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Author xlxmarketing 16.6.2010. | 16:38

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Did you know the low wholesale price you see on Chinavasion can actually get even lower?

Yes, it’s true! So what is the secret? levelling up!

Yes, continue to source your electronic gadgets from Chinvasion and watch your privileges get higher while your costs get lower.

While our car DVD players are already a great deal the price gets even better if you are a VIP customer (level 3 and level 4).

level up
So how can you as a new dropship store owner move up to the VIP level? Here are some proven tips;


Make a plan and write it down



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It is easy to tell yourself “I will list 20 new products this week”, but sometimes it can be hard to turn those words into action.

Well, nothing focuses the mind more than actually making a written plan of your goal.

Simple and easy to accomplish steps will help you reach that goal. If you are listing 10 products a week on average and you motivate yourself to list 20, you likely just doubled your sales!

And with that increased volume of sales, you will quickly level yourself up to even lower wholesale prices.


Develop A Specialty


Yes, Chinavasion gives you lengthy manually tested and verified product descriptions and product pictures on everything from spy cameras to cell phones to car DVD players, but that doesn’t mean you should build your business around anything and everything you find.

By developing your knowledge around one product range it will help you give local customers a more succinct description of a gadget.

If you are an expert in say Car AV Systems and Car Gadgets, then you will build a reputation and expertise that will help attract more customers and sales by having detailed product descriptions, tips, answers and marketing campaigns through forums and articles that will make you stand out from the crowd.

In time, this specialization will allow you to build a stronger customer base, increase your weekly sales, and thereby level up more quickly on Chinavasion!

While these tips are all well and good what about people who just want to buy cool gadgets?

The good news is there are techniques for getting around this too:


Buying Clubs/Assigned Buyers



buying club copy
Back in October last year I talked about buying clubs in the blog Buying Clubs, Team Up For Better Online Discounts, And while it might seem difficult to organise if you are in many different locations or doing many things here are just a few suggestions on the types of groups and communities buying clubs might work for:

  • College students in the same dorm
  • Neighbours
  • Family members
  • Social groups
  • Colleagues at work

Have a central account with one person in charge, give them the money for your purchase, tell them what they want and they can arrange it so it gets shipped directly to your door.

We can only deal with one person per account (read Friday FAQ’s, IP Cameras, MMS And ‘Shared’ Accounts for more on this) so please remember to make sure the person assigned to be the buyer is:

  • A) Someone you can trust
  • B) Somebody that is going to be in your social network for a long long time

The reason for this is that discount levels are attached to that person’s account only and if there is a major bust up or they are unwilling to be your discount electronics dealer any more you need to start the discount level building all over again.

Is it really that easy? Yes it is!

These are just three proven ways to build your business and level-up on Chinavasion, how cool is that? You still want to learn more about growing your import business with us? Then please visit these classic articles for even more sure-fire ways to energize your dropship sales check out these three great blogs:




Author xlxmarketing 16.6.2010. | 16:38
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  1. Alsaid Attiah Rohaiem Ahmed March 12, 07:35

    We are a new Importer Company at Egypt : Trading International Center. T.I.C.
    we want to import used and new ipad 2 from china

  2. xlxmarketing Author March 20, 13:50

    Hi, Alsaid Attiah Rohaiem Ahmed
    Thanks! if you are interested in our products, you can try some orders first.

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