Best Coronavirus Tracking Apps to Keep You Informed Amidst this Lockdown

Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.5.2020. | 12:22

The coronavirus tracking apps will keep you well informed about the spread of the disease and how to keep yourself safe.


In the past few months, coronavirus has taken the world by storm. Everyone including doctors, government, health experts, world leaders, celebrities and social organizations are trying hard to spread awareness about it. Whether it is the increase in the number of cases or ways to stay safe, the coronavirus tracking apps will help you in all of it.

Well, in this technologically advanced world, promoting health awareness about coronavirus has become quite easier with the development of smart phone applications. Smartphone apps and other digital technologies have been widely used to help limit the spread of coronavirus. Plus, countries are now developing their own apps to trace the virus's spread.

So, here we’ve compiled a listed of 5 best coronavirus tracking apps, which will keep you informed while you social distance yourself.

1.        W.H.O (World Health Organization) Info

Whenever there is any epidemic or pandemic, the World Health Organization keeps a close vigilance on the affected regions/nations. W.H.O has developed an official app to provide the latest health information and advice, updates and the latest news about Covid 19. This app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Besides, it has  developed the app in  6 (official WHO) languages that includes  Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and Russian. Also, the daily press conferences are  streamed live via the app, making it convenient for you to watch anytime and anywhere

Well, post its launch on Google Play Store, people across the world started using it and soon enough received 4.4 stars. As mentioned, this app not only provides figures and recent updates related to coronavirus, it also has a separate section which includes guidelines to be followed.

These guidelines include ways to contain the virus including the Dos and Don’ts. To safeguard yourself use masks, gloves and hand sanitizers. Check out safety products on Chinavasion, which are available at discounted prices.

2. TraceTogether

While WHO Info was  launched on a global level to track the virus, the unprecedented rise in the numbers of coronavirus patients has enabled every affected country to keep track of infected zones and actual number of cases. Singapore has created a smartphone app TraceTogether. This app has been developed by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) in collaboration with MOH.

TraceTogether can be downloaded by anyone with a Singapore registered phone number and a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. This is a contact tracing app that uses the Bluetooth feature to track infected people and notify those who were in close proximity to them during the past 15 days.

Besides, this app doesn’t collect data about GPS location or WiFI/mobile network. So, it is quite safe for people as well. But how does it work is what most of you must be thinking? Well, when two people using the app are close to each other, both the phones will use Bluetooth to exchange a Temporary ID. This Temporary ID is generated by encrypting the User ID with a private key held by the Ministry of Health (MOH). It can only be decrypted by MOH, and does not reveal your identity or the other person’s identity.

TraceTogether has leaded the way for many other contact tracing apps developed by other countries across the world.

3. NHS smartphone ap


To deal with this crisis, major health organizations have come together to fight it. One such health organization is the National Health Service, which has undertaken the responsibility of tracking the virus within the UK and issued several suggestions and advices to people to help them to stay aware and safe. Like several other countries, the UK and NHS developed a smartphone app for contact tracing.

Designed by NHSX – the innovation unit of NHS – this app has been released recently. Even British health secretary Matt Hannock has urged the public to download the app as iIt will help the health authorities to keep a tab on peoples movements and notify them if they come in close contact with the infected.

Also, experts have suggested that the app will assist them in analyzing the pattern of spread and the hot spots within the nation. Besides, it will also help formulate relaxations for the lockdown. According to them, the app categorizes details based on demography, household structures and mobility patterns. And depending on these results, a certain number of people will be allowed to move freely.

The government and health service have advised people to download this app with any smartphone, whether it has an iOS or Android Operating system. Well, Chinavasion has a pool of smartphones including iOS and Android. You can also check out Honor 20 Kirin 980 with 8GB RAM + 256GB Rom. Also, don’t forget to keep a track of the increasing numbers and follow the guidelines.

4. CovidWatch

While everyone is trying to cope up with social distancing and quarantine, tracing down corona patients is equally important for the safety and well-being of all. Not only tech giants but also emerging software developers have joined hands in this fight. Several amateur developers have created tracking apps to help people stay safe and well-informed.

Covid Watch is an app developed in collaboration with Stanford University. It has been among the first apps to release an open-source protocol for privacy-preserving, decentralized Bluetooth contact tracing. It empowers people to protect themselves and their communities without the need of surrendering their privacy. It uses Bluetooth signals to detect users when they are in proximity to each other and send alerts to them anonymously if they were in contact with someone who has tested positive.

However, a distinctive feature of this app is that no third party, not even the government, will be able to track who was exposed to whom.  

With this tracking app, you will be well-informed about your surroundings and will continue to stay at home knowing the facts and figures. You can install this App on your smartphone or a bluetooth enabled tablet. If you are planning to buy a tablet, go for the Teclast M8 8.4 inch Tablet, with Android operating system and 3GB RAM available on Chinavasion.

5. Close Contact Detector App

The epicenter of coronavirus, China, has adopted several strategies to tackle the spread of the virus and keep the people well-informed. From drones to robots to smartphone tracking apps, China has invested and developed everything to contain the spread. In spite of the lockdown, the country has encouraged people to download and use the smartphone apps to keep track of the nearest COVID-19 patient.

Out of all, one newly developed app is the  Close Contact Detector app, which informs its users if they have been near a person who has been confirmed or suspected of having the virus. Plus, it also advises people identified to be at risk to stay at home and inform local health authorities. In this way the technology shines a light on the Chinese government's close surveillance of its population.

Its operation is quite simple – to make an inquiry users scan a Quick Response (QR) code on their smartphones using apps like the payment service Alipay or social media platform WeChat. Once the new app is registered with a phone number, users are asked to enter their name and ID number. Every registered phone number can then be used to check the status of up to three ID numbers.

Apart from all these it also advises people to stay at home and practice good hygiene and other safety measures to stay protected.

To make sure you have a virus free house environment, it is important to sanitize using proper disinfectants. You can check out Chinavasion for Multifunctional Hand Sanitizer, Household UV Disinfection Stick or No-clean Ethyl Alcohol Disinfectant.

We’re sure that staying isolated or following social distancing is a bit stressful  especially when you’re unaware of your surroundings. But with these apps, you can  at least be informed about your region, country and world. Besides, you can stay away from  containment zones or quarantine yourself if you have been notified about  coming in contact with a COVID positive person.

Apart from these, there are several other apps and web sources like The Corona DataSpende, Aarogya Setu, HaMagen, and PeduliLindungi to trace down the coronavirus spread along with issuing guidelines to stay safe.

Stay Home! Stay Safe!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.5.2020. | 12:22
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