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Cellphones are used to communicate between people over long distances without wires. People are becoming more dependent on cellphones for their daily activities. As cellphones became more popular, they began to cost less money, because of that there is an increase in the number of users in the country. The Spanish mobile network claims to be one of the biggest mobile phone markets in Europe. As there is an advancement in technology, there will be more consumption in the products.

cell phones in spain

People residing in Spain for more than 5 years are aware of the need for cell phones. Nowadays people are extremely dependent on cell phones. There are companies in Spain, which give good packages for calling and text. On the other side, the continuous usage of cell phones reduces intellectual and work efficacy. It is killing the work efficiency of the people in all the sectors.

Spain has the largest number of cellphone users in Europe. Cellphones allow a variety of service packages to entertain people through their works, such as SMS packs and free calling packs and other internet related ones.  There are four principal Spanish mobile networks-Orange, Movistar, Vodafone, and Yoigo. There are also several low-cost mobile operators in Spain, operating on the Spanish mobile networks mentioned above.

Mobile phone operators in Spain are regulated by the Commission ‘del Mercado de las Telecommunication’. Spain operates on GSM network and uses GSM 900/1800. As per the year 2018, there are 40.8 cellphones users in Spain. There are more than 50 million cellphone users in the country.

Benefits from e-commerce in the selling of cellphones

Online marketing plays a significant role in getting any gadgets or things sold. Spain sells cellphones through online portals like Zara, Privalia and Asos and others. Selling cellphones through these portals makes brands and the particular products familiar to the customers and the customers can give feedback and they can also go through the reviews. Particularly, cellphone selling is done based on price status of the various brands. In Spain people have the knowledge to use internet and data plans, by this, people of the country can access different kinds of cellphones being sold and also they can purchase by sitting at their homes. This development has been creating huge technological economical impacts in the country.

smart phones in spain

Prices on new phones differ greatly depending on the retailer and the mobile operator. Spain has some large retailers like Carrefour offer relatively good deals. When the cell phones are ready to be sold, do not think the people only concentrate on the factors such as speed, connectivity, space, outlook and so on, they may also think psychological characteristics like brand loyalty. The action of selling will have a great impact when it is done by creating a web portal to publish or add a variety of cell phones in it, which can be marketed. Adding a video of the phone’s best features will enhance the selling rate of cell phones.

Characteristics that affect cell phone usage in Spain

Selling of phones includes several communication activities such as incentives to consumers, wholesalers, retailers or other organizational customers. Selling activity uses both media and non-media marketing communications. There are some factors which a seller follows before dispatching of a cell phone in France, this includes buyer’s pin code is mandatory to unlock the new phone. The country offers cellphones of the brands Samsung, Huawei, BQ, LG, and Apple.

4G and 5G network development in Spain

Spain has a significant presence in operating a 4G network. The necessity for an upgrade from 4G and 5G technology comes from the growing number of devices all over the world that demand increasing amounts of bandwidth. On top of operating 50-100 times faster than 4G, 5G technology will be harnessed from different antennas, operate on different radio frequencies, and connect many more devices to the internet. The country is planning to offer 5G services in conjunction with businesses and governments.

5G network in spain

Tips to sell cell phones in Spain

  • Producing cost-effective cellphones for people.
  • Educating people for newly arrived trends in social media.
  • Network coverage available to consumers.
  • By making the product user-friendly.

To sum it up

The researches on cellphone usage in Spain reveal that cellphone consumers’ rate is increasing as compared to the previous years. Social media advertising or sponsorship is gaining greater acceptance as it is directly affecting cellphone consumers in Spain.




Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.2.2019. | 14:51
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