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Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.10.2019. | 12:02

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Automatic Cat Feeder

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An auto pet feeder may seem like something straight out of the future, but in all honesty, it’s not. In fact, an automatic pet feeder is something that is slowly gaining in popularity all over the world because it allows us to take care of our fluffy friends no matter what time of the day, wherever we are in the world.


Some people like to leave food on the floor in a regular bowl for their beloved household pet, and this does actually sometimes work, especially if your pet has grown up with food around them as a young baby. Whether it’s kittens or puppies, sometimes pets will decide that they need to eat more than they should, as their primal animal instincts will take over. As animals, they aren’t sure when or where their next meal is going to come from, so it’s only natural for them to want to eat as much as they can in order to stay alive. It’s what the wild calls, the survival of the fittest.


Weight Management in Pets


As far as keeping your cats or dogs healthy is concerned, weight management is something of the utmost importance when caring for your household pet. You want to be able to feed you pet the right amount of the right kind of food for their relative breed, size and age(It's hard to finish this without using an automatic pet feeder). Overfeeding can often lead to complications later on in life and if your pet should happen to get ill at any point in time, having them underfed could result in a slower recovery time or even death! Therefore, you need an automatic cat feeder to improve the situation.


With a good automatic cat feeder, you can rest assured that your pet is going to get the exact right amount of food whenever you need them to. You won’t need to feel too guilty about not being there because their food is something that you can rely on. It also means that you’ll need to spend less time preparing their food and more time giving them love, spending quality time with your pet.


Fresh Food Ensured


With any kind of automatic pet feeders, the top section of the device where the bulk of the food is stored, is sealed in tight, meaning that the food is over fresher in the container than it is in the bag. With dry food especially, you don’t want it to become stale or moist as this will increase the risk of eating the food, and ultimately, won’t make it taste very good for your pet.


By having an automatic pet feeder dish out the correct amount at specific times, your pet can learn when its time for food, be able to eat their food at their own pace, and still be able to have fresh food each time.

Automatic Dog Feeder

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What is an Automatic Pet Feeder All About?


There are many different kinds of automatic pet feeders on the market and some of them are ridiculously expensive. You’ll find timed cat feeders, and other auto cat feeders that do the bare minimum and then are filled with frill and fuss to send the price skyrocketing, making it seem like a quality investment, but the truth is, an automatic feeder shouldn’t need to be rocket science.


It works the same way as a slow feeder cat bowl and is in fact ideal for both cats and dogs. Usually what will happen is you’ll fill up the top tank which is capable of keeping a large amount of dry pet food. Then, you’ll program a timer on the machine itself and whenever that timer is up, it will release a pre-determined amount of food in the bowl below. This will allow your pet to continue to eat the right amount they need to, whilst sticking with their correct routine, allowing them to have breakfast, lunch or dinner at the same time. That’s all there is to it!


With Chinavasion’s Automatic Pet Feeder, you’ll be able to fill the top tank with up to 5L of dry pet food. From there, you can select a serving size for your pet, which will comet through into the feeding bowl at a predetermined time.


In addition to the advantages of you being able to feed your beloved pet when you’re not around, you’ll be able to record a nice little 10 second message for your pet, whether you’re calling them for food, treating them with a “good kitty” here or there, or just simply letting them know that you’re thinking about them.


The Pet Feeder has a handy LCD screen on the front of it, allowing you to program the service time and portions for your cat or dog, and will ensure that they always get their meals at the same time each day.


Hygiene Improvement Around the House


It can always create quite a mess when leaving pet food lying around the house. Sometimes pets can be a little messy in eating, having bits of food flying everywhere, and especially attracting other insects and bugs towards their food. Having an automatic feeder will get rid of both of these problems. The unique design of the feeder will keep the pet food where it’s meant to be kept, inside the bowl! And assuming that your pet is in a healthy state of mind, they’ll get just the right amount of food at the correct intervals in order for them to finish their food off and not leave any mess lying around.


In fact, some pets have also been known to play with their food when it has been lying around, especially if they have already eaten and aren’t exactly hungry. An automatic feeder will also fix this problem in an instant.


All About the Timing


One of the additional benefits of having an automatic pet feeder is that you’ll no longer have those early morning wake up calls. Many pet owners can attest to the fact that the cat will often come to sit on your face while sleeping, or perhaps even claw at you when they’re hungry. The same is true with dogs, jumping on the bed and barking for breakfast time. This will no longer be an issue because as soon as your voice recording from the pet feeder is played, your pet will know it’s food time, allowing you to get back to sleep or just have a nice relaxing morning in. Your pet will quickly learn the routine of feeding with the automatic pet feeder and will no longer feel the need to harass you in the mornings.




Pet care is something that should always be taken seriously because anyone who owns a pet knows how important it is to create routine, and to feed them the correct amount of food. An automatic cat feeder or automatic dog feeder is the perfect addition to any household, giving your pets the food they need at the correct time. You’ll never have to worry if little Fido is still hungry or if the sitter forgot to give them food, they’ll always be taken care of.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.10.2019. | 12:02
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