Missing Your Gym? Here are Some Useful Tips and Home Exercises to Make Up for those Lost Gym Sessions

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.4.2020. | 12:41

Have you gained a few extra pounds sitting idle at home during the lockdown? Here are some home exercises to help you lose weight and tone your muscles.


The current lockdown phase caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed everyone to take shelter at their homes for what seems to be like an indefinite period of time. Staying at home every day has made many sluggish. Most people have taken to binge watching Netflix and eating junk. Eat, binge watch, sleep without any physical activity has become the story of many homes. 

This leads to an unhealthy lifestyle not to mention some extra pounds added to your body weight. Unhealthy fat can be harmful. Therefore, it is necessary that you burn it out and follow a balanced diet. Many frown at the idea of exercises.  Yes, exercising can be hard and boring but it is necessary to work out regularly especially since you are stuck at one place at home. 

Since hitting the gym is not an option now, you can do some easy exercises at home to stay fit. There is a lot of online  workout sessions –  workout for abs, weight loss  and many other related categories. Besides, YouTube is the best source available if you want to lose those extra pounds or just stay fit during these trying times.

So read our tips below on the measures to take to stay fit during the lockdown.

Workout at the Comfort of your Home

There are 10 to 20 minute workouts that you can easily do at home without the need of any special gym equipment. These easy exercises can also help you ease into a daily workout routine.

For a beginner-friendly body exercise, do some push-ups followed by squats, planks and jumping jacks. Give yourself some rest for 45 seconds. Do these as many times as you can. These set of exercises help you work out all major muscles of your body.  Also, doing various cardio exercises help in muscle flexibility, joint health and losing weight. If you are aiming at sit ups as well try the Ab Exercise Sit Ups Pad available at a great price on Chinavasion. 

But if you are someone who’s new to these exercises make sure you consult a fitness instructor over a call before you start. The sole reason being, providing your instructor with your medical history, etc., and he/she will better instruct you on how to go about it.

For those who are regular at workouts and know their routine, you can always stick to that. Besides, the famous NHS [National Health Services] of UK has listed a set of 6 workouts one for each day of the week followed by a day of rest; you can try these out too. These exercises will help in your general health and also help you tone various muscles of the body. 

Online Sources to Refer to for Everyday Exercises

When you search workout tips online you will be swarmed with an ocean of content from different fitness instructors. We have identified a few professional and popular instructors and workout websites that will give you genuine information on health and fitness.

If you are looking for a workout regime with scientific backing, head to Bayesian Bodybuilding. Created by statistician and bodybuilding coach Menno Henselmans, this website is one of the best sources online for advanced training and nutrition advice based on hard scientific evidence.

A woman-friendly workout website for all the women out there is Girls Gone Strong. Run by a collective of seven female strength coaches, this website helps women of all shapes and sizes to get strong and healthy and feel good about their bodies.

Besides, this is the best time to do some Yoga for both physical and mental health. Yoga improves respiration, energy and vitality. If you want to get some expert advice on yoga, check out Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. With over 6 million subscribers, it is one of the most successful yoga channels giving free and high-quality yoga videos for beginners and seasoned professionals.

So, for a better yoga experience try the Soft Exercise Tri-Fold Gym Mat selling at Chinavasion.

Moreover, there are numerous ways to exercise your body during the lockdown such as acrobatics, zumba, walking/jogging on your terrace or in your garden. The choice is yours.

Gym Equipment- What to buy?

If you are among those who feel the need of having gym equipment at home, then you have to build one yourself.

Before you invest in something as expensive as gym equipment for home, doing a little research won’t hurt. Instead of going straight to an e-commerce website and buying the whole home gym equipment set, see what you need first. If you are a beginner consider getting the basics, like dumbbells, treadmill, resistance bands or stair steppers.  

Cardio equipment

If you stop by any gym, you will see rows of machines designed to simulate cycling, walking and running, and stair climbing. These machines provide good cardio workouts that burn calories and fat. The two easy cardio equipment that you can buy are a treadmill and a stationary bicycle. Treadmill helps you to walk or run indoors while a stationary bicycle can tone your whole body and boost your stamina. 

Women can check out this super comfy Elastic Sports Pants and men can opt for this Sports Shorts to workout in. Remember wearing the right clothes is also important while exercising to ensure you are comfortable. You can check out all these amazing sportswear and equipment on Chinavasion and buy things at an affordable price.

Strength equipment

Devices that harness gravity and tension as a resistance force can help you improve your strength. If you are a beginner, you can save a lot by choosing a few basics including comfortable walking shoes plus hand weights or resistance bands or tubing. Check the Resistance Bands Pull Rope selling at Chinavasion. Also consider buying Indoor Fitness Exercise Figure Twister to help exercise your waist, chest and legs.

5 Resistance Bands Pull Rope Training Chest Expander for Exercising and FitnessIndoor Fitness Exercise Figure Twister Twisting Waist Disc Balance Rotating Board with Pull Rope

Regular exercise is important to burn the extra fat and increase stamina. It also helps reduce the risk of several diseases and improves the quality of life. Building a regular exercise routine can keep you fit and occupied. Since you have some time on your hands try buying a few basic gym equipment like the Kinetic Resistance Circle that can help keep fit. Besides, eat healthy and follow a balanced diet during this lockdown.

Stay Fit!  Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.4.2020. | 12:41
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