This Summer Rock that Stylish Beard with these Best Trimmers for Men

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.5.2020. | 13:47

With the summers stepping in, it’s essential to keep your beard all tidy and groomed to avoid feeling itchy and hot around your face.


If you're someone who loves the rugged beard look, you're going to want to keep it clean and tidy. Trying to groom it with your standard electric razor or the low-quality pop-up trimmer won't do the job.

When inspecting the beard trimmer racks in your local department or drug store, they might all look the same, but there's a big difference in efficiency. If multiple options in the market have left you confused, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve shortlisted the top 5 best trimmers for men in 2020 to make your shopping easier and smarter.

Top 5 Best Trimmers for Men:

1. Flyco-FS361 Men shaver

This shaver has a clever floating move and a pop-up trimmer that blends well with the contours of your face, helping to trim certain sections, such as the tip of the lip and the squat. You might use a one-button press, which is super convenient.

Moreover, the shaver features a skin-friendly and compact trimmer that conveniently trims your sideburns, moustaches and any facial hairstyle. It also has an easy one-touch open tab to quickly trim unwanted facial hair and increase its use of time.

The entire body is washable, and you can clean it with water. Water cleaning is not a danger because all the electronic parts inside the shaver are protected.

There is also a smart LED indicator on this trimmer to indicate the status of its real-time charge. It's really smart and easy.

This electric shaver is fitted with a voltage of 100-240V, no matter whether it's a business trip or a world tour, there's no strain for your use.

You can find this trimmer for men on Chinavasion.

Flyco-FS361 Men shaver 3D Floating Head 220v 2w 8h Charge with Pop up Trimmer black_British regulatory

2. RUNWE USB Rechargeable Men Double Head Shaving Trimmer

Due to RUNWE's triple double ring blades, close shave –  both wet or dry  – is assured. Not only that, this  also has a pop-up trimmer so that you can do some detailing on your face or trim all that ear and nose hair you wanted to get rid of when you turned 30. But the very best part of this shaver — which, by the way, has perfect five out of five reviews — is the quality. 

It has a USB which allows for quick charging and can be used for 45 minutes at a time along with a light touch button switch and an ergonomic design.

The Double-ring mesh improves the shaving efficiency by establishing better contact between the trimmer and the skin.

With automatic grinding technology, blade and mesh can grind each other without regular head replacement. This RUNWE model is the best trimmer for men under $25 and is available on Chinavasion.


Men Double Head Shaving Trimmer

3. Philips Norelco Beard and Hair Trimmer


The Philips Norelco BT5210 is another brilliant beard / hair trimmer, especially for people who like the convenience of limited fittings and zoom wheels. This Philips trimmer can handle longer and shorter lengths than the Wahl (1/64 inch to 1?2 inch) thanks to its   battery.

Thanks to a built-in zoom wheel in this model, this trimmer can be used to adjust trimming lengths instead of using a collection of guide combs. Two hair combs and a body comb are included for those who want their trimmer to double as a hair clipper or to body hair trimmer.

Another nice feature of this Philips Norelco is that it is waterproof, making it very easy to clean (to avoid confusion this is waterproof for cleaning, but the trimmer cannot be used in a shower or bath). This beard trimmer runs for 70 minutes at a one-hour charge, can be cut without a guard and can run while plugged in. Most importantly, it delivers great performance without tugging the hair of the beard.


4. Remington MB4040/MB4045B Mustache Beard and Stubble Trimmer

If you want a versatile trimmer for a very reasonable price, we'd suggest you take a look at the Remington MB4045B. And if you want a trimmer for a long, flowing beard but don't want to pay a high price it's definitely your # 1 choice. It's a cool-looking unit that's comfortable in the hand and can take care of any man's beard without a hiccup. 

The MB4045B comes with a single blade with 18 length settings plus three combs – a stubble comb (which can be trimmed from 1 mm to 5 mm in increments of 0.5 mm), a medium comb (1.5 mm to 18 mm) and an XL comb (20 mm to 35 mm), ideal for working on long beards. This model features a detail trimmer that allows you to do close-knit work.

The Remington MB4045B Mustache and Beard Trimmer deserve a lot of praise for their simplicity of design – it's sleek, easy to hold and does not compromise in terms of form or function. The titanium blades are capable of sharpening themselves. It also features a long-lasting battery that gives you two hours of cutting time to get the perfect look. Another bonus on the front functionality is the zoom wheel that gives you an impressive control over the length of your mustache and beard hair.


5. Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner Trimmer

You can use the Andis 4775, a professional trimmer that many barbers actually use. It's not as expensive as you might think – and just like your hair stylist's model, it can't operate in cordless mode or as a wet shaver.

However, it’s T-blade with curved edges and hard carbon steel blades provide the ultimate in precision trimming without leaving bumps, irritation or ingrown hair. Along with this, it’s highly durable and does not need adjustments. Just like your barber's trimmer, you need to switch the combs to deal with different hair lengths; four of them are included (Sizes 0, 1, 2 and 3), which doesn't give you a huge choice but its good enough for you.

The Andis operates on a magnetic motor instead of a rotary motor commonly found in beard trimmers, making it a little less powerful but much more durable. However, once you're used to the trimmer, you'll find that you can work very precisely and perform fading and outlining as well as straight trimming with the GTX. The engine runs quite softly, although the blades will get quite hot with prolonged use (not really a matter for home use) and require regular oiling.


We hope this article helped you choose a beard and hair trimmer that is ideal for your needs. So shop for one and keep it stylish!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.5.2020. | 13:47
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