besides, you can opt for the H96 Mini H8 Android 9.0 TV Box with in-built Wi-Fi and voice remote available on Chinavasion at 21% OFF.


Apart from these, the market has several other gadgets like Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast 2, which serves the same purpose. Therefore, turning an old television set into an Android Smart TV is way cheaper than buying a new one, plus, these alternatives help you do so.  

With everyone stuck at home, not to mention the budget crisis, it’s time to amp up your in-house entertainment but in a pocket-friendly way. Don’t forget to add to these gadgets some other audio accessories for an overall incredible television experience.

Hope we helped !

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.6.2020. | 22:21
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