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Author xlxmarketing 5.5.2010. | 17:27

What do you get when you take the latest in cutting-edge technology and source it direct from a China wholesale company?

You Chinavasion’s new biometrics locks category.



Biometric Devices such as Fingerprint Door Locks and Security Boxes are becoming more popular as the prices have come down and the ease of use has increased.

What does this mean for you? That now is the perfect time to bring protection of your home/business into the 21st century.

Installing a Fingerprint Security Device like one of our famous “Fingerprint Door Lock and Entry System” both increases security while also making life easy because you never need to worry about where you put your keys!


This product and much Fingerprint Devices we have added added to our website this year are designed for this reason – to make your life more stressfree and secure.

Biometric fingerprint security systems make sure your personal or company privacy is kept intact as you go about your normal daily tasks.

The security of your home and office is guaranteed to be intruder-free with these beautiful high-tech Fingerprint Security Door Entry Systems often consisting of a two piece strikeplate and lock housing that fit onto wood and metal doors the same exact way as any normal door handle + lock you would buy at the local hardware store.

Powerful and Dependable: The latest fingerprint door locks are made from all-metal die castings with a PVD coating for increased durability and prevention against wear and tear. Providing constant protection, these biometric door locks are actually made from a much higher gauge (in other words thicker) metal materials which better act as an essential countermeasure against battering and forced entry.

Easy to Use: You can have a secure and private room only accessible via authorized fingerprints, whether that means only yourself or for a small business then up to 100 company employees.

Access can also be granted via PIN code and backup keys, so other entry options are available if an alternate entry methods is needed.

So, what type of biometrics locks are best for each circumstance?

Biometric Locks For The Home

Biometric locks aren’t just for the office, in fact many are affordable, reliable and easy enough to use that they can be used to protect the home.

In fact, some of our most popular biometric locks cost little more than US$100 and look great on residential doors. Take for example the Fingerprint Door Lock – Right (Emperor Grade Edition) and Pledge – Fingerprint Security Door Lock.




Biometric Locks For The Office/Work

If there’s one place you don’t mess around with security it’s at work. Disgruntled and malicious employees are not known for their honesty and, in many locations where access needs to be restricted, changing the locks every time somebody leaves can be an expensive exercise. With biometric locks you don’t need to worry about that, all you need to do is to remove their fingerprint from the records and change the code and they don’t have access any more. What’s better is that security costs less than you think.



A safe and heavy duty door lock is a small investment that will provide unlimited security and peace of mind and will pay for the itself the moment you start using it, so why hesitate? Don’t wait until something happens before being serious about security and safety – invest in a biometric fingerprint security system today!

Author xlxmarketing 5.5.2010. | 17:27
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