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Author xlxmarketing 30.6.2010. | 09:37

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If you’ve seen our unique level up program on China discounts you’ll know that the longer you source wholesale electronics through Chinavasion the better deals you will get.

But did you know that, with our site overhaul we have completely re-worked our level up system to make it better than ever?

So what is in store for you, the smart people who trust your customers with

Approved Reseller


level 0 discounts

If you’re an approved reseller you’ve probably just signed up for an account and are looking to make your very first order with us. Unlike other dropship resellers or wholesale networks it doesn’t cost anything to join up and you can start seeing the wholesale benefits straight away

So what can you expect as an approved reseller:

Bronze Reseller


level 1 discounts

It doesn’t take much to become a bronze reseller. just US$1000 in delivered orders will make you a bronze reseller, but it’ll be a big boost to your business when it happens

So what can you expect as a bronze reseller?

Silver Reseller


level 2 discounts

So, you’ve built up several regular clients and made over 5000 USD in sales. Congratulations, you’ve probably reached the level of Silver reseller.

So what can you expect as a Silver reseller?

Gold Powerseller


level 3 discounts

Wow, you’re soaring. If you’ve reached the level of Gold reseller at Chinavasion you’ve probably become a powerseller on eBay (or one of the eBay alternatives) and your DSR scores are a wonder to behold thanks to Chinavasion’s fast shipping times and thorough QC process. The better news is that, as a volume reseller of Chinavasion products you’re ready for the big time and you should be enjoying some really good discounts and non-monetary benefits. Including access to Chinavasion’s exclusive VIP customer service team.

So what can you expect as a Gold Powerseller for Chinavasion?

Platinum Powerseller


level 4 discounts

You’ve made it. You’re now king of the hill and top of the heap. You are the cream of the cream in ecommerce sellers. And as a Platinum Powerseller at Chinavasion you reap some really good savings and benefits.

So what can you expect as a Platinum Powerseller?

So what terms and conditions are there attached to the level up program? Those are the same and read as follows:

Level Up Program Terms

  • The discounts levels are based on your order history for delivered orders
  • Since Chinavasion doesn’t make any profit on shipping, shipping is not included in the total
  • We will take into account the purchased product value
  • Once you have leveled up your account will be upgraded and we will send you an automatic email to let you know that you can enjoy better discounts
  • Once you have leveled up you keep that discount level, even if you never buy from us again

So there you have it, you too can be Chinavasion platinum powersellers before you know it thanks to the Chinavasion level up system.

Author xlxmarketing 30.6.2010. | 09:37
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  1. Tomasi Raikivi July 14, 11:43

    What do I have to do to become a re-seller.

  2. Adrian July 20, 14:27

    It’s simple, just buy our products then sell them to your customers. Maybe you can open an eBay store?

  3. Mario July 20, 23:43

    This is quite ok but I am interested in whether you can get a catalog with all products that can offer space for BiH?

  4. Adrian September 21, 15:44

    Oi, por favor contacte: support [@] chinavasion [.com] com o inquérito, eles serão felizes para ajudá-lo.

  5. suellen September 28, 22:33

    I would like to know how to send a product directly to my client.

  6. Adrian October 6, 09:12

    Hi Suellen,
    Good question! We offer a service called ‘drop shipping,’ which is where you sell any of our products that you like at your price, then when people order them from you you buy from us and we send straight to them!
    This means that you don’t need to stock or post anything, so it’s convenient.
    We don’t put our name (Chinavasion) anywhere on the shipping paperwork or package, so your customers will stay loyal to you.
    You can find out more here:
    It’s easy! Just give us your customer’s name when ordering and we’ll send it directly to them (and you can save your customers’ addresses in an online address book on the site, so when you get repeat orders it’ll be easy to re-enter their address at checkout)!
    Hope this helps!

  7. Rinat August 6, 13:05

    Is it possible to know what are discounts are look like for levels (chart)? Thank you!

  8. xlxmarketing Author August 16, 17:26

    Hi Rinat,
    Sorry we are not following, could you please explain your inquiry in more details? Thank you in advance.

  9. jose valle August 19, 06:50

    los productos son muy baratos pero el envio es carisimo a mexico

  10. xlxmarketing Author August 19, 11:50

    Hi Jose,

    We don’t make profit from shipping cost, which is the payment that you have to pay the shipping companies. But we do have normal post which cost less than usual express service.

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