Friday FAQ’s, Shipping To Spain And Italy And RSS Delisted Feeds

Author xlxmarketing 30.4.2010. | 21:40

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It has been an interesting week at Chinavasion.

We uncovered a particularly nasty scam to dupe bargain hunters in the blog China Source Chinavasion: Scam China Suppliers Offering ‘IPads’ Should be Avoided and launched two very exiting car DVD players.

Not only that, we’re giving away a great free gift with every purchase for a limited time. A Shwartz keyring. Click on the picture below to learn more about it:

free gift

So without further ado lets look at some of the more common questions we saw this week.

I follow your RSS Delisted feed in Google reader, why can’t I search for product codes there?

Some time ago, we showed you how to keep up to date with our RSS feed through Google reader.

Unfortunately, Google reader decided to be a little bit tricky last week and, for anybody trying to find a particular listing through Google reader, showed 0 results. The reason for this was that Google reader decided that if there was a dash ( – ) between the product code it wouldn’t show the search results.

While everything appears to have returned to normal now if something similar happens again in the future either remove the space CVPN HD04 or just use the numbers after the dash and everything should be ok. HD04

What is the best courier to choose if I’m sending items to Spain or Italy?

In our long experience, shipping many MANY products to both of these countries has lead us to this conclusion:

  • FedEx is the best courier to use for shipments to Spain
  • DHL is ideal for Italy bound deliveries

They are not always the cheapest options but they are the best in the long run.

When thinking about which shipping options you need to think about a number of things. Price, speed, trackability and a lack of complications are amongst the bigger ones.

Sometimes the cheapest option isn’t the best.

It’s true with cars, it’s true with alcoholic beverages and it’s true with courier companies.

While a Cherry QQ might cost less than a Volvo, spending money on a Volvo is preferable to having to walk around with one leg less because your QQ hits a duckling at 20kmph and crumples up.

The same is true for FedEx for Spain and DHL for Italy. No it’s not always the cheapest option but it IS the one that will save you (or your customer) from loosing an arm and a leg in extra fees once the package arrives.

Product Review


Parking Pilot – Parking Sensor + Special Breathalyzer Function [CVMX-J18]

Parking sensors are great little devices.

With one, you get a better idea of what’s going on behind you when you back up, but what happens when the one you love has had a little much to drink?

With a breathalizer mounted on the back of the Parking Pilot you can be sure that they will know when they have had too much to drink and perhaps need to call a cab.

Will the J18 reverse parking sensor work in my specific make and model of car?

Yes, the J18 works with all makes and models.

How does the breathalyzer work?

Just blow into the micro screen located behind the LCD to test for the presence of alcohol.

Similar systems cost twice as much, how can you offer this parking sensor kit at such a low price?

We can offer you the best deal on electronics because we source our products directly from the factory. This eliminates the need for “middle men”, and ensures us the lowest price possible.

For a bigger list of questions visit the Chinavasion FAQ page or to ask your own question leave a comment to this blog (provided you don’t mind the whole world knowing about it).

We’ll answer them here and, if they’re good enough we may even re-publish them in a future Friday FAQ.

Author xlxmarketing 30.4.2010. | 21:40
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