Information On Car Audio And DVD Installation Guide, FYI For DIY – Part 1

Author xlxmarketing 31.3.2008. | 21:03

Chinavasion car DVD players:
Your car interior is in a disgraceful sight… there are three holes in the side of the car… the car’s upholstery is cut into three pieces… and the two 6×9 inch speakers you just paid $130 for are pumping out only half as much as output as the stock standard setup that came with the car.

Is this your first time trying to install a car audio system or install a DVD player in your car?

There’s no need to worry though, because you’re not alone.

The US electronic equipment retail body The Consumer Electronics Association announced that US consumers purchased $110 million in after-market car audio and visual equipment in 2007, with most of that money being spent by ‘do it yourselfers’.

Unfortunately though most people who purchase car audio equipment, with the view of installing it themselves, don’t do a proper job and often leave unsightly wires all over the car, have a system that doesn’t fulfill its potential, could even turn their car into a deathtrap.

Not installing your car DVD player, audio system properly can often lead to your sound system sounding like this:

Or might even result in a car fire, like in this video.

It is not surprising then that most information on installing a car DVD player is scarce and most resources on how to install system with DVD player for the car on the internet recommend that you leave instillation up to the experts, who have often gone through at least 12 months intensive training before they even start working on car electronics rather than doing it yourself.

There is no shortage of places that install DVD players in your car and all will do a professional job.

However, people sometimes don’t feel comfortable with the fees you have to pay, or would much rather install it themselves.

If you feel confident enough to handle car DVD instillation yourself there are some mistakes most do it yourselfers make which make the difference between a easy and rewarding experience and an expensive exercise filled with frustration.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that do it yourself fans make when trying to install their new car stereos or car DVD players.

They tear the components out of the box and try to slap them into the car as soon as they get the components home.

This is a huge, life-altering mistake which, unless they are very lucky, is guaranteed to result in disaster. Just as you wouldn’t go on a trip without studying the location or making an itinerary, you shouldn’t install a car DVD player without doing your research or making a plan.

Do your research.

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Author xlxmarketing 31.3.2008. | 21:03
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