Best Alternatives for Amazon Affiliate Program to Make a Fortune

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.5.2020. | 11:36

Are you looking for the best alternatives for Amazon affiliate program? Here are quite a few good options that could help you amass good earnings.


Affiliate programs have been a great source of recurring income for several people worldwide. Most affiliate deals revolve around signing up and referring friends to earn a few extra bucks. Renowned e-commerce giant Amazon is was a trendsetter of sorts in this regard by starting its own affiliate program. However, quite recently, several other interesting programs have emerged that are as interesting or perhaps even better than what Amazon has to offer.

 Here are some of the best alternatives for Amazon Affiliate programs that are great sources of income and totally worth considering. If you own a few websites, signing up with these affiliate programs could really help you amass a fortune.


Best Buy

Quite recently, Best Buy has turned out to be a stiff competitor of retail contemporaries such as Amazon and eBay. The brand doesn’t just offer some really cool shopping deals that are aligned with its name, but also has made waves for its affiliate program.

Each time any of your friends, colleagues, or family members click on the content available on Best Buy and make a qualifying purchase, you earn an incentive. One of the greatest advantages of opting for Best Buy is that the brand offers a wide range of tools and weekly banner ads to choose from. The choices are more than what you get from the affiliate programs of other brands.  In fact, you could even choose the sizes of the banners you are wishing to publish on your website.

To increase the number of clicks and commissions, you can even easily swap out offers.

So, how exactly does one become a Best Buy affiliate? All you need to do is sign up and redirect visitors to Best Buy through banners or ads on your website. You can earn commissions each time a visitor makes a qualifying purchase through your content.



Be it electronic gadgets or medical essentials, Chinavasion sells a wide range of commodities that have catapulted it to the status of a one-stop-shop. The brand currently offers an opportunity to be one of the highest earning affiliates.

Chinavasion is associated with Shareasale, widely known as one of the world’s best professional online marketers’ reward systems. By signing up with Shareasale, you could earn a good amount regularly. All it takes is referring people you know to Chinavasion, and your bank account will be automatically credited with payment.

The Shareasale system is also quite secure and ensures confidential data of its users, payment as well as referral tracking details are shielded against external threats.

The benefits of opting for the Chinavasion affiliate program are many, and summarizing it as just another reward earning system isn’t justified. Most importantly, just anybody from any part of the world could make use of this opportunity since the ecommerce platform ships commodities to almost every country. New products are added to Chinavasion’s inventory every week and users get to grab banners as well as text links immediately. Learn more about what else in store for you through this affiliate program right here. Don’t miss out on this gem of an opportunity.



On visiting Rakuten you’ll be flooded with a large number of coupons and other exciting offers. By merely signing up by clicking on the Join Now button on Rakuten’s site you’d bag a $10 bonus and earn several rewards for even referring visitors.

In the recent years, the marketing vertical of Rakuten has turned out to be the go-to name for advertising among organizations and agencies looking to amplify their reputation. However, apart from being a trusted advertising partner, Rakuten has also been making waves for its affiliate program lately.

Rakuten’s affiliate program bagged the first spot in several surveys of the various affiliate programs offered by several brands. The company has retained this reputation for more than nine years now.

The organization has exclusive affiliate marketing initiatives tailored for both advertisers and publishers alike. Driven by the latest of technology centered around Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Rakuten has tried to amplify profitability through influencer engagement. Rakuten has always strived to bridge advertisers with publishers, to reach out to new audiences and repeat sales.

The Rakuten affiliate network can process payments across more than 200 countries and 25 currencies.

More than a hundred brands from across the world are associated with Rakuten. Visiting the Stores & Brands section of Rakuten will lead to all of these. Most of these brands, which include Amazon, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Kohl’s, have their own exclusive affiliate programs, which can reward you handsomely.



The stores of this world-famous retail giant are thronged by millions every week for its vast choices of products and attractive shopping deals. However, there’s more to Walmart than being a retail one-stop-shop that introduces exciting offers and coupons. The store gives you an opportunity to earn handsomely by merely referring customers.

You can sign up with this brand on its portal and become an affiliate member by applying through its secure online form. As soon as approval is gained, in a matter of 24 hours, you can generate your ads and start a campaign. Visit Walmart and read more about the store’s affiliate programs to know how you can earn a really significant recurring, passive income.


eBay Affiliate Network

A stiff competitor of Amazon, and one of world’s most popular e-commerce platforms, eBay too offers its own exclusive affiliate programs that are as rewarding as the brand’s shopping deals.  

If you happen to own a website, signing up with eBay as a partner could lead to several shopping benefits.

eBay heavily rewards any partner who drives a lot of traffic into its website and further agrees to abide by the ecommerce portal’s premier program. Partners who enrol for this program gain access to exclusive content that helps increase their earnings significantly and also get access to several tools that increase eBay traffic.

You can even optimize your business by a great extent by harnessing the benefits of eBay’s customized incentives and promotions. You could probably visit eBay to delve into the details of the brand’s affiliate program and the latest additions.



All you patrons of Target have probably loved the brand for its interesting offers, gift cards, and clearance sales. Now, here’s a chance for all of you to earn by associating yourself with this renowned brand. You could sign up with the brand and harness its affiliate program to the best of your advantage.

If you own a website, you could probably promote a few of Target’s products or banners on your portal. Any visitor of your site who clicks on these adverts would be redirected to Target’s virtual store. This could result in several purchases and you earning at least an 8% commission on each customer order.

A lot of products across categories are covered by the Target affiliate program, which implies there’s immense scope for profitability. In addition, on signing up with Target, you also get access to a weekly newsletter with updates on the latest promotions, offers, and sales opportunities.


These are some really cool alternatives for the Amazon affiliate programs that are worth being considered. Explore these, for all you know the results could be really rewarding. You could probably sign up with a few of these simultaneously to keep those bank accounts frequently buzzing with money.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.5.2020. | 11:36
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