Touchscreen MP4, Adding Value to your Mp4 Player with MP4 Downloads

Author xlxmarketing 3.3.2008. | 14:23

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It seems that the entire world either wants, or has an MP4 player these days.

The MP4 has become extremely multi functional, and is used for listening to music, watching videos, reading e-books, recording interviews or lectures for later reference or transferring data from one place to another. As a result the personal media player has become almost as essential as a cell phone in peoples’ daily lives. This high usage has pushed up demand for MP4 places from electronic stores and on line auction sites like eBay.

4GB touchscreen MP4 with camera

Items like this 4GB touchscreen MP4 with camera are such a popular item on on line auction sites like eBay and iOffer that you will need to find some way of differentiating yourself from the rest of the market.

However, the MP4 player in general and the touchscreen MP4 player in particular has fallen so much into the media spotlight with releases of products like the iPod touch that many eBay traders and eBay powersellers have started offering them online, creating a supply that almost equals demand. One way to guarantee that you maximize return on the touchscreen MP4 is by adding value to the product or listing.

While it may sound like a long, expensive process it can actually be done quite cheaply by putting photographs of the item on the listing, adding links to positive third-party reviews and making sure the item is exactly as it is listed online, amongst other things. Adding value to the product is another option that doesn’t necessarily take as much of a capital outlay as you would think.

Chinese manufacturers have known this for a long time and anybody buying a MP4 player or MP4 watch from a Chinese MP4 digital player and MP4 watches manufacturer is likely to find games, music and a MP4 converter already included in the package. Unfortunately the music is often canto-pop, canned classical music, or some other style not favored by many people today and often ends up just getting deleted as soon as the customer gets the player.

While downloading songs from your own CDs or relying on Peer to Peer networks to replace music on the player is an option it carries a dubious legality and can, in the case of peer to peer networks come with viruses attached.

Thankfully there are some websites and other resources out which allow free, legal and safe downloads of songs allowing you to provide customers with a good database of pre-installed music without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Some really interesting torrent lists include the unusually-named, a source for material recorded from concerts of publicdomaintorrents a fantastic site for free movies, another option is to download material from YouTube, convert it using your newly installed MP4 converter before loading it onto the player.

By installing content onto the touchscreen MP4 you create value and increase the potential bid price.­ Another option, if you are dealing mainly through dropshipping is to send your customer a file with links, like the ones provided in the blog so that they can easily download their own MP4s and MP3s.

EBay traders and other online auction traders sellers should find by offering free content, and taking other steps to add value to their listing, they should see the return on their item rise with very little capital outlay especially if they are operating in such hotly contested markets like MP4 players and touchscreen MP4s.

Author xlxmarketing 3.3.2008. | 14:23
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