What Can We Expect From CES – and Tech – in 2019?

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“CES (Consumer Electronics Show)  is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years — the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.” (About CES)


If you are a consumer electronics business (owner), or simply a tech enthusiast, The World Trade Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 8th to January 12th, is a place to be! Visiting CES is quite literally a visit to our future.

From an exhibition show that presented VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) to the world way back in 1970, in 2019. we can expect the presentation of some of the groundbreaking technologies that will help to improve the quality of life of an ordinary consumer. Everyone who has to offer any new technology will be doing so. From the big-time players such as Google, LG, Mercedes…who are looking for the opportunity to present to the world new technologies that will change the way we live, to the unknown start-ups looking for their chance to “steal” the show with innovative and creative solutions. With over 4500 exhibitors, CES will definitely have something to offer this year… So, what can we expect?


5G is here (and this time it’s for real)

The hype about 5G internet network has been here for a while. But this year we can definitely expect to see it used in everyday electronics. OK, maybe not in your smart fridge just yet, but for sure it will finally start to be implemented. We already mentioned in our blog what will 5G network bring into our everyday use and what it will mean for some future technologies. And although it will make a significant leap in connecting everything, it will not happen “tomorrow”, but for sure we can say that 2019. will (only) be the “start” year for the 5G network. So you might wanna hold on to your 4G smartphone for a couple of more years; or maybe months (Xiaomi, Samsung and other big brands already teased the possibility of having the 5G phone ready and waiting).

5G_Network 5G Network


What a time to start thinking about buying a new TV…

8K display technology is coming to your home in 2019. (that is if your wallet is deep enough)!  Yes, some brands (read Samsung) presented 8K screen TVs in CES 2018. already and it might sound as “old news”…but how many 8K TVs did you actually saw in your local tech store last year? Besides Samsung, no other manufacturer presented their 8K TV line. Till now that is. In 2019. it is expected that besides Samsung as leader of the pack, LG and Sony, will also offer 8K TV and actually push them on the market.

But, that’s not all…8K display is fantastic, but is it as fantastic as rollable TV display? We leave this decision to you. Where else than at CES 2019. could LG decide to present commercial version of their roll-up OLED screen TV, which is expected to be their flagship TV this year? Oh, and Samsung might have something to say on this subject as well, we shouldn’t be surprised if they roll-out some of their own.

And, let’s not forget that same technology could/will be implemented in smaller devices. So foldable full-screen smartphones and tablets are to be expected as well.

LG Rollable Display LG Rollable Display


A.I. – smart life with virtual assistants (everywhere)

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are already here, helping us in everyday tasks from controlling kitchen appliances to offering answers to deep philosophical questions we might have while spending the evening with a glass of wine in our hand… But why stop there? Although Alexa and Google Assistant got the most of it, many developers and manufacturers have been working hard last year to think of new ways and functions that we might need from our virtual assistants. German Autolabs will present virtual assistant designed for cars – Chris, which will make every car sound smart. Of course, there is Samsung’s Bixby (we expect to see Bixby integrated in Samsung’s Galaxy Home speaker); and if you don’t like the idea of a microphone listening to everything you speak, MuiLab offers you a Calm Design – a touch operated way to use Google assistant.

Amazon Alexa, Virtual Assistant Amazon Alexa, Virtual Assistant


Autonomous vehicles, Robots, Health and Beauty, Home appliances…

5G Network, 8K, and flexible displays, and A.I. virtual assistants for sure bring a lot of buzzes, but there are many more techs in other areas that are expected to improve our lives with seemingly small innovations. And some that are expected to push the boundaries a bit further when it comes to some still not utilized technologies.

Self-driving cars are something we all expect to enjoy, soon. Every year there is an advancement in autonomous vehicles technology, but it seems that we are not quite there yet to simply sit in the car and read a book or watch TV while “driving” to work. However, we might be close(r)! CES 2019. is expected to see Toyota revealing their latest prototype self-driving car – P4. While Audi plans to show off with their pioneering concepts for new in-car entertainment technologies and ideas. Although CES 2019. won’t offer commercial versions of self-driving cars, it will introduce technologies that might prove to be great driving assistance.

Are we there yet with robots? What would Asimov say if he could visit CES 2019? He would be pleased to see what is on the offer, but we are quite sure he would say: “no, no there yet”. Past years made big promises about having a robot that would be used as assistants in everyday life…however, beside industrial use of robots and some special niche robots, with all the undelivered promises (remember LG’s Cloi?) seems that we kinda drifted away from the idea of a robot being an ideal assistant. Robots as “pets” and emotional companion seems to be a next big thing tho. Some interesting ideas seem to be presented on this subject at CES 2019.

RC_Robot Future is here?


Anything we forgot?

Health and beauty, home appliances, toys, gizmos, and gadgets…there is a lot more technologies that could find a place in “honorable mention” sections (if we had one), but for now, let’s just focus on above-mentioned and see what other surprises will CES 2019. bring to us.

As always, there is something for everyone. It’s a festival of creative and innovative thinking transformed into technologies that will probably one day be an inseparable part of our lives.

We, at Chinavasion, are an integral part of new consumer technologies. Always keeping up with the latest technologies and products, we source only the best there is for our customers. We will be there at CES 2019. from 8th-12th January. If you cannot visit and see all the wonders of future technologies, make sure to visit chinavasion.com and stay tuned on hot and new products in consumer electronics.

Chinavasion Wholesale Ltd, Consumer Electronics Wholesaler Chinavasion Wholesale Ltd, Consumer Electronics Wholesaler


Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.1.2019. | 23:01
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