How To Sell Tech Gadgets Online: 10 Tips For Beginners (Part 2)

Author xlxmarketing 28.6.2010. | 11:18

Everyone would like to be their own boss, but most of us don’t have the budget, premises or time to do it! Or do we?


In part 2 of this blog from, we’ll continue to explore how you can kiss goodbye to the suit and tie, or at least have a lucrative sideline when you start selling China’s coolest tech gadgets online with the help of Chinavasion!


People young and old, rich and poor love tech gadgets, right? But how do you start tapping into this universal market? Actually online selling using internet platforms such as ‘eBay’ or one of the many eBay alternatives is really simple.


Anyone can make the step from being a Chinavasion customer to a Chinavasion reseller!


But to do it well and make a steady profit you will probably want to follow these hints:


Check out Part One of this blog How To Sell Tech Gadgets Online: 10 Tips For Beginners (Part 1) to see the first five tips for beginners.



6) Product descriptions – more details = more sales

You’ve played with the gadget by buying a sample and you’ve got some lovely, clear shots of them. Enough to start selling, right?


In an online environment you aren’t there to answer your customers’ questions. Nor are you there to be a salesman and ‘recommend’ items to them.

All they have to go on is your product description, so write an interesting introduction for each gadget.


The best product introductions suggest what people can do with the product, not just what it is.

Take a basic mobile phone for example:

‘This phone allows you to call, text and receive calls.’


‘This mobile phone will empower you to keep in touch with your friends and family no matter where you are! You’ll be able to make and receive calls when you’re out and about, or you can even send a text message if speaking’s not convenient.’


Which is more attractive? The latter. Why? Because it is helping the customer to feel what they’d be able to do with the product if they had one.


In the case of tech gadgets they may have many specifications so it’s important to include these too, then if the customer was in any doubt your thorough specs will leave them clear on what the gadget can do. The more you include, the more convenient it is for your customers!

Once again, the good news is that Chinavasion also allows our resellers to use our professionally written product descriptions for free too, just check out our Policy On Fair Use Of Chinavasion Website Materials!


7) Keep spare accessories – Baden-Powell was right, ‘Be Prepared.’

Approach selling tech gadgets like a scout would! Be prepared to offer your customers better service!
You’re now listing your tech gadgets online having followed the above steps.
Remember, we have ease and convenience in mind at all times, so keep a stock of spare accessories (such as batteries, USB cables, headphones and chargers) in hand for the phones etc that you are selling. In this way when a customer requests one, you can quickly supply it without having to wait for us to send you one from China.


How to buy extra accessories from Chinavasion? It’s easy! First, send an email ticket to Customer Support and find out the price for the accessories that you want. Second, request them in a note at checkout. For example, you might say: ‘Please add 2 USB cables for (PRODUCT CODE) AT US$X each to this order.’ Finally, Chinavasion will send you an email link to pay the extra for the accessories – done!

8 ) Make it clear for customers to do business with you – it will avoid disputes.

Your e-store is your shop, no different to if it was an actual bricks and mortar store.

Therefore when customers come browsing they need to be clear on how to do business with you. So lay out these terms where they can see them.

If it’s unclear they’ll get bored and look elsewhere – remember, ease and convenience.

Think about:

  • Payment Policy – How to pay. How soon to pay by.
  • Shipping Policy – How soon you’ll ship after payment. Who you ship with.
  • Returns Policy – Guarantee. Refund policy.
  • Terms & Conditions – Any special considerations for the customer, eg. If payment isn’t received within X days we will cancel the order.

I put together some examples of these in How To Sell Tech Gadgets Online: 10 Tips For Beginners (Part 1).

9) Selling more – boosting tech gadget sales.

If a customer buys one tech gadget from your e-store, that’s great! Well done!

However, it’s often possible to prompt customers into buying more by placing related items together, or by having links to other products present, therefore encouraging them to bundle together gadgets (and so buy more tech gadgets from you!).

For example:

A customer buys an MP4 player.

On its page there is also a link to the hot new resonance speakers which would allow him
to play music anywhere, thereby turning his MP4 player into a home stereo.
Attractive, no?

10) If in doubt – head to your supplier!

If your supplier is worth anything they should have an arsenal of information that will help you get out of a bind.

The support pages at are a treasure-trove of useful information for seasoned dropshippers or those just starting out in their quest to sell cool, cheap, tech gadgets from Chinavasion online.

Check out:

The Chinavasion Support pages

Or if you’re really stuck you can send us an email us at with your question or even give us a call here in sunny China! our phone number and times to contact us is below:

Chinavasion phone numbers

Chinavasion Time!
Shenzhen, China


PS. You keep talking about ‘Dropshipping.’ What’s that?

Dropshipping, rather than being a method of transport from Halo or a Sci-Fi movie, is a super-convenient way to get your customers’ tech gadgets to them.

Simply receive your customer’s order, order the item from Chinavasion, and we’ll post it straight out to them.

The best thing is they’ll never know it was from us as we don’t include our name anywhere, so it’s our little secret!

It also saves you time, effort and money, because you don’t need to keep any stock or have your own premises.

To learn more check out Drop-Shipping with Chinavasion – Frequent Questions.

After following these 10, easy steps, you’ll be selling tech gadgets from Chinavasion in no time. So what are you waiting for? Rome wasn’t built in a day, sure, but it had to get started sometime!

Author xlxmarketing 28.6.2010. | 11:18
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