Top 8 Artificial Intelligence Apps For iOS

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Artificial intelligence is one term that is increasing in popularity in the field of science and technology. It is aimed at introducing human level accuracy and intelligence to applications. These applications can then be proactive and carry out tasks with little errors and without human guide or inputs.

Artificial Intelligence, just like Cloning, is one area of science that has generated tremendous controversy. Many that oppose the technology argue that it will pose a threat to humanity in the long run. That perhaps one day, these machines will be smart enough to take control from man and who knows what destruction they may concoct.

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No one has been to the future before neither has anyone seen it yet. For now, Artificial Intelligence offers a lot of benefits to users, helping to ease the stress attached to different tasks and allowing for a greater degree of efficiency. Below are some of the most popular Artificial intelligence apps that can be utilized on iPhone and iOS devices;

1. Replika:

Replika is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence apps that are of importance for iPhone app development. It is an all-in-one app, that serves different aspects of the user’s life. The most interesting feature of the app is its ability to have conversations with the user in a way that it appears like a real human and not a bot. It conversation appears natural and not automated. The app also has the ability to learn a user’s preferences, just as a friend learns and get accustomed to another friend. Therefore its conversation begins to be more specific and personalized, centered around the preference of the user and not generic. As time goes on Replika will develop a friendship with the user that is comparable to any real-life relationship. Replika can even do more than a real-life friend, because as compared to a real-life friend, Replika is available 24hours a day and always free to keep users company.

2. Airpoly:

Another app relevant to iPhone app development is Airpoly. Airpoly works in a similar way to Seeing AI and it is targeted at the visually impaired. The app is highly intelligent and is able to identify as much as three objects in a single second. The app can see and think. You don’t need to take photos for the app to work, all you need do is to point it at something and it instantly recognizes the object and describes it, going as far as telling you the color or any specific aspect of the object you would like to know. As time goes on the app will continuously learn and be better, and the best part is that it does not even require the internet to work. By default, without learning, Airpoly has the ability to recognize hundreds of objects. The app developers are currently working on making Airpoly capable of describing complex scenes, such as a cat walking beside a bus.

3. Seeing AI:

Seeing AI is regarded one of the best and most applicable artificial intelligence apps ever made during iPhone app development. It is giving hope to people who are visually impaired and allowing them to be able to better interact with their environment. Seeing AI works with the phone camera to identify people, objects, signs, cars etc, in the surrounding and relays it back to the user. It has the ability to recognize and read signs, thereby making it easy for the visually impaired to understand written text. Not that alone, Seeing AI can also recognize setting, situation, and weather and relate it back to its user. One aspect that makes it stand out is its ability to recognize people’s emotions, that way the user knows exactly how the people around him/her feels.

4. Cortana:

One aspect where people have been clamoring for artificial intelligence in iPhone app development is as a personal assistant. Sometimes administrative tasks can be hell, but having a very reliable assistant that can help manage task can be heaven on earth. Cortana is an iOS artificial intelligent app that can do that. Cortana can carry out a wide range of tasks, from scheduling meetings to sending emails, from keeping track of events to sending you updates and reminders. When Cortana is integrated into users smartphone and desktop it can assess all relevant information, sort them out, and deliver its services efficiently. Just like Replika, Cortana has the ability to understand the preferences of its users, so it can correctly recommend songs and movies according to the time of day or mood.

5. ELSA:

ELSA is an abbreviation for English Language Speech Assistant. It is the very first of its kind and the most astute, and it is aimed at helping users enhance their pronunciation. It is a relevant Artificial Intelligence app for iPhone app development.

6. Siftr Magic:

With better cameras comes more photos, and with greater pixels come larger photos. Smartphone has influenced the number of photos that average individual snaps each day. The size of these photos and quantity causes them to occupy tremendous space. In order to free up space, you will manually need to browse through hundreds of your shots and figure out which to delete and which to keep. This can take several minutes. Introducing Siftr Magic an artificial intelligent app relevant to iPhone app development that uses deep learning to identify images that are not essential and make a recommendation to have them deleted. The app’s recommendation is based on the content of the photo and the number of times it has been viewed. The app does not delete photos on its own, rather it simply makes a recommendation.

7. The Roll:

The Roll is similar in many ways to Sifr Magic, but whereas Sifr Magic uses deep learning to identify photos to identify photos that are not essential and recommend them for delete, The Roll browses through your phone to find the best photos on it. The app uses image recognition technology to achieve the feat.

8. Hound:

Another very effective and efficient assistant is the Hound. The app has voice search features, which allows users to speak to it and receive recommendation movies, restaurants, parks etc. It is also effective as an office assistant as it helps to handle task such as reading messages, scheduling events, getting reminders etc. The app is expected to improve the number of its users.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.1.2018. | 14:00
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