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When you’re shopping online one thing you want to make sure of is if the item you want will actually do everything that you want it to do.

At Chinavasion we do our best to meet you halfway (unlike our competitors I might add) by giving you:

  • Extensively tested products
  • Thorough descriptions
  • The 12 month manufacturers’ guarantee
  • User reviews

Just check out what some people are saying about us on some of these customer review sites and you’ll have to agree that things look pretty rosy:

  • Reseller Ratings
  • Review Center
  • China Wholesale Review
  • Chinavasion Wholesale Customer Reviews

However, that doesn’t always give you the third-hand experience of specific products that you want. Thankfully there are reviewers out there that have put our products through the wringer to help the buying decision that much easier for you.






So what do they have to say about our gadgets? Let’s take a look.


Fortaleza – Quad Band Watchphone in Stainless Steel By Mobilewhack



Chinavasion Customer Rating:five star average from 5 customer reviewers.

For the price there isn’t many a watch phone out there that can match up to the Fortaleza.

Steve from Mobilewhack thought that it was indeed a great bit of tech that was very acessible and had great sound quality.

But don’t just take our word for it, paste this URL to read the review for yourself:


Iron Samurai – Japanese Inspired Red LED Watch By Thetechnoreview



Chinavasion Customer Rating:five star average from 50 customer reviewers.

The Iron Samurai LED watch almost needs no introduction. It has been featured by Gizmodo, Wired, Ubergizmo and a number of other gadget magazines.

It’s geek chic cred squared and it’s affordable enough that anybody can take it home.

Thetechnoreview found that it is really a solid watch that comes in a great box.

See his review here:


High Power 100mW Green Laser Pointer – All Metal Combat Edition By Mrappreviewer7



Chinavasion Customer Rating:five star average from 8 customer reviewers.

Laser pointers have always been a hot item with our customers, especially the stronger ones

So when our 100mW laser was launched it was almost an instant success, which is no surprise when you consider its great build, and the innovative, safe, locking function.

Neil from Mrappreviewer7 found that it was in fact the business.

Watch his unboxing here:

See the end review and watch him light a match here:


Sigma – Quadband Cell Phone (2.8 Inch Touchscreen, Dual SIM) By MobileWhack



Chinavasion Customer Rating:five star average from 1 customer reviewer.

Chinavasion has become known right across the internet as the place to come for reliable, affordable cell phones that don’t cost the earth but do what they do well.

The Sigma is such a phone with a price tag of under US$100 but with a whole lot of entry options including trackball, touchscreen and keypad to ensure that all your options are covered.

Steve from Mobile Whack thought the phone had lots of great features and had a smooth interface for a great price.

Read his experiences here:


1080P HD Camcorder (10x Optical Zoom, Pre-Record, Motion Detect) by Gubbytech



When we first launched the 1080P HD Camcorder there was an incredible amount of buzz from customers and reviewers alike.

It was our first to offer rollback functionality as well as number of other features.

Joe from Gubbytech thought that it performed very well for the price and came with more accessories than anything with such a low price should.

Watch the video here:


Guitar Tuner Clip (Mini 3-in-1 Edition) by Redferret



Musicians, what would you pay for a tuner that could help you tune your guitar, keep a beat, and make a tone?

How about less than US$10?

Dan from Redferret was suitably impressed saying:

This isn’t a pro bit of kit, but if you’re looking for something that will disappear into your gig bag, is super easy to read and use, and gives very usable results, you can’t really go past this Guitar Tuner Clip.Sure it’s a 3-in-1 device, but seriously if all it did was tune it would still be worth the US$8 they’re asking. This is a top buy people.

Read about his thoughts here:


Amigo – WiFi Quad Band Dual-SIM Cellphone with QWERTY Keyboard by Al3re1



Chinavasion Customer Rating:five star average from 25 customer reviewers.

QWERTY keyboards don’t come much more user friendly than on the Amigo WiFi phone.

It has been one of our perennial best sellers and one that got a very very favorable and long review from Al from A13re1.

Watch part one here:

Watch part two here:



The Robot – 2.8 Inch Touchscreen Cellphone with Android OS by Redferret



Chinavasion Customer Rating:five star average from 6 customer reviewers.

People have been asking for an Android phone for a while and when we delivered, we delivered.

The Robot is an unlocked WiFi Android phone with a powerful battery life and an even stronger price.

Or at least that’s what Dan from Redferret thought:

The Robot is clearly aimed at people who need a bit of WiFi internet access with their phone, a nice screen and maybe some light emailing over GPRS. The GPRS connectivity will see you go 3 days or so between charges which will likely please the road warriors.

Whilst not stunning in any area, it is a robust entry-level smartphone and with Android onboard it’s reliable and easy to use….

Read the review here:


So check out these reviews, take a look at the products and find something that you’d try out further. And if you’re a reviewer, get in contact with us ut at with your name, place of review and see if we can work together.



Author xlxmarketing 10.5.2010. | 21:13
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  1. Jackie Smith September 1, 04:17

    Hello there, I read about Android The robot and I’m thinking about to buy it. Can you tell me a good price for it?

  2. xlxmarketing Author September 2, 14:11

    Hi Jackie,
    Thank you for your comment.
    The price you see next to the product image is the wholesale price. Thank you.
    Best Regards

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