6 Best Virus Prevention and Protection Essentials You Need To Buy Today

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.4.2020. | 12:34

The best virus protection and prevention essentials currently are the need of the hour. These products/measures mentioned below should help detect viruses and safeguard you.


Virus detection and prevention products, overlooked by most consumers worldwide till the recent past, have turned essentials today. The paradigm shift in its demand has been triggered by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. So here are the 6 best virus prevention and protection essentials which you need now to shield yourself and your family from the wrath of this deadly virus and other dangerous bacteria. 

Not just the general public, even healthcare workers worldwide are relying on these essentials currently to protect themselves.

Here’s a list of essentials you need for virus prevention and protection.


 UV Sterilizer

Ultraviolet radiations of wavelength spanning between 200 and 280 nanometers have been found to be quite useful in disinfecting any environment. In the current times, it is important to safeguard not just ourselves, maintain hygiene, and eat healthy, but disinfect the objects of everyday use and those at our living spaces as well.

You must be aware that deadly viruses such as the corona settle on surfaces like railings, desks, and even your phones. Most transmissions of the virus among millions worldwide have occurred through physical contact with these surfaces.

Exposing the objects you own to these UV sterilizers can reduce the risk of contracting deadly viruses by a really large extent.

In the past UV radiations have been used to disinfect water and eliminate microbes. Some of these devices can be procured to cleanse your water tanks as well.

Chinavasion has a wide range of UV sterilizers to offer which could do a great job at disinfecting your surroundings. So, buy these UV sterilizers today for a virus free home.

Portable UV Sterilizer Lamp USB Mini UV-C Handheld Ultraviolet Germicidal Light Disinfection Light Pink



Even symptoms of common flu could heighten panic and anxiety among many individuals during these trying times. The best devices that could tell if you need medical assistance at the earliest are thermometers.  Here are a few thermometer variants you could consider before deciding to buy one.

(a)   Non-Contact Thermometer

You’ve probably seen quite a few of these already in the hands of airport authorities or healthcare officials who visited your place recently for a survey. Relying on the age-old mercury-driven thermometer isn’t a wise idea anymore, considering we are living in the times of the deadly coronavirus. In the recent past, these digital thermometers have proved to be really useful in screening infected individuals and moving them to quarantine to prevent further outspread.

Most importantly, these sophisticated gadgets are digital, which implies more accurate readings. This is probably another reason why you should move over your regular thermometers and own one of these gadgets at the earliest.

These devices measure temperatures in short durations such as merely a second and the buzzers embedded in them will emit an alarm when the person’s temperature is higher than 37.7 degree Celsius. Such an indication is a red flag which can’t be ignored and the person tested should be moved to the nearest medical facility immediately. 

You could find quite a few of these non-contact thermometers for reasonable prices right here on Chinavasion.


(b)   Infrared Thermometer

If buying a non-contact thermometer is your priority, it is better to choose an infrared device since they include sensors that are best capable of detecting thermal radiations. These could be some of the best gadgets security personnel at workplaces, banks, and airports could be equipped with, to screen a large number of people for high temperatures.

These thermometers are high on ergonomics and easy to grip as well. Since they are non-contact devices, there’s little room for infection and are suitable for babies as well, not just adults. You could also consider Infrared thermometers as a good option to protect yourself from viruses since they can help detect symptoms early.

Buy these Infrared thermometers on Chinavasion.


(c)    Digital Thermometer

The digital thermometer could be considered more of a middle-ground sort of an invention. It includes the displays found in non-contact thermometers, yet has the age-old silver filament which needs to be brought in contact with a body part.  However, these digital thermometers are more sophisticated than the traditional ones, since they have digital displays that render accurate readings.

Before using this device ensure that it is sterilized with a small amount of alcohol and then rinsed with water to eliminate any accumulation of bacteria. The usual practice is to place it at the tip of the tongue or under-arms – in the cases of children.

Once the final reading is recorded, this thermometer would emit a beep noise that the purpose has been achieved. If the temperature reads greater than 37 degree Celsius, it implies immediate medical assistance is required.

