It’s Here! Welcome Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.11.2018. | 18:34

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotion

The first one is arguably the most popular “shopping holiday” in the world (of course, Chinese Singles’ Day is financially high above any other, but it is still mostly Chinese or Asian shopping holiday). And the second one is the real treat for the millennials, techno geeks, and basically all the people who enjoy perks of sitting at home and browsing webstores…
We are, of course, talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Black Friday, the older brother of Cyber Monday, originated around the ’80s, but gained global popularity as it is today in the first decade of the 21st century. And since then, Black Friday has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States. Date of the Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving (so, fourth Friday in November), this year it is on 23rd November.

Cyber Monday… What can you do to encourage people to shop more? Well, offer them Black Friday in the comfort of their own home. First time the term was used in 2005. as a marketing tool for promoting online shopping for the people who don’t like crowded stores during Black Friday. And very soon, every first Monday after Thanksgiving (or as some would say: first Monday after Black Friday) became one of the main events for the online shop owners. This year Cyber Monday is on 26th November (and you are more than welcome to enjoy it at Chinavasion).

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are modern-day holidays created for consumerist society.
During these two shopping festival, many online and “offline” stores will offer big deals and steep discounts to stimulate customers to buy as many products as possible; products they need and more often the products they don’t need (ah, psychology of “this is on a discount, I need it!”). Many people will go on the uncontrolled shopping spree and at the end of the day see that they overspend and buy some, soon to be, very unnecessary products.


So what can we do to make the best out of these holidays?

Well, it turns out that if we want to be rational and if we can control ourselves, it will all be just as we wanted it. Here are a few tips…


Make a list in advance

Discounts have something magical in them… So it is very easy to forget the products we originally wanted, the products we actually need, and before you know it, we bought 10 more “extra cheap, ultra discounted” products that we don’t really need. So, make a list and stick to it!


Keep track of all the news and updates about shopping holidays

Prior to holding shopping days, most stores will have marketing promotions, share coupons or discount vouchers, or simply advertise deals and discounts. Be more active during those days and try to catch the lowest price or the best discounts on the products you are interested in. For online shopping, many websites have “Wishlist” and it is actually a great tool to keep the record of the products you like.


Being a VIP Member Counts!

Many businesses are more than happy to award customer’s loyalty. Having a “Loyalty” or “VIP” card (or status) means that you will most likely get some extra discounts and deals. So keep this in mind and don’t be lazy to fill in that Loyalty/VIP card form in March, cause it might come handy in November.


Shop Early and/or Late

Many stores will offer the “early bird” as well as “stock clearance” deals. So pay attention to the stores you might shop in. If you know what you want, you might get it at some very cool price even before the holiday. And if you’re not sure that you want to buy something, maybe the price is still too high, wait for after the holiday, maybe it will be “sale on sale”.


To sum it up

No matter what you want to buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, being a smart shopper and keeping in mind that preparation is half of the success, will always help you find the best deal and save a lot of those hard-earned bucks.


Being one of the leaders in consumer electronics e-commerce industry Chinavasion has prepared Special Black Friday & Cyber Monday offer for you…


Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.11.2018. | 18:34
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