Digital TV And HDD Media Players: Watch The 2010 World Cup Without Ruining Your Life

Author xlxmarketing 24.5.2010. | 22:45

watch world cup 2010
It’s world cup time again.

There will be no shortage of football to be watched in June with the FIFA schedule ( ) displaying 63 matches of World Cup 2010 brilliance to be watched.

Of course if you’re planning to watch World Cup 2010 games over the internet then it helps to know the time difference between South Africa and your place of residence. Here’s a quick guide:

World time zones
If not you then good place to get time in South Africa relative to where you are is by using a time zone converter like , Luckily FIFA has already set up a form which will allow for your time zome

As you can see for a large part of the world, the world cup is on pretty late and unless you have a low sleep requirement or have a very understanding boss, there’s a good chance that you will want to find some way to record the games so you can watch them at a later date.

Thankfully, at Chinavasion, that’s very possible.


HDD Media Players


You know what a HDD Media Player is. It’s that wonderful thing that stores hours and hours of entertainment in one place with a cavernous hard drive of 500GB or more.

And with 63 matches scheduled (with each match lasting 105 minutes) you’re going to need that extra storage space.


Digital USB TV Tuner Dongle




Of course if you’re not exactly in a position to pay a bunch of money for a HDD Media Player right now then you can do the next best thing… utilize the one that is sitting in your house right now.

Your computer’s spare memory was only going to be used for family photos, candid photos and games anyway so storing footage from the 2010 World Cup on it for posterity with one of our tv to pc USB Tuners in our digital TV category.

And with all the open source recording options available ( you should have no problems converting your computer into a recording device to keep your life on track.


Portable Digital TV






If you’re lucky enough to have 2010 World Cup games being played in your waking hours but be unlucky enough to have them scheduled for when you’re at work or commuting to and from work there are still options out there in the form of portable digital TV sets.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a country that receives DVB-T, ATSC or ISDB-T signals. We’ve got the digital TV solution to your scheduling problem.

Don’t hesitate, order today. With our industry leading processing and shipping times you will definitely have the digital TV and HDD Media Player solutions at your house well before the first ball of the 2010 World Cup is kicked on June 11.

Author xlxmarketing 24.5.2010. | 22:45
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