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Author xlxmarketing 29.2.2008. | 11:06

As we work our way to the end of the first decade of the new millennium, few things would be as good a representative of the last 10 years (at least the last 5 anyway) outside of the continued success of the search giant Google, than the rise and rise of web 2.0 sites like myspace, wikipedia, facebook and youtube.

Sites which gave the average users the ability to add and manage their own material have taken off, making the web much more of an interactive experience than when material creation was left up to those who knew how to write in code.

In fact the success of YouTube must have been a real surprised for the three PayPal employees who started the website in 2005, interestingly enough by a conversation sparked by Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction and turned it into a multi-million dollar exercise in a little under two years.

It should come as no surprise then that web2.0 sites like YouTube and electronic gadgets go together like two things that go together very well. It was only a matter of time then before we here at Chinavasion have noticed this and took advantage of it.

The Chinavasion blog will take a regular look at which videos about gadgets, and relating to gadgets, are out there on the internet and bring them directly to you. The staff at Chinavasion have spent a great deal of time looking around at MP4 players lately so we thought there would be nothing better than to start with a quick look at what is out their in the world of MP4s and MP4 watches.

Not so long ago, gadget vLogger Norman from Stormancast.TV had a closer look at Chinavasion’s solar-powered MP4, a device which has received a lot of traffic on the internet. Norman is currently doing a little charity work in support of the fight against cancer, if you’re interested in helping him out click here.

Earlier this week we told you about some converters with a link to Jimmy Rusk’s channel on YouTube… a good place to visit should you want to learn some software hints. Unfortunately some of the software he talked about didn’t have anything to deal with some Chinese formats… it seems shegax03has done a little more work in this field and has posted a couple of video tutorials on them.

You may or may not have spotted the HDD Media Player in our blog last week but we had to show it to you again… after all, what better device is there to help display media from your MP4 on a big screen.

We hope you enjoyed these videos and we look forward to showing you some more in the near future… if you know of any great gadget videos please let us know by leaving a comment below and we may even feature them in a future blog.

Author xlxmarketing 29.2.2008. | 11:06
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