Wintery Blast Starts Off Ratty Year

Author xlxmarketing 14.2.2008. | 17:53

Welcome to the Year of The Rat!

The Chinavasion office, like most Chinese businesses, reopened today after a long Chinese New Year break. There are very few countries that close down for an entire week to let their denizens have a long break, and this year that break turned out to be a long, cold, bitter experience, which could cause further delays to shipments already held-up by the Chinese New Year break.

The break got some of us at Chinavasion thinking about the way we present information to you, and will result in a couple of changes… but more about that later.

The Chinese New Year can create havoc at the best of times, with the sudden influx of people straining the capacity of the transport system to breaking point. But heavy snowstorms this year took their toll on transport, with most mass transport systems and roads to most parts of China closed by heavy snow right when migrant workers were looking to head home. The resulting confusion at train stations, like the one in Guangzhou (, resulted in injuries, deaths and disappointment.

In fact, many workers had to cancel their trips home ( and return to factory dormitories…which most bosses had to re-open to accommodate employees caught out by snowstorms.

Economists are predicting that the storm will cost between 4.5 and 15 billion US and has already claimed 107 lives. With thousands abandoning their travel plans, the impact of people returning to work will perhaps be lessened (, but snows may delay shipments of goods even further.

While the weather can never be relied on at the best of times Chinavasion has always been, and will always be the best source of products for Ebay droppshippers and wholesalers with low prices and services geared towards making Ebay droppshippers’ and wholesalers’ lives easy.

To make traders lives easier we will be changing the product blogs to make them more informative, while still keeping them short and to the point. Expect to get more detailed information about new gadgets in the future including useful keywords, the target market for items and their selling points.

But we’d love to hear from ebay dropshippers, wholesalers, and all our readers. Get back to us with your comments and suggestions about what you would like to see in the blog and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

Author xlxmarketing 14.2.2008. | 17:53
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