Why is my Android Phone so Slow? And How to Make it Faster.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.1.2018. | 17:20

Did your smartphone use to be a lot faster but now it seems to be running slowly?

Recently it became common knowledge that Apple slows down the phones as the battery gets older.  But there are other reasons your phone may be getting slower, even if you’re not using an iPhone.

How to make your phone faster

Most of us will experience this slow phone problem at some point, our once fast phone that once responded quickly to every touch now struggles through even the simplest of tasks and has slowed to little more than a crawl.  Well, don’t despair there is probably a simple and fast solution.

The following are the main reasons why your phone may be running slowly, and what you can do to fix it.


Low Storage

This is the most common reason for a phone or tablet PC running slowly. you can check the storage space usage by going to Setting -> Device tab -> Storage. This will show the amount of storage available as well as how much is used for the system, media, downloads, cache, apps, etc.

Media, such as audio, photos and videos can be backed up to your computer or cloud storage and then removed.  Once you have backed up your files go to the file manager and delete the backed up files.  You can also clear the cache memory and while you’re at it check the downloaded files, there are probably lots there you don’t need and that can easily be cleaned up.
Go to Storage-> Downloads and select the files you want to remove then select the trash can icon to delete them.

You should also disable or uninstall apps you no longer need or use. Go to Settings -> Device tab -> Apps. Here you can see all the apps installed on your phone.

Scroll through the apps and when you find one that’s no longer required you can uninstall or disable it.


Latest Software Updates

These are rolled out by device manufacturers, these updated fix bugs, and stability issues as well as offer security patches to fix vulnerabilities. Its always good practice to keep the software on your device updated especially the OS. You may not see a huge difference in the way the overall users experience but these platform updates tend to feature a list of fixes that can significantly improve your device’s performance.

To check if there is an update for your device go to Settings -> About phone – > System update and check to see if there are any updates waiting to be installed.


Home Screen

If you’re using live wallpapers on your phone then this can slow things to a crawl, especially if you’re not running a high-performance device. If you’re experience lag when switching between apps or exiting to the home screen you should consider switching back to a standard static wallpaper to see if it resolves the issue.

Go to Settings -> Display -> wallpaper

here you can change your desktop wallpaper settings, selecting one of the stock settings from your phone or a photo from your picture gallery.

Widgets on the home screen can also slow down the system. Try consolidating your apps icons and into less home screen pages and remove any widgets you don’t really need.


Background Processes

If the phone’s battery is also draining fast as well as a sluggish performance it could likely be there is some app that’s running in the background and hogging your CPU power. Many apps will automatically update when you’re on Wi-Fi. News apps, in particular, are normally defaulted to download the latest bulletins in the background.

Go to Settings-> Battery

Here you can see what apps are using the most juice, you can also click for more details and use the force stop to close down the errant apps that are hogging all the power. However, your better going directly to the app settings and checking their settings to see if you can better optimize their setup.


Restart Your Device

As the IT guys say –  “have you tried turning it off and back on again?”

Sometimes your device just gets bogged down with full cache and lots of unnecessary tasks to the point it will hardly respond at all. In this instance you can try restarting the device, this should flush the cache and kill any unnecessary tasks and will likely get you up and running again.


Factory Reset

The last resort is the truest factory reset. Ideally, you should back up all the files, photos and data you want because doing a factory reset will remove everything you have put on your phone.  As the name suggested this restores your phone to the conditions the manufactures shipped it in.

It’s a sure fire way to clean up those leftover bits of software and any buggy apps you may have. It may seem a little drastic but when all else has failed this could be what is required.

First of all Backup everything you want to keep. Check out this article if you’re not sure how to back up our android device.

Secondly, make sure your battery is fully charged.

Go to  Settings -> Backup & Reset -> Factory reset.

You may be prompted at this point to enter your passcode.

Go have a cup of tea or coffee and once the reset is completed select the option to reboot your phone.

Now you can restore all your contacts and the apps you need and you should be good to go again.


If you and Apple phone and you read all this but still have an issue then go to the Apple store or a reputable repair shop and see about getting a new battery put int. Many Apple stores are now offering a discount on this service to appease those disappointed customers who rightly feel a little peeved.

If you have an android device and these tips didn’t solve the issue then perhaps it is just time to upgrade to a newer device, if you’re in the market for a replacement Android phone check out the many offerings at Chinavasion, we have a full range of Android phones to suit every budget, from flagship devices to budget offerings were sure you can find a phone that’s right for you.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.1.2018. | 17:20
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