6 Best Chat Apps to Keep You Connected with Your Loved Ones during the Coronavirus Quarantine Period

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.5.2020. | 15:05

Are you looking for the best chat apps to keep yourself entertained and connected with your family during this quarantine period? Here are a few cool options totally worth a try. 


Isolation could be traumatizing for many people worldwide, especially the extroverts who can’t imagine not socializing at least two days a week. During the current covid-19 lockdown crisis, people are thanking virtual communication interfaces to help stay connected with loved ones residing miles away.

Of course, applications such as the Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, and Skype have been around for quite sometime now, but several new variants have emerged in the past few months. These innovative chat applications have been taking the world by storm for introducing several interesting features that their legacy predecessors couldn’t offer.

Apart from binge-watching Netflix, and reading, you could probably explore Google Play to find some of the best chat apps for your quarantine. Make sure you have some reasonably good gadgets at your disposal to make the best of these apps. You can buy some really cool smartphones on Chinavasion for a great experience.

Listed below are some best chat apps that can help in staying connected with all your near and dear ones during this lockdown.


  1. Houseparty

Well, one regular event a lot of people across the globe today terribly miss, owing to the global covid -19 lockdown, is being at house parties during the weekends.

Hey, but that shouldn’t be a reason for millennials or just anybody who loves to socialize to sulk, because the app Houseparty is here. Available for downloads across Google Play and the App Store, this app would easily help fill the void caused by the recent social distancing norm. For those of you looking to chat with friends through workstations or laptops, this application could be added as an extension to Google Chrome as well.

Unlike several video conferencing and chat applications of the past, this app helps multiple video windows to open simultaneously. Houseparty has received rave reviews from all over for its unconventional Graphical User Interface (GUI), which has overcome several usability inconveniences of yesteryear chat applications.

  1. Bunch

Here’s an app that is pretty much a gamer’s delight. Probably no app in the past has been exclusively tailored to bridge gamers across the globe together, and that’s exactly why Bunch triumphs.

Bunch is a video chat app which also offers its own set of live mobile games. So, you and your buddies can choose to play one of these games and chat simultaneously.  

In the recent months, the arrival of Bunch has been hailed as no less of a revolution in online gaming, for successfully filling the void of the lack of a video interface. Some of the results of the recent surveys surrounding the app may leave you quite surprised. A common finding was that Bunch is currently one of the Top 20 social apps across more than 17 countries world over.

To make your Bunch experience nothing short of extraordinary, it’s best to use a laptop or a phone equipped with great cameras. You could find some incredible gadgets at affordable prices right here on Chinavasion

The Dongrun Full-HD laptop, is a great gadget to own for both gaming and virtual interactions. The laptop is equipped with a 2.0 MP camera, which is ideal for clear videos, and the presence of the Intel core i7 processor is perfect for graphic-intense applications such as games.

In addition, if you are looking for a gamepad to collaborate with more gamers over Bunch you could probably consider the Game Controller PG-9122. This wireless device is compliant with PlayStation and includes a 400mAh battery that’s highly energy-efficient.


  1. Facetime

Obviously, you’ve heard of this app quite some time ago from some friends who can’t stop showering praises about what a trendsetter it really is. Considering we are living in times where social distancing is the norm, it is probably time you see if the app lives up to the hype.

If you own an iPhone or any of the Apple’s range of gadgets, there’s probably no app that makes interactions better than Facetime. However, Android phone users can download Facetime from Google Play too.  Those of you who indulge in long chats over Facetime regularly, you could probably consider buying a cellphone such as the Samsung Galaxy A70 A7050 Mobile Phone for better, uninterrupted communication.

A shortcoming of most chat and VoIP applications is a certain amount of delay in both audio and video, which prompts users to switch to traditional telephone conversations. However, several reviews garnered by Facetime in the recent past have suggested that the app’s success lies in its ability to address this common shortcoming of communication delays, across most applications its kind.

 Distortions over the calls are also minimal while using Facetime, probably why it has been a favorite mode of communication across businesses today too.

So, the next time you and all your buddies want to catch up before the lockdown ends, it is best you install Facetime for better, uninterrupted interactions.


  1. Skype

Well, seeing this name on the list must have caught you by surprise, considering the poor reputation of being relatively obsolete. Well, we suggest you revisit Skype once again to see the sort of features the makers have introduced to stay relevant. Over at least 50 people can join a Skype meeting at the same time today. If you were thinking of a virtual reunion of the batchmates from your university a few days ago, this could just be the ideal platform for you guys to catch up.

Apart from merely chatting, you could even share screens and talk at the same time. This simply means you can still realize the cool idea of binge-watching flicks on Netflix and also gossip in between scenes. Skype has just turned cooler than you always expected it to be. The makers have also done a great job at minimizing communication delays – a reason why the app had faced a lot of flak over the years.

The X24 Pro 8100 23.8-inch Bluetooth Computer available on Chinavasion currently is a great computer to own if you’ve been interacting over Skype on your legacy system and wish to upgrade to a better option.

You could also procure some of the coolest webcams right here on Chinavasion to make your Skype sessions even better. 

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat has soared in popularity over the past two years and also steered ahead of several other chat applications for offering users fun filters. The app has turned into nothing less than an addiction for many who use its templates to resemble funny animated characters virtually.

However, there’s more to Snapchat than these funny animated filters. Did you know that you can even have audio-video conversations over the app? Yeah, you heard that right. During the current global lockdown, many have been interacting with their loved ones over Snapchat too. The app can be easily downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. To enhance your Snapchat communication experience you could probably plug in a hearing aid such as the K98 Sports Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. This gem of an invention is not just great at noise reduction but consumes really less power.

K98 Sports Waterproof Headphones Black


  1. Instagram

Probably you aren’t on Insta yet, unlike many of your peers, because you aren’t a photo person and not quite into the habit of clicking even breathtaking images of nature. However, there are many perks of being available on Instagram apart from merely uploading pictures to garner a few likes and comments from friends and family.

During these difficult times when social distancing has been almost killing people with boredom, many are realizing the perks of using Instagram. Not only can you interact with loved ones over texts and video calls, but also get to talk to celebrities who are meeting fans virtually owing to the lockdown.

A lot of famous people are going live and several events and online courses too are happening virtually over Instagram these days. There’s possibly no better time than now to make the best of this app.

For a great Instagram experience it is ideal to own a sophisticated phone with a great camera embedded within. If you are considering buying a new phone, you could probably give Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Smartphone a thought. Equipped with a 13 MP front camera as well as an Ultra-high 48 MP sensor, this phone’s video clarity is unparalleled.


Well, these are some of the best chat apps around that could keep you entertained this quarantine/lockdown period. Try these, and we are sure quarantine isn’t going to be a boring. While it is difficult to meet dear ones these days due to the pandemic outbreak, we can definitely make the best of what technology has to offer to interact and stay positive.









Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.5.2020. | 15:05
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