Chinavasion’s LED Flashlights Output, Price Puts ‘Leaders’ To Shame

Author xlxmarketing 7.6.2010. | 14:56


If there’s one thing we don’t like at Chinavasion its seeing consumers being ripped off by paying too high a price for a product with too low specifications.

Yet, up to now this is exactly what has been happening in the LED flashlight sector.

A quick survey of LED flashlights available online, especially ones from ‘trusted brands’ reveals that the asking price for a CREE LED flashlight is somewhere between US$250 and US$500.

expensive LED flashlights

For these prices you’d be expecting a high spec’d item which could perform great feats of illumination… but you’d be sorely mistaken.

For the most part the LED torches and LED torchlights offered by competitors only provide an illumination of 50-180 Watts.

Our very own Rose Li is less than impressed by this and said as much in a recent media release picked up by media outlets including street insider (,+Improved+China+Torch+Lights/5686815.html)

“The average consumer purchasing something from ‘industry leaders’ is looking at paying more than 300 dollars for a flashlight output of more than 50 lumens,” according to Rose Li.

This is where Chinavasion’s line of LED flashlights are different.

Chinavasion’s FlashMAX LED flashlight series has CREE LEED torchlights priced between two and 40 dollars they have more than two times the output of the better known brand names with just as much reliability and security.

“The Chinavasion FlashMAX series of LED flashlights has no LED flashlight under 100 lumens,”
according to Chinavasion’s Rose Li.

The Flashmax series of LED flashlights also comes with Chinavasion’s 12 month factory warranty, thorough QC testing and, as dealt with more in the blog LED Flashlights Take Torches To Next Level usually come with a battery and charger.

“With Chinavasion’s low price and fast shipping times it is completely possible to make a healthy profit and still undercut better-known brands while gaining a good reputation with customers.”
according to Chinavasion’s Rose Li.

Author xlxmarketing 7.6.2010. | 14:56
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  1. pedometer June 14, 16:28

    can it use for for military use? if so, i want one, i need a long distance and high-light LED flashlight

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