Why Has Tik Tok Become a Rage Worldwide?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.5.2020. | 12:35

With the emergence of Tik Tok, it became instantly popular by providing people entertainment and a platform to showcase their talent. Its grip over people across the world is due to its mass appeal. 


Every year social media platforms see a steep rise in its users with new apps. From Facebook to Twitter, WhatsApp to Instagram, Musical.ly to Tik Tok, these apps have redefined the way we use social media.

However, in last few years, the world has witnessed the rise of Tik Tok, a combination of music lip-syncing and short video making app.

TikTok: Emergence and Statistics

Zhang Yiming’s start up ByteDance paved way for the infamous app Tik Tok. Developed in 2016 and launched in 2017, Tik Tok started as Douyin in China. Until then Musical.ly was leading the similar market but soon in 2017, Douyin acquired Musical.ly and merged as Tik Tok, which is known globally.

Ever since its launch, Tik Tok has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times across the world and has created quite a stir among the Generation-Z. With over 800 million users – it is soon estimated to surpass a billion – who are mostly youths, the app has a market of $75 million.

However, off late the app and users are facing a lot of backlash and abuse for their content, but this hasn’t impacted the overall popularity of Tik Tok much.

Why it is so Popular?

Considering that the young people crave for micro entertainment and short bursts of distraction, Tik Tok offers instant gratification along with the opportunity to gain followers.

Plus, the massive popularity of Tik Tok is also credited to the factors below:

·         Short Form of Entertainment

The primary reason that makes Tik Tok popular is the entertainment quotient it provides. The moment you open the app, you will come across a whirlwind of videos – from music lip syncing to dance, DIY to sharing day-to-day life, Tik Tok includes it all.

Unlike YouTube, which also provides users a platform to make video content; Tik Tok enables the user to alter and use ready content. However, Tik Tokers add creativity to make their video more entertaining.

Since the videos are short, it engages more viewership, thereby getting millions of followers. The only requirement is a high-end quality smartphone.

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·         Catering to all Sorts of People

The variety of content provided on Tik Tok attracts a vast number and different kinds of people. From common man to celebrities, influencers to marketing agencies, this platform captures the interest of all, providing worldwide exposure.

Whether its humor, fitness, travel, music, dance, cooking or photography- every category is open for experimentation on Tik Tok. Moreover, the more appealing your content is the better attention it will get.

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·         Advertise Products and Brands

Not only has Tik Tok built a platform for entertainment but also attracted several brands across the world. Since social media marketing is quite a trend, groups and organizations often consider social media platforms to market their ideas, services and products.

Surpassing even Facebook and Instagram, brands are advertising via paid partnership with the help of social media influencers or Tik Tokers with numerous followers. From restaurants to sports, everything is being advertised here.

If you’re even trying to advertise any products or brands through Tik Tok handle, don’t forget to make it short and entertaining. You can try the Phone Trinket 20X, a Phone Tripod with Telephoto Lens for stable and amazing video quality.  


The Most Followed TikTokers

Well, from the above mentioned factors, it is quite obvious that Tik Tok has garnered a lot of popularity in the last two years. And this attention is solely due to the content creators who fuel up Tik Tok with their videos, trending music and challenges.

Another notable thing is that most of the top followed Tik Tokers aren’t celebrities but common people. Here are the top three most followed Tik Tokers.

1. Charlie D’Amelio D’Amelio with 55 million followers became an overnight internet sensation, all because of Tik Tok. Her dance moves have a unique touch and she also collaborates with other popular creators. Her dance routines on famous songs are a massive hit on Tik Tok.

2. Loren GrayPreviously, the first spot of most followed person on Tik Tok was Loren Gray. But soon Charlie rose to 55 million. However, Loren Gray now holds the second spot with 43.1 million followers. Her social media popularity especially on Tik Tok grabbed the attention of Virgin Records and Capitol Records companies. At present she is a budding record artist with six singles in her musical journey.

3. Zach King- The well-known face of Vine app Zach King also garnered lot of followers on Tik Tok even after Vine closed down. His magic tricks that defy logic are widely popular amongst his 42.6 million followers. .

How to Make Money through Tik Tok?

Often a question arises whether Tik Tok users can earn money through their popularity. Well, Tik Tok doesn’t offer any option to its users to earn money through their views and followers. The users can only create videos and share on this virtual platform.

However, there are several famous Tik Tokers, who have gained fame and money, but in an indirect way such as their other social media handles. Since Tik Tok allows its users to share the link of their Instagram and YouTube profiles, it helps them get crossover followers. This increases their views on these social media platforms which results in them earning.

This method is also used by brands and other companies when promoting their websites. Posting a short video on Tik Tok helps them to direct their consumers to the product website and hence earn money.

Considering the mass appeal of Tik Tok, one thing is sure that this rapidly growing app has lot more than just entertainment. Not only does it provide a platform to users to express themselves in a creative way but also imparts skills through it.

Nevertheless, if you’re someone trying to make some creative videos on Tik Tok, don’t forget to check out these products on Chinavasion for a quality creation.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.5.2020. | 12:35
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