It is important to repeat the alcohol-water rinsing exercise after you get your reading to prevent the accumulation of germs found in saliva or sweat.

Bag some of the best digital thermometers for affordable prices right here.



Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

It’s essential to keep bottles of a few of these at home, at workplace or even your cars during your commute to the nearest convenience stores.

Applying a few drops of these hand sanitizer liquids on your palms and rubbing them against each other helps prevent the risk of getting infected by a large extent.

An age-old practice that could expose individuals to the risk of contracting corona is touching your eyes and nose often with dirty palms.

Thus, sanitizing them by using these dispensers frequently can prevent the risk of contracting the virus by a large extent before it is too late. This simple exercise could prove to be quite useful.

Bag some of your bottles of hand sanitizer dispenser before it is too late, right here on Chinavasion. Those of you who aren’t really convinced that hand sanitizers do a great job in preventing the wrath of viruses, there are touch-free variants you could consider.


(a) Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Although many have been hailing hand sanitizer dispensers for their ability to shield people against germs, several individuals detest the idea of using these bottles placed in public places.

Many convenience stores and public restrooms have bottles of hand sanitizers placed at counters whose nozzles are frequently touched by many individuals. In fact, many consider using them risky than a damage-prevention mechanism.

The more recent touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers rule out the possibility of any sort of risk since they are automated and dispense liquid soap without any physical contact.

These electronics-enabled cleansing products have infrared sensors embedded within them which detect movements and accordingly eject soap out.

In the recent weeks, several home owners and even hospitals have installed these touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers, which is indeed a smart move to shun the possibilities of contracting viruses.



Undoubtedly the best guardians against the ill-effects of viruses are the masks available at convenience and medical stores nearby. They offer the best possible protection while stepping out of the home.

Eventually, when the world limps back to normalcy, traveling by crowded trains, and commuting through packed subways would become inevitable practices. Wearing these masks could prove to be quite useful even in the near future to ward off any illness caused due to droplet transmission, leave alone the dreaded corona.


There are plenty of such masks of various sizes and quality available, which makes it quite a task for many to choose the best one. A good choice of a mask that offers less breathing resistance and yet shields against the virus is the full face dust-proof transparent mask.

As the name suggests, these masks are transparent shields that stretch across the face. You could find several other options as well, apart from the full face dust-proof transparent mask, on Chinavasion.



Goggles aren’t just fashion accessories anymore, at least since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. They are vital measures that could save you from the jaws of a life-threatening virus such as the covid-19.

The past few months have witnessed an increase in the availability of such anti-virus glasses, which serve several purposes. Most importantly, a lot of these are anti-droplet products that can effectively shield the user from the bacteria transmitted through saliva and dust. They also protect the eyes from harmful UV radiations, leaving almost no room for eye-infections.

These anti-virus glasses fit quite comfortably and it is wise to wear them if you are heading out for a stroll or the nearest convenience store. You could find some great options right here, check them out.



Apart from air-transmission of droplets, our palms are most vulnerable to virus exposure and could easily subject us to infection. In the case of the notorious Coronavirus in particular, samples of the pathogen rest on surfaces around us such as tables and railings. What most of us probably can’t resist is the tendency to rub parts of our face, nose and mouth after touching these infected spots.

No matter how many awareness videos educate us about the perils of this practice, the subconscious exercise isn’t avoided. The easiest way to prevent the risk of contracting viruses is to wear gloves.

A pair of these gloves, stretching till the middle of your forearms, should offer sufficient protection from infections if you are stepping out of home.  Several surgical gloves with medical properties are also available, which make excellent protection devices. A wise practice is to sterilize these gloves after the visit to the grocery or a stroll.


These are 6 of the best virus prevention and protection essentials which you need to own now to prevent yourself from falling prey to the deadly Covid-19. Apart from wearing masks, make the best of these devices available to ensure no stone is unturned in virus protection.

We also suggest checking out the large number of products available on Chinavasion to get the best deals on thermometers, hand sanitizer dispensers, masks and more.

Stay Home! Stay Safe!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.4.2020. | 12:34
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