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It's Alive

  • 1.46PM July 2 2010 (Beijing time) The new changes should be live. Check them out and if there are any problems please let us know by sending an email to webmaster email
  • 6.41PM July 1 2010 (Beijing time) The bugs are dead, the new system will be switched over on Friday July 2 (Beijing time) let us know if you have any problems


  • The site launch will be soon, we’re just getting rid of a few unexpected bugs

Changes are a coming at Chinavasion.

We’re taking a hammer and chainsaw to our back-end, the very thing that makes Chinavasion tick.

Why would we do something like this? Put simply we are trying to improve the user experience.

In the next one two weeks you should see faster-loading Chinavasion pages and a search engine so powerful that it’s got Google turning green with envy.

However, as with any drastic overhaul, there may be some slight hiccups along the way.

If the unlikely circumstance should occur, where you see any strange messages, any pages fail to load or if it appears that anything has disappeared from your cart please don’t worry.

Just take a deep breath, try to remember exactly what happened and send an email titled ‘website problem’ to webmaster email

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and work to resolve the issue as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

In the meantime we’ll be covering what the new checkout looks like, how our brand new level scheme works and we’ll also go over the new login page and account page.

Author xlxmarketing 23.6.2010. | 15:46
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