Best Eco-Friendly Phone & Tablet Apps to Help you go Green

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Lifestyle is changing so rapidly in today’s era, where technology has revolutionized everything. So is the behavior of humanity, especially when it comes to buying cheap tablet computers. There are lots of brand names that you will see in the market, but the real task is to choose an Android Tablet that suits your personality. Android Tablets are in great demand because they are user-friendly and have the option of installing all types of apps, especially eco-friendly apps. To improve your lifestyle and have a healthy environment, we have a list of best environmental friendly apps for your Android tablets.

Green apps


1. Waterprint

The waterfront was developed by the water efficiency magazine. It helps you to see how much water you consume and how much of it is wasted. This app also provides a guideline to effectively reduce their water consumption.

2. Eco-footprint

This app is created by the World Wildlife Fund. It is a multi-functional app that can track the amount of energy you use, the food that you consume and most importantly the carbon you releases out daily. The Eco-footprint is available on both Android Tablets as well as on iOS. It is free on a Tablet PC.

3. Good guide

The Good guide is one of the most used apps for the Android Tablet users. It can simply scan the barcode of all the products that are used in homes. By scanning it can tell about the most eco-friendly products for your home, which are not only socially responsible but are also scientifically rated.

4. Climate

Climate can help you combat climate change. It also helps you share these ideas with your friends. It is more powerful in gathering most effective climate changes which are set by different organizations around the world. This app is available on tablet PC and also, on cheap tablets.

5. iRecycle

Recycling is very important for the healthy environment. So, Earth 911. Inc. brings the recycle app for you to re-utilize your household items, glass, computers and everything that you do not use. This app helps you to find suitable recycling options in the U.S. It is quick as it can help you find the nearby recycling places. Also, it has 1600000 ways to recycle upwards of 350 materials. You will easily find it on any smartphone.

Green apps


6. Dropcountr

The Dropcountr records the amount of water you are using at your home and office on a daily basis. This app can help you to set a water budget. You can simply connect your utility company to your Android tablet, through which you will get messages regarding your water usage on a daily basis.

7. Give O2

The Give O2 apps record your daily footprints, for example when you drive. So, when you travel from one place to another this app tracks how much gas have you consumed, how many miles have you moved and most importantly, how much carbon has been released into the atmosphere. This app is available on cheap Tablets so, everyone can get it easily.

8. Recycle Nation

This is just like the iRecycle app. It helps you find nearby places that are best for recycling your consumed materials such as glass, household items and many more. It helps you save the plants and have environmentally friendly surroundings.

9. Recyclebank

It helps you to receive points if you do the eco-friendly activity like recycling, and save water. These points can help you order rewards. It also, adds to your society as you do something for the environment where you live. This app is available for all your Android tablets.

10. Carma Carpooling

This eco-friendly app is one of the most interesting apps of all. It not only connects you to people who are traveling to the same destination where you are going, but, also helps you save the amount of money you spend on travel. You can simply pick up people who are going on your route and contribute to your cost through credit card very easily. This will reduce the number of cars on the roads and less O2 will be emitted into the environment and healthier will be the will be the environment. It is available for all your Android tablets.

11. Oroeco

The Oroeco app manages your life in all aspects. From calculating your carbon footprints to evaluating your transportation, from help you determine your plans for making home energy choices; it has everything that you require for a healthy protective living.This app is available for all your Android tablets.

12. EWG’s Food Scores

This app uses the database to find out what you are eating every day. EWG’s Food Scores looks at your nutritional information and also check the ingredients that are being used in your food. This will help you make the right and healthy food choices. Such kind of health implications can not only affect your living but improves your diet and hormones. You can live in a more eco-friendly way if you use EWG’s food scores.

13. Bright Nest

Bright Nest helps everything run smoothly. It basically deals with saving energy. This app is a Swiss Army Knife for tips for new homeowners. It manages your home tasks and makes your life much easier.This eco-friendly app is available on both Android tablets as well as on apple store.

Eco-friendly Android tablet apps will surely meet your needs, while you are searching for an environmental friendly app with a great reputation in the market, world-class customer satisfaction, and high-quality products. You won’t go wrong if you choose these apps mentioned above. Using these apps will not only help you improve your living but, will also help you in keeping a record of how much you consume daily whether it is O2 or CO2. Android tablets have all these applications available it may be an expensive Tablet PC or a cheap android gadget.



Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.1.2018. | 14:00
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