What are the Most Useful Gadgets in 2019?

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Are you in the market for some best new useful gadgets around your household but you aren’t quite sure what you should be looking at? There are many different types of gadget products out there and some of them are far more useful than others, but any home can make of some of our cool best most useful gadgets.

The Most Useful Gadgets in 2019: Home Gadget & Entertainment?



1. Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you’re having some friends over for the game, or just having a barbeque out in the sun, a Bluetooth speaker is something that is always bound to put a smile on the faces of everyone around. These days though, Bluetooth Speakers can be so much more than just that. You can grab yourself a Bluetooth Speaker that also doubles as a bike light whenever you’re on the go.

useful gadget - bluetooth speaker

Not only will you be able to light up your way in the darkest of time, but you can play music, listen to FM radio and have the device serve as a power bank to charge your phone. You’ll never be left out in the open ever again with this speaker. When you’ve finished with your ride, you can jump off your bike, detach the speaker and bring the good times with you, wherever you go. It’s a cool tech gizmo for the active person.

Chinavasion offers this Waterproof High Capacity Bluetooth Speaker Bike Light for just $40.16.


2. Robotic Vacuum

Perhaps the only thing in life that’s worse than ironing work shirts, is going around the house vacuuming each room. Especially if you’re a pet owner. With the Original Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, you can sit back and let the smart home tech gadget do the work. We found this to be one of the most useful gadgets around.
The vacuum is only 9.6 cm high which means that it can get to every area of the house and has super noise reduction with a powerful 1800pa motor. It has 12 different types of sensor on it so it knows exactly where it is, how far away it is from any objects and exactly how much further it can go. When all the cleaning is done and dusted, this 
home tech gadget will return back to its dock to charge.
There’s nothing better than coming home to a house or a room that is fully cleaned up when you didn’t need to do anything. You will have to empty the vacuum on a daily basis, as it picks up all the dust in your house, but that’s very little compared to having to do the vacuuming yourself! The
robot vacuum will stay 25px away from all walls, ensuring that it doesn’t smash into anything, and has side brushes that can extend to clean the gaps between walls and floors.

useful gadget - robot vacuum

The beauty of this vacuum is in it not actually knowing the layout of your floorplan because it will go over many different spots and sometimes the same spots too. That means that you’ll often see it going in similar pathways or passages, but you’ll have a guarantee that it’ll be clean and tidy by the time the vacuum has finished its clean.

Chinavasion offers this Xiaomi Robot Vacuum for only $334.64.


3. Smart WiFi Doorbell

How would you feel about being able to check whoever it at your door no matter where you are? Perhaps you’re waiting for a delivery at home while you’re at the office, or you’re sitting in your bedroom and the motion detection pops up? What better way to keep an eye on your house!

useful gadget, smart doorbell

Getting a smart WiFi doorbell is a great addition to your home’s security, but also gives you peace of mind if you ever need to leave your home for an extended period of time. There’s two-way communication so that you can converse with the person ringing your doorbell to find out exactly what it is they want, and you can check on the camera whether it’s night or day, in all types of weather, since it’s waterproof too.

You can save video for the last 7 days and can save up to 20 videos each day, allowing you to browse or playback the videos when connected to your mobile phone. You’ll never have to worry about power or WiFi consumption because the doorbell moves into a low-consumption mode, or standby, meaning that if you decide to run it on batteries, you won’t need to worry too much about replacing them, and you can rest assured that you won’t be uploaded hundreds of files to the cloud, making this one of many useful tech gadgets.

Chinavasion offers the Home Smart WiFi Doorbell Intercom for just $38.54


4. Noise Cancelling Headset

Anyone who has ever been able to get sleep on a plane without the use of medication will tell you that it’s not the discomfort that prevents you from sleeping, it’s the noise. Perhaps one of the best useful tech gadgets for men and women is a noise-cancelling headset. You might be thinking that a headset that offers quality noise cancellation is going to set you back, but the truth is, you can find some high-quality noise cancellations for a very low price.

useful gadget, noise cancelling headset

The Bluedio T6 the cool tech gadget for men, Active Noise Cancelling Headphones feature 57mm drive units with vector-flow technology, offering you supreme sound and comfort. The headset features Bluetooth 5.0, so you can connect to just about any smartphone, offering you a longer transmission distance and offering extreme stability in terms of carrying the sound.

The wonderful feature of noise cancelling in a headset is that it has a built-in microphone on the outside measures the decibel level of the sound wherever you are. After doing this, the headset then issues the opposing frequency into the headset, effectively cancelling out the noise that you’re hearing around you.

useful gadget, headphones

You'll get superb comfort out of the cushioned cups and headband and will be pleased with the aluminium titanium alloy build of the set. 

You can grab them for just $49.13 at Chinavasion right here, right now: https://www.chinavasion.com/china/wholesale/Home_Audio_Video/Headphones_Earphones/Bluedio-T6-Active-Noise-Cancelling-Headphones-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headset-with-Microphone-for-Phones-Black/



5. A Brand-New Smartphone

If you’ve recently purchased a smartphone, it’s probably cost you a fair amount of money. That’s always the case with the more popular brand of smartphones. Well, you don’t have to be subjected to a pricing monopoly in the mobile phone industry anymore.

uesful gadget, new smartphone

Introducing Xiaomi, the Chinese consumer electronics brand founded in 2010. Much like other Chinese phone brands, you’ll be offered everything that every other smart handphone in the market is doing, for about half the price. Xiaomi is touted as one of the top brands of the smart handphone in terms of looks, feel, capability and build. You’ll get to play the latest games and use the latest apps, all while snapping pictures and taking videos on this incredibly powerful smart handphone since it has a 48MP triple camera at the front.

It offers a Snapdragon 855 chipset with an Octa-core processor and an Adreno 640 graphics card. The phone comes with either 64 or 128GB of storage and you can choose whether you’d like 6GB or 8GB of RAM. This tech gadget has a 6.39-inch screen, with a cut-out bezel at the top of the phone, running on an AMOLED screen.

useful gadget, best smartphone

It has a fingerprint sensor, a 3300mAh battery as well as fast charging, giving you 60% battery in just 30 minutes. It also supports fast wireless charging through Qi. Not only does the Xiaomi Mi 9 feel like a premium smartphone, it offers everything that every other top of the range phone offers at half the price.



Finding some best new gadgets can always be a fun thing to do. There are many different types of gadgets that will fit right in with what you're looking for in your house. Whether you want to make life easier and get yourself a robotic vacuum, or simply want to just add a new Bluetooth Speaker to your area of entertainment, you can always find what you're looking for.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.9.2019. | 15:03
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