Has the #StayAtHome Rules Made Extroverts Like You Restless? Here’s What You Can Do to Cope Up

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.5.2020. | 14:58

As an extrovert, are you finding it difficult to cope up with #stayathome and #self-isolation? This article will help you gear up for your quarantine and enjoy yourself.

Partying till two on weekends all decked up, catching up with friends after work, watching a movie in the theatre, travelling to the best places in the world; ask an extrovert what they are missing out on and these are the spontaneous answers. 

Well, if there’s anybody the lockdown has been hard on, then it’s of course the extroverts. #StayAtHome or #SocialDistancing aren’t words in the dictionary of people who love socializing right? So, the best way for you to make the best of this lockdown period is by engaging yourself in fun activities and modifying your lifestyle a bit to deal with the Covid-19 reality at present.

So, we have come up with some really fun and exciting ways to keep you engaged.

1. Create a Workout Environment and Exercise

With gyms and yoga centers shut down you cannot go out and exercise. So, if you are missing out on your gyming sessions with your favorite buddies or gal pals, create a gym environment for yourself. You could turn your backyard, or your balcony into one. Or, even better your garden; imagine how relaxing it would be to exercise in the midst of all that greenery and the cool breeze.

All you need to do is get some very basic equipment like skipping rope or Resistance Bands or abs wheel gym roller. Also, you can get this Yoga mat from Chinavasion at a discounted price for a better Yoga experience.

We understand that this time could be really tiring for you, but exercising or practicing yoga could help you relax and stay calm. So opt for 30 minutes of yoga or 40 to 60 minutes of cardio workout and it will be quite good enough.

Girls, you can slip into this Elastic Yoga Sports Pants and a nice racerback t-shirt, turn on the volume to Daddy Yankee’s Dura and just dance like no one’s watching.

2.  Virtual Outing via Zoom or Skype calls

Hanging out with friends is something you all look forward to- weekends at bars or small joints grabbing some delicious food over hot conversations, right?

But just because your happy hours and dinner crawls across the town has been put on hold, doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the same vibe. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, so you can utilize this advantage to get the similar vibe with your friends over Zoom or Skype calls. 

You can plan virtual happy hours and dinners with your pals, where you can enjoy your drinks and meals together. This can bring normalcy in your social routine and also help you ease out your mind.  

In fact, you can check out the Xiomi Phones for crystal clear video calls, which comes with 48 MP camera and excellent sound quality. You can also go for the 3G Call Pad from Chinavasion to enhance your video calls sessions.  

Now you can eat and talk for hours over a video call and just feel the presence of all your special one’s around you.

3. Indulge in Some Self-care

Are you missing the late night parties and those casual outings? Dressing up, putting on makeup, clicking selfies, dancing to good music and feasting on delicious food? So why stop now, you can do all this by yourself for a change.

Make your #stayathome more fun and exciting by dressing up in your best outfits and if you like make up, put some on, and upgrade your phone gallery with some amazing pictures and selfies. In case you fall short of some products, check out Chinavasion to get some really nice makeup stuff.

You can also try making a make-up tutorial if you are a pro. All you would need is a high-end camera phone like the HUAWEI P30 4G Smartphone which has a 40.0MP + 8.0MP rear camera + a 32.0MP front camera and is available at a great price on Chinavasion.

And if you are missing out on your spa sessions, you can relax in a self-made one.  Create a nice relaxing bubble bath, pour yourself a glass of red wine, put the music on, light some aromatic candles and just enjoy. We know you’re someone who enjoys the company of people, but for a little while just enjoy some lone time.

Some of you can also indulge in skincare regimes to take care of your face and body. Check out this, 5 in 1 Electric Face Cleansing Brush.

There are so many things you can do to keep yourself occupied and happy at this time.

4.  Upgrade Your Professional and Artistic Skills

We understand how low you must be feeling during this lockdown due to Covid-19. And considering your extrovert nature, you can always take up your socializing skills to a new level. You can also try to build new connections via different professional virtual platforms.

There are several websites and virtual space wherein you can meet professionals, entrepreneurs and social workers involved in different arenas. Not only will it help most of you to get that right stimulation but also help you gain more knowledge.

Apart from this, upgrading your skills is quite required considering the rapid development in the working and business sector. Enhancing your skillsets through online courses will give an extra edge to your professional career. Try enrolling yourself in some courses available online. Utilize this period to make yourself more productive and skilled.

Besides, you can always try on some fun activities like DIYs or redecorating your room or balcony or your favorite corner of the house. Its time to make use of those creative skills; you can use this Stylish Adhesive Storage Rack to organize your bathroom space. Also, you can put a Self-Watering Globe Plant on a table to make it look more appealing. Just do something that brings in positive vibes.

5. Read or Binge Watch Whatever You Have Been Postponing for Long

Apart from virtual socializing and upgrading your skillset, another thing that can be quite relaxing and de-stressing is binge watching series or movies. Moreover, get the actual theatre experience while watching the shows and films by getting yourself a mini ViviBright GP80 Portable Projector at a pocket-friendly price available at Chinavasion.

On the internet, there are several OTT media service providers, which have some interesting shows with excellent content. And if you’re going to binge watch, don’t forget to get some good quality headphones or speakers. You can check out the TG518 Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth for excellent sound quality and a great movie experience.

Also, if you like to read, indulge in some good reads. Whether you opt for one of your old favorites or something new, reading will surely help you chill out. You can get yourself a recliner too for all that comfort. Check out this Foldable Thicken Chair Cushion Double-sided Seat, which can easily fit in your balcony as well.

Moreover, in case you run short of printed books, you always opt for e-books. The feeling of uncertainty and anxiety due to the #stayathome rules is making everyone restless, especially people who love socializing. Since it’s really essential to maintain #socialdistancing, try fun ways be keep yourself engaged. Don’t let this pandemic kill your fun and happy spirit.

Adopt these ways and try to bring in the fun side even at home. Because all you need to do is stay positive.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.5.2020. | 14:58
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