The Most Effective Masks to Fight Covid 19

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.4.2020. | 16:40

Looking for some of the best masks to combat coronavirus and couldn’t figure which to buy yet? Here are a few options that could shield you from this pandemic.


The wrath of the deadly Covid-19 viruses has rattled almost every aspect of life across the globe today and prompted governments of several countries to impose indefinite shutdowns. Stepping out of living spaces today is a gamble that could even cost you your life, but visits to the grocery and medicine outlets are inevitable. The only weapons that could shield you the best during these brisk strolls to the nearby retail stores are your masks.

In the current climate, donning masks is the best protection mechanism, especially for all those doctors gambling their lives to save millions from the ill-effects of the notorious covid-19.

 However, it’s vital to choose one that prevents virus permeation to the best possible extent. So, which are the best masks to combat coronavirus? Well, this article attempts to answer.


What Mask to Buy For Coronavirus?

Most health-related news pieces doing the rounds during this period, as well as government sources, have been emphasizing on using masks. Ranging from the most sophisticated ones to makeshift masks carved out of fabric that can be washed and reused, there are several variants available today.

However, these are a few options available currently perceived to be safe by medical experts worldwide.



Over the past few weeks, the KN95 has been in-your-face (probably not literally in your case yet), be it the news, or social media feeds. You’ve probably even seen people braving the exteriors by donning these masks, but why are they highly preferred?

Well, the mask abides by the China GB2626-2006 standard, which speaks volumes about its quality. The makers have ensured the design helps achieve five layers of protection, and these masks have a built-in adjustable nose clip too which firmly holds them against the faces of its users.

The insulation thus produced prevents the possibility of seepage of viruses into the nostrils and mouth by a great extent.  You can buy some of these KN95 masks right here.

Disposable Soft Medical Respirator KN95 5pcs


The N95

Manufactured by 3M, a leading healthcare brand known for its finesse in carving surgical masks and respirators, the N95 is highly recommended by medical experts. The N95, which complies with NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), the American health benchmark, can filter up to 95% of pollutants. These range from dust to even some of the most harmful viruses and other particulate matter measuring around 2.5 microns in size, present in our environment.  The makers have included 3 layers of filters in the mask to ensure better protection and made them comfortable to wear for the average user.

The N95 is quite affordable and provides reasonably good insulation from viruses. However, it is available in just on standard size, which makes it unsuitable for children.


N99 Vogmask

The N99 Vogmask perfectly strikes the balance between a comfortable fit and product quality. The mask adheres to NIOSH’s N99 particle filtration criteria and filters out 99 percent of particulate matter ranging from 0.3 to 2.5 microns. The N99 Vogmask is also effective in shielding its users against harmful gases such as no2, so2, and o19 due to the inclusion of charcoal in its making. 

Although quite expensive, as compared to the N95, the N99 Vogmask is totally worth the investment since it is comfortable to wear and has activated carbon filter that fights against germs and odor.

The respiratory valves included in the mask makes it easy for wearers to breathe, and suits even those who’ve had a history of respiratory illnesses.

They come in various sizes, can be reused for as long as 5 to 6 months, and even washed frequently, which make them worth the money.

What is the difference between N95 and N99 masks?

Both the N95 and N99 have been in high demand among consumers worldwide and offer their own share of benefits. However, the N99 is not suited for those who suffer from cardiac and respiratory challenges since they offer a high amount of breathing resistance. Comparatively, the N95 offers 50% lesser breathing resistance and is comfortable to wear, which is why it is highly preferred by many.


FFP Masks

The FFP (Filtering Face Piece) series of face masks widely available today comprises of 3 types – namely the FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3.

The higher the number in the mask code, the better the degree of protection offered by these FFP masks. This logic used in the nomenclature makes it easy for most people to differentiate between the various FFP products based on their quality.

They have mainly been in use in industries to protect against airborne particles and usually include marks of standards such as the CE2797 and BS-EN149-2001 on the valves.

The FFP1 is protective against only large harmful substances such as pollutants and dirt. The filtering efficiency of this face mask is merely 78% which is not too effective in shielding against dreaded viruses.

The FFP2, relatively has a much higher efficiency of 92%, as compared to the FFP1, which prevents users from the harms caused by solid and liquid aerosols.

Widely recommended by medical experts world over, the FFP3 has been found to be the most effective in combating people against deadly viruses such as the corona. The filtering efficiency of this product is as high as 98%, which is probably why they have been on high demand since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic.


PM 2.5 Mask

As the name suggests, PM is an abbreviation of Particulate Matter, and can shield its users against contaminants that measure around 2.5 microns in size. Routine effluents from sources such as vehicles, power generators, industrial emissions, and even viruses belong to this category.

Probably the reason why the makers have christened the mask this way could be to emphasize on the hazards that could be caused due to exposure to matter measuring 2.5 microns. Victims could be at the receiving end of shortness of breath, eye, nose, and throat irritations, asthma, as well as excessive coughing and sneezing.  

These masks include short valves too which help its users breathe comfortably.


Other Popular Face Masks

Considering the high demand of products such as the N95, KN95, as well as the FFP series of masks, several other variants too have surfaced over the past few months, that are being hailed as the next best things to own. These include disposable, non-woven, three-layer Hang Ear Style Protective Masks available in abundance are opaque enough to enough to keep external infectants at bay.

