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Author xlxmarketing 3.7.2010. | 19:27

Chinavasion tune up
Here at Chinavasion it has always been our mission to make it easier, cheaper and profitable for you to source all your China wholesale and dropship products online.

We figure the faster you can process the order with us, the more sales you can get and the richer everybody can get.

Well, recently we took that ethos to the extreme by taking a chainsaw and hammer to our perfectly adequate back end to make sure that everything was operating for you faster and more intuitively (Get a progress report in the blog Breaking News: To Get An Overhaul).

So what’s new, and what can you expect from the Chinavasion 2.0 experience? Lets take a look:


Registering For A Chinavasion Account



As you can see from the screen shot everything is nice and shiny and you are now able to enter your tax number as an optional piece of data.

What this does is to allow you to handle import duties and taxes easier.

Once registering you’ll be taken to your account page dashboard, which will probably look like this:

Congratulations you’re now a verified reseller at Chinavasion, the first step on your way to becoming a platinum seller and getting the truly best prices and rock star service. What other steps are there? Well we have put together a guide to our new improved level up page, read more at China Discounts Chinavasion’s New Level Up Program For Resellers.


Logging Into An Existing Chinavasion Account



Watch this space because we will soon be launching an open ID login system which will make it easier and safer to shop on Chinavasion for anybody who is logged into Facebook, Google or a number of their other online accounts.


The New Chinavasion Dashboard



my account dashboard options
The next thing you may notice after seeing your account status is the number of new, powerful options that are open to you as a Chinavasion member.

These options include:

  • Looking over old orders and using them to create new ones
  • Checking your Chinavasion credit balance
  • Updating or adding contacts to your address book
  • Contacting Chinavasion staff by email or live chat

So how do these options work and what can you do with them?


Examining Past Orders



view past orders checkout
Once you get into the checkout you will see all the previous orders that you have made and their status.

While this is a handy feature to have for book keeping purposes the fun really comes when you reach bronze status or higher (more about that in the blog China Discounts Chinavasion’s New Level Up Program For Resellers ).

examining old orders with copy to cart function
Once you reach this status you will be able to take a previous order and use it to create a new one. So, if you are shipping to the same person, or sending the same item you can cut down the number of steps you go through, which makes processing the order a lot more efficient.


Your Chinavasion Account Address Book



While there are many times when you will sell to one person once and never see them again there are other times when you will sell multiple items to the same person. Rather than entering in their address time and time again you can keep it stored safely away in your Chinavasion address book.

And when that loyal customer moves to a different address or changes their phone number you don’t need to put in all their details all over again, you simply need to edit their profile in your address book.

But how do you know you’ve got the right address?

If you look to the right of the page there is an embedded interactive map that will show you, on a map, the location of your customer, just so you can double check their location.

In fact the embedded map is something that you will see in more than one location on our new and improved site.


Your Chinavasion Credit Balance



One of the more noticeable issues some people had with our back end was that when they had Chinavasion credit, they had to guess how much they had.

No more! Thanks to our new credit balance function you can find out how much you have got ‘in kitty’ before you make your purchase.

I notice that the first stage of customer is a verified reseller, does that mean I can’t get items sent to my own home/ buy from you if I don’t have a business?

Not at all, in fact, as we said in this blog Hot Dropshipper Tips For A Successful 2010 it’s a great idea to buy a sample before selling it online so you can answer questions better. Resellers, Stock Up On Hot Sellers To Avoid DSR Christmas Grinch It’s always good to get items sent to your house so you can prepare yourself for the Christmas rush.

And as always, people without registered businesses are more than welcome to enjoy the great savings at Chinavasion. We just think that if prices are this low then its almost a crime not to be taking advantage of them by reselling them.

Check out our other blogs which walk you through our brand new level up program and the intuitive new checkout. Or keep up to date with the site’s overhaul at Breaking News: To Get An Overhaul

Author xlxmarketing 3.7.2010. | 19:27
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