Solar Bluetooth Car Kit Gives You The ‘Heads-Up’ On Callers Whilst Keeping It Green

Author xlxmarketing 27.2.2008. | 11:16

New Bluetooth Car Gadget From China

Click on the image below to get more details about this product:

Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit (Caller ID)
Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit (Caller ID) [CVPF-B19]
A highly-functional compact bluetooth kit perfect for anybody ‘on the road’.
How is the Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit unique?
The kit combines a compact size, built-in speaker and microphone, caller ID display screen with solar power, so you can leave your cigarette lighter free for your GPS or phone charger.


Who would buy the Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit?
Business executives, account managers and anybody who has to remain contactable, no matter if they’re driving or not, would love this device.


What Ebay search engine keywords can I use?
Bluetooth headset, mobile accessory, mobile phone accessory, cell phone accessories, Bluetooth, Bluetooth gadgets


What will the Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit cost per unit?
Chinavasion: USD$35.93 (Prices are lower if more than one unit is ordered)


What else should I know?
China Manufacturer specifications

  • Bluetooth Version: V2.0, compatible with all of today’s modern phones
  • Profiles: Headset and Handsfree
  • Compatibility/Pairing: All Bluetooth devices V2.0 and under
  • Power Source: Solar, Cigarette Lighter or USB
  • Dimension: 104mm x 55m x 16mm (L x W x H)
  • Manufacturer Ref.: D1934ED696C1

Other Features:

  • OLED Status Screen
    • Displays Caller ID, Battery Status, Paring Status
  • Full Duplex System with DSP Technology, Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation
  • Backlit Display for Night Use
Okay, so I’m interested in the Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit, what else would I like?

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Author xlxmarketing 27.2.2008. | 11:16
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