How to Become a Successful Youtuber and Grab all the Attention

Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.5.2020. | 12:46

You can become a successful Youtuber if your content is good and engaging, not to mention your dedication and patience as well to become one.



Apart from relying on the video-sharing platform for its gazillions DIY videos, tutorials, movies, and several other genres of content, YouTube has turned into a career option for millions of people across the globe. A recent study even revealed that a large number of kids worldwide preferred being Youtubers than astronauts, a paradigm shift in trend as compared to even a decade ago.

Here are a few tips on how to become a successful Youtuber each of you could probably follow to taste limelight and monetary success. Scroll down to figure how to gain a million subscribers, amass huge fortunes, and that priceless award from YouTube with the inverted-triangle logo.

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Identifying Your Niche and Creating Great Content

The most important step towards YouTube success is undoubtedly great content that strikes a chord with the viewers. If you aren’t a celebrity, you have no choice but strive to produce enticing videos to help your popularity soar.

Merely mimicking another successful YouTuber’s content pattern isn’t a wise pattern. Introspect to identify your interest, if you haven’t already, since no video would seem more honest than you speaking about something you are passionate about.

It is also important to find your voice while creating videos related to your interests probably because there are already a gazillion clips uploaded by people you know. For instance, if cooking is your passion, it is vital to try making videos revolving an aspect around food that hasn’t largely been talked about.

Identifying your channel’s goals and planning a little into the near future is also quite vital to script your YouTube success.

A reasonably good camera, a smart phone and good microphones are necessary to create good videos. You could find a few of really great options right here at Chinavasion.

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The Huawei P20 Pro 6 for instance, is a highly-preferred camera for shooting videos since its clarity is unparalleled.

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Better Marketing

Merely posting videos regularly on YouTube itself isn’t going to fetch you a large number of subscribers. Ideally, you must exploit the benefits of other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your channel. Share the links to the latest additions to your YouTube account on every other social media handle of yours to get the attention of all your friends, former colleagues, and family.

If you are also a bit of a blogger, the latest video you post on YouTube could be the next topic of discussion on your blog. You can pen down some points as to why this video is important for your target audience maybe to intrigue them further.

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Try publicizing your videos even while you are on the go, during a train or cab commute, through your phone, to the best possible extent, to gain more visibility. You could even use the same phone to shoot something during your journeys, for you never know, your impromptu video recording act could prove to be your best video yet. If you are thinking of buying a good phone, the Xiaomi Redmi 8 Global could be a great option.


Get the SEO Right

Apart from creating great content, titling your videos is a different ballgame altogether. A small research on trending keywords that are eye-grabbing, go a long way in getting more viewers to click on your content. Even if you merely browse YouTube you’d probably realize that videos with catchy phrases have most probably garnered more views.

A bit of research on SEO tips that could help amplify your YouTube popularity would go a long way in increasing the number of your subscribers.


Content that Address Everyday Concerns

A lot of you must have observed that DIY videos that help people manage their chores or routine tasks effortlessly have a lot of takers. Apart from the latest peppy music videos and celebrity gossip, videos that address everyday concerns of people grab eyeballs pretty quickly.

Even if making DIY or ‘How to’ videos isn’t really your forte, it’s quite important to make your videos seem quite personal, and to the best make extent make viewers feel you are interacting with them directly. Even if you are talking about superbikes or any interest that would be perceived ‘elitist’, think of conveying the message in a way that even a commoner watching it can relate with.

Striking an emotional chord could be an icing in the cake, which is also a pointer you could consider while making your next one.

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As far as equipment is concerned, you could also make the best of gadgets such as the Mini Lapel Lavalier Microphone to capture great sound.  A video with impeccable sound quality can help immensely in keeping your viewers hooked.


The Length of the Videos

Apart from creating good content and publicizing videos, an important aspect often overlooked is the length of the videos. So how long is your video supposed to be ideally? A few recent researches have revealed that videos that are 15 to 20 minutes long have garnered more views and likes from the viewers.

 This fact must have surprised quite a few of you who believe that shorter videos are better since most people online have short attention spans these days. A few successful YouTubers claim that 20 minutes is their sweet spot. Reading a bit on the current trends in YouTube video length is quite necessary.

Instead of merely uploading the videos captured by the camera, it is wiser to edit a few portions to restrict the length to 20 minutes. Buying a cutting-edge laptop and installing a great editing software would be a great idea to trim those videos. The DONGRUN 15.6 inch FHD laptop is a great device to carry out editing. Equipped with an Intel Core i7, 4th.Generation processor, this computer is incredibly fast and pretty much a video editor’s delight.


Patience and Perseverance

Like the adage ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ goes, it is important to know that amassing a large number of followers isn’t something you’ll succeed at overnight. No matter how impeccable your content really is, earning many subscribers will certainly take a long time. This not-so pleasing fact is something you will have to accept to become a successful YouTuber.

In fact, most successful YouTubers would probably reveal that their popularity didn’t skyrocket overnight.

However, this fact shouldn’t dampen your spirits and result in you giving up on your interest. Continue making videos over a period of months or even years with the same amount of excitement you started on day one, and we are sure success will find you one day. Most importantly, post content consistently to be noticed and get a considerable number of followers.

We hope these tips have sort of helped paint a clear picture as to how you could be more visible, or even a celebrity of sorts on YouTube. Try some of these tips and we are sure you would taste success in your YouTube endeavors.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.5.2020. | 12:46
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