Friday FAQ’s, Car DVDs And Chinavasion After Sales Service

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What a week it has been at Chinavasion.

We explored exactly how to install biometric locks in the blog Chinavasion Releases Biometric Locks Installation Video and found out how to keep up with the beautiful game without ruining your life in the blog Digital TV And HDD Media Players: Watch The 2010 World Cup Without Ruining Your Life.

We also put out so many cool products that it’s hard to single out just a few but of special interest is the McLovin Quadband Dual SIM China Cell Phone with Keyboard a cell phone so good that gets a harem, the LED Light Belt Buckle which will definitely make you a hit with a ladies and the Handheld GPS Navigator and Mobile Phone which combines two great features into one device.

But then we also got a lot of questions. Lets take a look at the more frequently asked questions this week:

I think I bought something off a reseller of yours and I’ve got an issue with it, can you give me any help?

In short, there is not much we can do.

In the first instance, while Chinavasion is the industry leader at supplying wholesale electronics from China it is not the only one and not every reseller gets their item from us (even though our competitors have tendency of cutting corners where they can).

Secondly, our contractual agreement is with the person that paid us the money to have the item shipped (the reseller). As a result, legally we cannot work with you directly.

What we CAN do is get in contact with the reseller ourselves and suggest they get in contact with you, which is an action that we always do take.

We are sorry that you are in this situation and we hope you can contact your vendor regarding this issue.

I got a car DVD player from you but I can’t insert a disc what’s going wrong?

Before doing anything with the car DVD player you need to make sure the locking screws are removed.

As you can see these are the screws at the top of the car DVD player and their job is to keep the mechanism safe and sturdy during shipping.

Once removed your car DVD player should start taking DVDs but if there’s any more problems get in contact with us at .

Do you actually check everything in your warehouse before shipping?

As soon as items gets into our facilities it is checked and its accessories are checked before it is stocked in our warehouse. Any problem and it gets sent back to the manufacturer, no exceptions.

It’s something we talk about in detail on our page The Chinavasion Warehouse: Behind The Scenes Gallery and something we have shown in our warehouse video as well as our 350th videos:

This is something that we are pretty sure many of our competitors DON’T do.

But then mistakes do happen from time to time and international couriers are not always as careful as they should be.

If in the unlikely case you are unlucky to have received something from us that doesn’t work we have a 12 monthChinavasion warranty to make sure you get exactly what you paid for.

You’ve often got the latest cool gadgets, what should I look out for in the near future?

This has everything you want to see in a game emulation system. Competitive price? Check! Nice big, clear screen? Check! Two Controllers and TV out port? Check! Compatability with more systems than you can shake a stick at? Check!

Letcool picture copy

Lets just say we can’t wait for next week.

Product Review


Extreme Sports Camera – All Metal Hercules Edition [CVLS-DV20]

Have you ever been out on a ride/run/drive and seen/done something so incredible that nobody will believe you when you tell them about it? Thankfully those days are numbered with the Extreme Sports Camera – All Metal Hercules Edition.

  • Can I use this in my bedroom to record some extreme indoor sports?

    Yes you may. You will need to leave the lights in the bedroom since this camera does not have a IR function.

  • Does the camera film in color or black and white?

    The helmet camera records in color.

  • Does it record sound too?

    The helmet camera has a built-in microphone however this has a limited range.

  • When I play recorded footage on my PC or laptop, I can hear myself and the surrounding with noise… is there a way to lose that noise?

    It’s not really possible to lose the background noise because the microphone is always active. We think it’s important to capture all the action, including the noise!

  • I want to buy this camera but I don’t know what the video looks like, do you have sample footage of this camera?
    Yes we do, you can download raw footage of a test shot that we took by copying and pasting this link into your browser .

For a bigger list of questions visit the Chinavasion FAQ page or to ask your own question leave a comment to this blog (provided you don’t mind the whole world knowing about it).

We’ll answer them here and, if they’re good enough we may even re-publish them in a future Friday FAQ.

Author xlxmarketing 28.5.2010. | 17:55
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