Sell cell phones in South Africa

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Sell cell phones in South Africa

Africa has been the fastest growing mobile market in the world during past five years. The lives of South African consumers have been changing as they became connected to cell phones. Cell phones have become one of the essential parts of life. Cell phones have amazing features and cutting edge technologies.

The usage of cell phones has drastically improved, as compared to the past few years. These cell phones are too smart and expensive with cutting edge technology.

cell phones in south africa

According to research statistics, South Africa has the second biggest cell phone market in the world, compared to other countries.

Why South Africans love Cell phones:

Cell phones have more benefits and it increases the data optimization and usage of new technology. South Africans well recognize most of the new products. They are using more internet and have more mobile subscribers as compared to the past few years. They most likely use the Google-friendly apps like Alexa, Cortana and for smartphone users Siri. Increase in the usage of the data network has crossed up to 90% in South Africa. The country offers cell phones of the brands Samsung, Huawei, and iPhone.

best selling cell phones in south africa

As per the findings, in South Africa, 21 million people use the internet and among 21 million people, 7 million people use cell phones. 2017 was a significant turning point in the mobile industry of South Africa. There are 29 million smartphones in South Africa.

Mobile operators in South Africa have embraced 4G/LTE networks and the majority of respondents in urban areas (63%) and a significant portion of respondents in rural areas (38%) now have access to a 4G/LTE network. People in urban areas are on a 4G/LTE network and also a large percentage of people in rural areas are on a 3G/HSDPA. In South Africa, 87% of households have access to mobile phones.

Junkmail is an online portal, works on B2B e-commerce. It provides cell phones for consumers in South Africa. As per the survey of 2017, 4993 people were using the internet through their cellphones.

smart phones in south africa

Usage of cell phones:

Nowadays cell phones have become the symbol of social status. Most of the people in South Africa have upgraded from basic cellphones to smartphones.

Benefits of using cellphones

  • Browsing for something to get ideas.
  • Searching for their work projects.
  • Students collect data for the educational purpose.
  • Getting directions to reach a place.
  • Exploring places for eating and drinks.

Smartphone subscription in South Africa:

As on 30th September 2017, the smartphone subscription is increased by 72.9% from 2016 to 2017.

Network development in the country (3G/4G/5G):

Mobile communications have become the catalyst for the development of new business models. In South Africa, 3G is expected to be the dominant technology over the next three to five years. As there is development in the advanced network all over the world, South Africa is set to focus and ready to use 3G for next few years. The South African population has 100% mobile network coverage and 93% have 3G coverage.

network providers in south africa

The smartphone market of South Africa has enjoyed a boost from strong sales of telecom devices in 2018. As per the findings, it’s true that South Africans residents lead as one of the highest users of mobile technology and mobile social networking on the continent.

Though the people of the country are not adopted with the advanced network or technology, they are the highest users of mobile technologies. Technological features of the country can directly affect the revenue generation.

To sum it up:

In South Africa, it is necessary to learn more about cell phone technology and explore them and it is becoming mandatory for the today’s generation to work with cell phones and they can enjoy the extensive experience of cell phone features and bring up your life digitalized.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.2.2019. | 21:04
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