Chinavasion Launches Exciting Mini Projectors Range

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.6.2010. | 15:56

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Having a multimedia Projector or big screen TV / monitor in your office, home study, or even in your bedroom has always sounded cool, but unrealistic due to the size and space necessary for traditional LCD and DSP Projectors.

Well, not anymore! A new generation of Multimedia Projectors, called mini projectors, have entered the market and made large screen displays available to any size room no matter how cluttered or small.



So what exactly can you do with mini projectors? Imagine any of these typical scenarios:

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  • Being able to carry around a 42 inch display in your computer bag so you can show your client or boss your latest plans on something better than the 10 inch screen on your netbook.
  • Having your colleagues come into your office and instantly collaborating on marketing plans that are being projected from your desktop computer onto a nearby wall.
  • Comfortably laying in bed and being able to watch a large screen blockbuster movie on the wall or ceiling of your bedroom.

With inputs for computers, AV devices, and even game consoles, a Multimedia Mini Projector provides a world of uses while coming in a size not much bigger than a standard smartphone. These are truly versatile business and home use display devices.

Mini Projectors have found a permanent home at We here at Chinavasion are so impressed by these Multimedia Mini Projectors that we have devoted a whole category to them mini projectors.

We tested over 100 and have sourced the best 8 of them for our customers.

These are the brightest, clearest (with manual focus and Corning glass optics), and best built units on the market today.

Every Mini Projector we carry comes with a full 12-month warranty and is provided with actual in use pictures so you can see the product screen projection with your own eyes.



Look for more mini projectors news and product introductions from in the months ahead. In the meantime, we invite you to start sourcing high quality mini projectors from your wholesale Chinese partner – Chinavision!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.6.2010. | 15:56
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