Another variant that has also been grabbing the attention of medics and consumers alike is the Transparent PVC Plastic Head Wear Droplet-proof Face Mask . These masks have achieved a whole new level of protection with a literal transparent shield across the face, unlike several other products today.

Both these masks can be bought for discounted prices from Chinavasion.

 Considering the high probability of masks such as the N95 and KN95 running out of stock, these cheaper variants could be good and equally protective options.

10pcs Disposable Three-layer Mask1PC/3PCs Transparent PVC Plastic Head Wear Droplet-proof Face Mask 3PCS


What Mask Is Better For Coronavirus: Surgical or Respirator?

Surgical masks have been traditionally used by medics since time immemorial, during surgeries, and have been at great at containing infections caused due to droplets. A person infected from even the usual flu can wear this to prevent contaminating his environment further.

However, surgical masks don’t really insulate the wearer completely from infections, especially at areas such as the cheekbones and underneath the chin. These shortcomings in their design make them quite inefficient at combating dreaded viruses such as corona, but they can prevent infected droplets from propagating through the air.

You could buy some of these surgical masks right here at the best prices. However, it is advised that you don’t wear such masks for more than 6 to 8 hours.

Respirator masks are far more superior than surgical masks in preventing the wrath of the coronavirus and other dreaded infections. Respirators are of two sorts, the kind that insulate, and another that do a great job at filtering.

The KN95 which is abundantly available on Chinavasion and N95, included in our list, are great examples of respirators.


Filtering respirators have filters fixed across the facepiece that do a great job to prevent the harms caused by the usual pollutants in the air. These products include valves that help users breathe comfortably, and prevent condensation inside the mask.


Which Mask is better than N95?

The FFP3 is a better mask than the N95 since it has been found to be effective in eliminating at least 98 percent of the pollutants in our environment, including viruses and aerosols.


Why homemade masks may not protect you? What mask is good for Coronavirus?

Industrially-manufactured respirators are believed to be the best during these times of the corona crisis. These products have multiple filters embedded within them which help in preventing the seepage of at least 95% of viruses.

Homemade masks on the other hand lack the efficiency of industrially manufactured masks. They don’t offer a good amount of insulation either and could be uncomfortable to wear. Whereas, several respirators such as the N95 have shafts that can be pressed to insulate you from pollutants, and fit tightly yet offer little discomfort.


Factors Deciding the Efficiency of Masks:

Of course, the price helps in sort of foreseeing the quality, since the general notion is that more expensive the mask, the better its ability to combat harmful particles. However, considering how highly vulnerable almost every individual today is to the pandemic, it is better to learn a bit more about the masks available around us. Knowing these parameters could help you buy a better product and decrease the probability of you falling prey to the coronavirus by a great extent.

(a)    Mask Codes

The recent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has seen the rise in popularity of several masks such as the KN95, N95, FFP2, P2, as well as PM 2.5.

The common denominator associated with all these masks is that they comply with several international standard benchmarks as mentioned earlier.

The FFP series complies with Europe EN 149-2001, whereas P2 respirators imply that they abide by the Australia/New Zealand AS/NZA 1716:2012 standard.

Here are a few other codes to remember before you set out to buy those masks. These are commonly found in the FFP series of products.


The letter ‘D’ embedded in a few products are an indication of dust masks that have passed the dolomite test. Masks with the D code have overcome shortcomings such as clogging and breathing resistance.



Masks with a ‘V’ imply they have a valve for exhalation. They offer almost zero breathing resistance and ensure that the CO2 and moisture density in the dust mask is prevented to the lowest extent.



Dust masks that have been subjected to the dolomite test and have a valve.



The R sign on the dust mask implies that the product can be reused. Most standard dust masks available today can only be used for a single session.



These are indications on Standard dust masks that can be used only once. Even if no such code is printed on the mask it’s implied that the product shouldn’t be reused.

Masks with such codes should be your topmost priority as compared to several cheaper variants.


(b)    Filtration Ability

It is important to ensure the masks you use can prevent at least more than 95% of harmful, air-borne particles that are as tiny as 0.3 microns. Quite a few masks that comply with global health standards can even shield you from up to 99% of harmful particles, most importantly viruses.

You could easily find the specification documents of several popular masks online today that describe their ability and effectiveness in filtering undesirable micro and nano particles.


Mask Accessories

Apart from merely donning masks, you could also procure certain accessories to further prevent the possibility of contracting the coronavirus.

These are a few filters that make great add-ons to face masks and help put a better fight against infections. The Anti-Haze Dustproof KN95KF94 Mask Filter could be a great accessory to don during those cycle rides or commute to the grocery.

The Disposable Non-woven Breathable Mask Replacement Filter Cotton Mat is also an incredibly good filter to own. The filter is odorless, skin-friendly, and most importantly, made of non-woven material, which makes it safe and reliable.

You could check both these cool mask add-ons here, to leave no stone unturned to be virus-proof. These accessories enhance the abilities of the usual face masks, and also surgical masks, medical masks and other corona masks.


We hope these suggestions of the best masks to combat Coronavirus immensely helped each of you.

In the wake of the corona pandemic, read in detail about a mask’s ability to filter viruses and their overall quality. This could help you figure which mask is good for Covid-19 and can keep you protected.



Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.4.2020. | 16:40
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