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Author xlxmarketing 5.7.2010. | 10:45

Chinavasion tune up

As you may have seen over the past few weeks we’re getting ready for a overhaul.

We are changing our ‘back end’, the very thing that makes the site tick, to make the experience faster, more stable, provide more options and functionality and put in a search bar so powerful Superman uses it to power the fortress of solitude.

So you can expect some changes in the way you interact for the site.

We have already looked at how your ‘my account’ section looks in the blog and how our industry-leading level up program works in the blog China Discounts Chinavasion’s New Level Up Program For Resellers but how will the upgrade affect how our checkout system works?

Lets take a look

Step 1

Register and log in and create an account


Step 2

Select your favorite product and choose the quantity as follows.


If you know exactly what you want and just want to order it then you will be able to put it in your cart directly from the category listing:

add to checkout via category step 1

add to checkout via category step 2

add to checkout via category step 3

Step 3

Place the order here, proceed to checkout


If you’ve ordered from the category page you should just press on the ‘proceed to checkout’ button at the top of the page:

go to checkout button location copy

Step 4

Select the address and shipping method

Make sure the address is the one you need to send the item book by selecting either change shipping address or change courier

checkout_total_screen select shipping address

If you want to change the shipping address you can just click on the button above and select the right one from your Chinavasion address book


Or adding in another by filling out this simple form:


Double-check the address by clicking on the handy Google Maps widget to the right of the screen.

checkout_total_screen select courier option

Now you can select your preferred shipping option. By clicking on change courier you should see a range of shipping options which have been custom fit to your location.

checkout shipping options

Step 5

Select the payment option

To toggle between Paypal and Bank Transfer all you need to do is click on the tabs at the top, just like you would with Firefox, Chrome or Opera.


Step 6

Check the order

Check that the method of payment is correct, the shipping address is correct and the method of shipping is correct. Also make sure that you’re putting the right number of items and the right items into your cart. You can correct the order by clicking on the buttons below

checkout_total_screen what the bottom buttons do

Step 7

Confirm the order

Press one of these two buttons:

place your order button

Step 8

Congratulations! The order has been placed successfully. you should be able to see this message:

successful order

Please read through the document carefully, confirm where the item will be shipped to, and see the approximate shipping date.

Also check out the lower right of the screen. That’s where we hide put all the small print regarding the shipment.

If you’ve got any questions about anything in there please make a comment in the shipping comments section and we will work together with you to resolve any issues you might have.

You see it is a piece of cake to order electronics and gadgets from us, so now have try place a test order. Get ready to do business fast.

Check out our other blogs which walk you through our brand new level up program and the intuitive new account page. Or keep up to date with the site’s overhaul at Breaking News: To Get An Overhaul

Author xlxmarketing 5.7.2010. | 10:45
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  1. Benito July 7, 14:59

    Too complicated, the old one is much easy to use

  2. Baciro Ibraima Nicolau July 21, 17:12

    Yeah. I think it is a great deal of improvement with the new design site Lovely,easier and comfortable to browse. I think nowadays yours services are sometimes slow. Item status remain on a particular step for too long with progressing. I can remember those days when someone makes an order, before the twinkle of an eye you will see your order status taking three progressing steps in just a day and the next time you check , your order has been sent out. Waoo!!!. But now reverse is the case. You can no longer predict how soon your order could reach you. This is quite worrying, because you can’t always assure your clients any precise delivery time if the want to order any item, which make most clients very reluctant to buy.

    Don Binnick

  3. Adrian August 4, 15:34

    Hi Don,

    Chinavasion is busier than in the past, but we are improving our services all of the time and still most of our orders are dispatched within around 24hrs!

    Thanks for the contact.

  4. Alexandre January 3, 23:22

    muito bom as dicas.
    gostei muito..

  5. sameer July 30, 22:13


  6. krishna January 1, 13:18

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  7. krishna January 1, 13:20

    Hai Medam

  8. krishna January 1, 13:22

    5MP Digital Camera and 720P Camcorder with Optical Telescope Zoom and Wide-angle Lens order in Andhra Pradesh,India

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