10 Coronavirus Myths Explored and Busted

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.4.2020. | 12:47

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to increase, there are several myths surrounding it. We bring to you the actual facts and the best way to protect yourself.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, there has been a tide of rumors about this deadly virus. As the crisis grows, all of us are striving to get reliable information in midst of all myths that has surfaced recently. Medical experts have been trying to spread awareness and educate people and the ways to prevent the contagion.

So, here, we’ll dissect 10 common myths surrounding this virus and bust it with the facts.

1. No Transmission in Hot and Humid Regions

Ever since the transmission rate of the virus has increased, it became quite clear that the virus can survive in hot and humid weather too. From the evidences collected so far by medical experts across the world, the virus is not affected by heat, as the host body doesn’t get much affected by the outside temperature. Well, the best way to protect yourself and prevent the contamination is through frequent cleaning of hands and keeping yourself sanitized.

To achieve an effective sanitization, you can buy the Effervescent Liquid Soap from Chinavasion available at a discounted price as doctors say soap is most effective in killing the virus.    

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2. Spraying Chlorine/ Drinking Alcohol Kills the Virus

 You must have heard spraying chlorine and alcohol on the body can stop the infection. Well, this is not true. Using alcohol or chlorine on body is extremely risky and harmful, as it can damage the skin and other body parts.

Besides this, drinking alcohol can prevent you from the virus is also a big myth. As per W.H.O., alcohol is effective in disinfecting surfaces but not the body internally. Consuming alcohol poses health risks and strong ones like ethyl alcohol adulterated with methanol can cause fatal consequences including death.

Also, heavy consumption of alcohol can make you more vulnerable to COVID-19. So instead, follow the preventive measures laid down by experts and opt for alcohol content sanitizers and disinfectants. You can use Instant Effective Hand Sanitizer to keep yourself clean and germ-free.  

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3. Pets Can Spread Covid 19

Adding to the list of myths is that cats and dogs can spread COVID-19. However, there exists no truth in this, as there is not full-fledged evidence. Scientists are still debating on this and have claimed that the only possible means of the spread is through human-to-human contact. Although there are  high chances that the virus have been passed on to human by the consumption of wild animals, yet pets  like cats and dogs can get infected or spread it is a myth.

Well, there are other reasons to maintain hygiene and stay protected after touching animals as some common bacteria can pass causing infections. It is always advisable to wash your hands after touching pets. You can get the Hair Removal Glove for cleaning your pets while keeping your hands clean and sanitized.

4. Hot Bath Prevents COVID-19

Without any proper evidence to prove this, the fact remains that a hot water bath does not prevent this new coronavirus infection. An average body temperature of a normal human is 36.5°C to 37°C irrespective of the temperature of the bath. Hence, hot water doesn’t have any impact on the virus, which mainly affects the host’s body internally.

Moreover, taking a bath in excessive hot water can be harmful, as it can burn you. Thus, the best way of prevention is frequently washing your hands with soap and lukewarm water for more than 20 seconds to avoid the infection.

5. Vaccines against Pneumonia Effective for COVID-19

With the hit of this pandemic, researcher are seriously involved in developing the vaccine.  Moreover, with several misconceptions regarding the vaccines and treatment of coronavirus doing the rounds, one such is that pneumonia vaccines are effective for the virus.

According to several medical experts, the vaccines like pneumococcal and Haemophilus Influenza cannot be used for the treatment. The COVID-19 virus is completely different, as it has a new DNA construct and these vaccines doesn’t destroy the genome of the virus. However, as per W.H.O’s recommendation vaccination against the respiratory illnesses can be used as a protective shield for your health.

Right now the best you can do is use masks to safeguard yourself from the infection if you are outdoors. Check out the Anti-haze Mask with Activated Carbon to get full proof protection against the virus.

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6. Garlic Prevents the Infection

Another myth that scientists have busted is that the consumption of garlic doesn’t fight corona virus. As this virus affects the respiratory system of the body, it is advisable to consume healthy food with antimicrobial properties. Garlic being one such food is assumed to fight virus, however, there isn’t any proved evidence that eating garlic can protect people from the COVID-19 virus.

Though garlic is healthy, believing these myths and consuming too much of it can adversely impact your health. The doctors and researchers of COVID-19 have advised people to ignore such fake health advices.

 However, doctors advise to eat healthy and nutritious food.

7. COVID Virus Only Affects Old Aged People

Among all the misconceptions related to the coronavirus, the one which is  widespread is that COVID-19  affects only older people. It has been accepted that older people with weak immunity, pre-existing respiratory problems, diabetes and heart diseases are more vulnerable to this virus. But, this doesn’t indicate that kids or young adults are immune to it.

The novel coronavirus affects people of all age groups if the person comes in contact with an infected person. The best way to stay protected is by maintaining proper hygiene, however, doctors advise older people to be extra cautious about their health and stay home as much as possible.

8. 5G Mobile Network Spreads the Virus

You must have heard about 5G networks spreading the COVID-19 virus. Well, this is a completely false news, as the viruses aren’t capable of travelling through radio waves or mobile networks. The transmission of the virus is only possible through human-to-human contact. To be more specific, it is transmitted through droplets of an infected person when they cough, sneeze or speak. Also, touching contagious surfaces can spread the virus. But definitely not through radio waves!

Moreover, several countries lack such high-end mobile connectivity and yet these countries have a huge number of infection rate. So, before you believe anything, we suggest you check  facts from credible sources.

9. Thermal Scanner Effective in Detecting the Virus

With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases across the world, screenings have also increased considerably. Basic screening centers at airports and various public places have been set up and thermal scanners are being used to check temperatures. This lead to the belief that  thermal scanners are  is effective in  detecting the coronavirus.

These thermal scanners are generally used for detecting fever. Even though fever is one of the symptoms of coronavirus but a thermal scanner is not the tool for detecting the infection. A blood test and sputum tests have to be done to check if a person is positive.

Besides, it’s quite clear that a thermal scanner can only detect fever and not the virus, as many infected people who didn’t show a high body temperature at screenings were later reported positive.   

However, it is always better to be cautious. You must regularly check your body temperature and can use a Digital Infrared Temporal Thermometer to do so. Buy it on Chinavasion today!

10. Antibiotics Effective in Treating the Virus

You also must have heard about antibiotics being effective in treating the virus. Well, according to doctors, antibiotics work against bacterial infection and not against viruses. COVID-19 is a virus and requires proper and adequate vaccine to fight and kills its genome. However, doctors and medical experts are using it fight bacterial co-infection which can harm the body more. These antibiotics can be used is as a preventive measure against bacterial harm caused to the body only.

With all these common myths being busted, we’re sure that you now have a clear idea about coronavirus and what to believe in. So we suggest you only check credible sites for the right information on Covid 19.

As of now the best you can do is wash your hands and maintain good hygiene. Moreover, practice social distancing as it’s the need of the hour. Such preventive measures can help flatten the curve and stop the spread to a great extent and ultimately eradicate it.

You can check out these protective gears and equipment on Chinavasion to keep yourself from catching the virus as vaccines are yet to be discovered.

Stay Positive! Keep Yourself Safe!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.4.2020. | 12:47
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    Thank you and well done. The information you have provided is clear and precise and hopefully will stop these myths being exploited.

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