How to Use WiFi on a Sports Action Camera in 3 Simple Steps

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.5.2020. | 17:28

Enabling WiFi on the camera and your phone as well as installing an app to bridge the two devices is all it takes to ensure connectivity.


A lot of you might have watched breath-taking videos of bikers grooving through narrow paths on steep hills, or even stopping their mean machines right at the edges of dizzying cliffs?

 Some of these videos might have made your heart skip a beat because the camera was probably mounted on the rider’s head. The gadgets which make these videos possible are the sophisticated sports cameras available in plenty across stores around us today. They are much sleeker than DSLR cameras, and do a great job at capturing high-quality videos too. A lot of these sports action cameras are equipped with WiFi.

However, those of you who aren’t too tech-savvy and require a bit of assistance on how to use WiFi on a sports camera, this article illustrates how to get connected by following a few simple steps.


Step 1: Installing an App

The foremost step in ensuring WiFi connectivity is installing an app that bridges your phone with the sports action cameras you own.

A peek into Google Play or the App Store would reveal several applications to help you with the job. EZ iCam, WiFi Action Camera, and Yi Pro are a few popular ones that help bridge a sports action camera with a phone over WiFi. The connectivity procedure although is the same, irrespective of the sports action camera app you use. 

Let us consider the EZ iCam as an example to understand how to use WiFi, since it is an app many sports action camera owners rely on. This application is compatible with a large number of Apple and Android devices. A shallow research should help you discover many similar variants that are compatible with Android and Apple-compliant gadgets you already own.

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Ranging from Huawei to Xiaomi, a visit to the website will reveal some of the coolest phones available today manufactured by the world’s best brands.

Xiaomi Redmi 8A 4+64G Smartphone blue

The Xiaomi Redmi 8A Mobile Phone for instance is a great product to consider, if buying a smartphone is a top priority currently.

Equipped with 3GB RAM and front as well as back cameras that offer 8MP and 13 MP resolutions, this phone is almost ideal for video recording. In addition, it has a storage capacity of 32 GB, which is sufficient to store a large number of videos.

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Step 2: Synchronization

The next step is to turn on the camera and press the WiFi button to ensure connectivity, once the gadget boots.

Although many 4K action cameras are inclusive of a WiFi option, not many are sure as to how it can be turned on.

  • Click on the settings button on the      camera, and scroll through the various options by toggling with the arrow      buttons until you find the option to turn on WiFi.

  • Later, click on the camera connectivity      app such as ‘EZ iCam’, followed by clicking on the ‘+’ button to browse      through the list of various Wi-Fi enabled devices in your vicinity.

  • To find this button, you need to click on      the settings button on your phone.

  • Click on the name of the sports action      camera if it shows up in the list of devices that can be paired.

  • Soon you’ll figure that the EZ iCam      interface refreshes and displays the view being captured by your camera      currently, implying both the devices are in sync.

  • You can choose to click on the video      record button on your phone’s EZ iCam interface while maneuvering your      camera flexibly to capture the footage you would like it to.

The incredibility of such WiFi cameras that can be connected with the phone is the final video output. A friend who isn’t too well-versed with gadgets would be amazed by the fluidity of the video’s movements when he watches the recorded clip on the phone. 

An additional advantage of this synchronization is that the data captured by the camera doesn’t have to be transferred to a phone using a USB cable, unlike many devices of the recent past.

Before we go ahead, we would gladly like to introduce you to one of the really cool sports action cameras available on Chinavasion currently, if you don’t own one and are considering the idea.

LCD Display Waterproof Action Camera - Red

This camera for instance, is equipped with a 12 MP camera that not only captures some great photographs but also records 720p HD videos. Most importantly, the camera is waterproof, and even if you want to capture some great videos while you are swimming in a pool, there’s no risk of this gadget becoming dysfunctional.

If you are looking to capture some great sights during your vacations or even thinking of starting a YouTube channel, a camera such as this would be immensely useful. In addition, a reasonably good smartphone coupled with such a camera can do a fine job.

What’s more exciting is the fact that this supercool gadget is up for grabs at a really low cost on Chinavasion right now. So, make the most of this deal.


Step 3: A Connectivity Alternative

  • You could also synchronize a sports action      camera with your phone by turning on the WiFi on your camera followed by      visiting the settings option on your phone.

  • Later, click on WiFi to select the device      of your choice. This procedure is no different from how you pair two      phones via Bluetooth or get connected to a nearby WiFi network to probably      check your emails. A few seconds later, when you open an app such as EZ      iCam, you’ll be amazed to see that the interface displays the images being      captured by your camera currently.


After reading this piece you must have figured that setting up WiFi on your sports action camera and syncing it with your phone is easier than you had imagined.

Try this experiment the next time you head out of home with a Go Pro or any camera its kind and you would be amazed by the outcome. A Trying to click a selfie for instance using a sports action camera while recording the activity on your phone is a different experience altogether.

Visit Chinavasion to browse through a wide range of electronic gadgets to find a suitable smart phone and sports action camera for yourself. You’ll find several options at really cheap prices.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.5.2020. | 17:28
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