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Author xlxmarketing 25.6.2010. | 19:24

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It’s been a busy week at Chinavasion.

Our newest writer put together a not to be missed guide on selling online called How To Sell Tech Gadgets Online: 10 Tips For Beginners (Part 1) and we put together a video of the shirts we teased you with last week.


The shirts are available and they’re really cool. Just click on the pictures below to see them in action:

The big news of the week for online sellers is that China B2B giant Alibaba plans on buying eBay alternative and listing tool Vendio ( ). Alibaba stocks have already risen on the prospect and the Alibaba PR team is in overdrive pitching the prospect to first time internet sellers.

While it’s too early to tell what will happen our initial advice to people using the Vendio service who may consider leveraging Alibaba’s wide supplier base would be the same as the advice we gave in our Aliexpress review, proceed with caution.

And, if you were considering signing up to the Hardwaresphere feed to be put into the draw for our mini projector in the WiFi mini projector giveaway. You’re too late, the draw closed yesterday. but you should still subscribe because it’s a great blog that’s well worth keeping up to date with.

But without further ado let’s take a look at the questions we saw this week.

Can you declare as a sample or as a gift?

Dealing as an international wholesaler we have sent more than a few packages to more than a few countries.

Something we’ve seen happen quite frequently is people sending us an email or adding a note to their order to ask us to mark a package as either ‘gift’ or ‘sample’.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer that service because in the vast majority of countries worldwide, declaring goods as a “gift” or “sample” makes no difference whatsoever to the assessment of the value / taxability of the goods at Customs.

Customs officials usually pay more attention to the declared value indicated on the shipping invoice and not the reason the item has been sent…. cold-hearted people that they are.

For more information on how our shipping label system works you can check out the link Declare As Gift / Declare As Sample.


I’m a dropshipper and you sent a customer a device with a faulty accessory, can you send another one directly to them?

While it’s not the most politically correct of answers no we can’t but we can send an extra to you with your next order.

International shipping is both ridiculously expensive and not as fast as domestic shipping. This means that it is both time-consuming and expensive for all parties involved for us to send a small accessory to a customer after the original shipment is made.

So what can you do? You can keep plenty of cheap spare accessories on hand, send the item to your customer, then get the item sent to you when you make your next, larger order (say you’re purchasing a new item to learn more about it)

This might sound counter intuitive in a dropship system but it actually makes good working sense. You might be comfortable waiting the one week it takes for your supplier to get the accessories from their warehouse to your customer your customer is not going to be as forgiving.

Especially if you can send them the item in two days, or maybe even faster.

It is possible to turn a negative into a positive and suggest that they purchase another item and you will send it out with that order.

For more hints on how to optimize your dropship business Check out the very necessary blog Killer Dropship Hints For Better Profits And Happier Customers.


Can I return to the address shown on your website?

We have a number of return centers around Hong Kong and China and, as a result, the address on the website is not always the best place to send items to.

To make it easier for us, and make the repair/replacement process faster for you it is best to return your item to the address on the return slip in the RMA authorization we sent to you.

You say I can pay with credit card through PayPal, how do I do that?

This is actually easier to do than you think and just requires that you take a badly signposted detour on the Paypal page.

After taking all the steps in the blog How To Order And Shop Online With Chinavasion you should be in the checkout screen which looks like this:




You’ll see there is the option to pay by PayPal, you should select it and then click on the ‘proceed to place order’ button.

You should automatically be taken to PayPal but if this does not happen then paste this URL into your browser: .

Once you’re there click on the link to the left of the page…. above all the credit cards.

That should take you to a page that looks like the one below and you can then put in your credit card details just like you would on any other site.


You’ve always got the latest gadgets. What products should I watch out for in the near future?

Michael Wong has talked before how a GPS navigator could work as a car DVD player for people with more than one regular car in the blog Handheld GPS Navigators VS Car DVD Players.

Well if you’re a courier driver that’s on the verge of getting a GPS navigator but needs a final push this might be the unit to do it.


It’s a GPS navigator with unbeatable Bluetooth functionality AND a wireless backing camera.



Product Review




IP Surveillance Camera with Angle Control and Motion Detection [CVLM-I33]
Our range of IP security cameras is popular with resellers security specialists and end-users alike, but not as many as popular as the [CVLM-I33] So what type of questions do we get?

  • What will happen if each IP camera uses of the same given or default IP Using the same IP on each camera will cause an IP conflict. Make sure you read the user manual carefully and thoroughly before installing the IP camera.If you are not an IT “savvy” individual then you should consult a IT technician to help you install this unit.
  • Do I need a user name and password to access the admin controls once I visit the IP address of the security camera? Yes, located in the user manual are the default user name and password, once you have logged in to the admin controls, make sure you change the default user name and password to something that you can remember but difficult for someone else to guess.
  • Does the Motion detection have an included sensitivity control?Yes It does, after you install the IP camera, log onto the admin panel and select the sensitivity option that best suits your needs. It is recommended that you test each sensitivity option as to best determine what it should be for your given need.
  • What does IP stand for? Is this like a security camera?IP stands for Internet Protocol. This kind of camera can be used like a security surveillance or webcam, the choice is yours.
  • My friend sent me a link to****** where he says there is a better firmware/software for this camera. So how do I “flash” the firmware? Which version of firmware does this camera run? We do not recommend flashing the firmware and cannot give you links or advice on changing the specifications of the product. Yes, you can find updated firmware and/or upgraded software on the internet for this IP Camera, but we cannot provide support or assistance in doing product modifications.

For a bigger list of questions visit the Chinavasion FAQ page or to ask your own question leave a comment to this blog (provided you don’t mind the whole world knowing about it).

We’ll answer them here and, if they’re good enough we may even re-publish them in a future Friday FAQ.

Author xlxmarketing 25.6.2010. | 19:24
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