Best Gaming Accessories for an Immersive Gaming Experience

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Exceptional skills and a fast and efficient gaming session also depends on the gaming accessories you possess. 


If you are a gamer you will already know that just a PC isn't enough for the best gaming experience. You need a gaming mouse, a gaming keyboard, a headset and a monitor for an immersive experience. A complete gaming rig is important as it helps you enjoy all aspects of gaming and also lets you game faster.  

We have listed out a few of the best gaming accessories that will help you set up a gaming rig like a professional. 

1.   Razer Tartarus V2 


The Tartarus V2 is an exceptional gaming keypad from Razer, the gaming hardware giant. Equipped with a 32-key keypad, a directional stick and a full RGB lighting suite, it is specifically built to have all the controls at your fingertips. 

Razer refers to Tartarus V2 as an ergonomic keypad. It features four rows with five keys positioned above the hand rest. The bottom row of keys has a three way scroll wheel instead of a fifth button. To the right side there is an eight-directional D-pad, a small circular button and a thumb button that usually functions as a space bar.

The keys are fitted with the Razer’s Mecha-Membrane technology. These switches are placed on a membrane rubber dome which makes a crisp tactile click of a mechanical switch. Each key activates mid-height for a rapid response.

A noteworthy feature of the keypad is the addition of Hypershift mode. This mode gives you a host of different controls which you have programmed coded into the 32 keys. Therefore, the moment you switch to the Hypershift mode you have a second layer of controls. 


Highly configurable

Wrist rest padding could be improved


Synapse software for easy customization

2.    Thrustmaster Warthog

Many professional gamers have HOTAS units, which is an acronym for hands on throttle-and-stick. This is mainly used by gamers who are enthusiastic about flight simulator games. If you are fan of these games, a HOTAS unit will help you beat the competition. 

The Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS is a replica of the control system of the A10 sea warthog and is the Thrustmaster’s flagship product. The Warthog is known for its sturdy build and weighs about 6kgs. Between the throttle and the stick, it features numerous controls so you wouldn’t have to take your hands off the HOTAS while you are finishing a quest. 

The joystick has 55 buttons, toggles, and switches that can be programmed according to your needs. The stick has four hat switches; two of which are eight-way and the other two are four-way. It also possesses a two-stage trigger, a pinky trigger, and two single-press buttons.

There is an array of switches, buttons, and toggles located on the throttle as well. The throttle is divided into two parts. They can be locked together to control the total engine thrust or can be used separately to control the engines independently. You will find more controls on the base of the throttle. 

The throttle also features a dial that lets you to control resistance. This enables you to move the lever quickly for high-speed, combat-oriented games or at a slow pace for flight simulations that require more accurate adjustments.

The HOTAS is fitted with T.A.R.G.E.T. software allows you to customize and map the controls, create macros and tons of other stuff. However, figuring out the controls of the software will take some time.


Controls within the reach of your fingers

Throttle has dial to control resistance




3. Xbox One Controller 

For those of you who are less tech savvy, the Xbox one controller is the easiest to use. This ergonomic controller is built on the foundation of Xbox 360. Coupled with bluetooth connectivity, the D-pad is now a Nintendo-style cross that feels clicky and tactile. This controller is a gift for people with small hands.

The buttons are the biggest difference of this controller. The back and home buttons have been shifted down a notch. The face buttons are packed closer together, meaning you can move your fingers with less effort.

The analog switches sports changes as well. They are smaller, tighter, and have a responsive springiness when you press them. The triggers also show less resistance and are very responsive. 

You can find the Xbox One Controller for a discounted price on Chinavasion.


Solid Build

Improved and more accurate D pad



D-Pad may be too tactile and loud for some

3.    Razer Blackwidow Chroma

You might have seen those fancy keyboards with RGB lighting gamers use. Well the lights not only serve the purpose of looks but also helps you game in the dark. 

The Razer Blackwidow Chroma is considered as a great overall keyboard. This keyboard works with Razer mechanical switches and each switch has several levels. The keys sport extremely smooth movement from top to bottom. They are responsive with high actuations. 

The BlackWidow Chroma runs on Razer Synapse 2.0 software, which lets gamers program macros, reassign keys, activate a gaming mode. Most importantly it helps control the keyboard's extensive backlighting options. 

Also, you can link profiles with individual games and assign each individual key with a different color or add effects such as a rainbow wave or a pulsing color shift.


Excellent Software

Great typing performance




4.    Aula Excalibur

Fitted with a multimedia keypad the Aula Excalibur is a robust machine with 60 keys in total. All the major keys are placed in the center for easy access. The keys are double molded and heavy meaning it can withstand a beating. 

The first thing you would notice is the quick to respond switches on the keypad. If you try and pop open a key you can spot a blue switch. When you press them you will find that the keypad can get loud, proving that they are mechanical blue switches. 

However, not all switches are blue switches. The macro buttons and the number buttons located on the right side of the keypad are mechanical switches.

This keypad can grab your attention once you switch on its RGB backlighting feature. Hit the function key and watch the RGB lighting flash around the keypad. You have choices to cycle through different lights and also can mix and match these lights according to your preference. 

One useful feature of this keypad is that if you hit function and escape key together and hold it for a few seconds you can reset the device to factory settings.

So, if you think you messed up the color combination that you set, you can always start again. 



Well-designed palm rest to reduce wrist fatigue

Fancy RGB backlighting effects



Instruction manual written in Chinese


Other Gaming Accessories:

You can opt for other gaming accessories like the Nintendo Wii, a home video game console to have fun with your family. You can connect your Wii to your TV and play multitudes of games teaming up with your family. 

You can also go for some universal headsets like the A10 gaming headset, which is a compatible to all devices. Opt for a gaming mouse like the Warwolf T9 for faster and smoother gaming.

If you are looking to buy some budget-friendly gaming accessories to set up your gaming rig, then check out these products selling at great discounts on Chinavasion


Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.5.2020. | 19:16
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