Best Affordable 4K Video Drones From China!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.1.2018. | 09:56

Drones are our “eyes in the sky”. Drones have been around for a few years now and they have served different purposes. There has been a huge increase in their popularity because of their widespread uses. These gadgets are now used to take aerial pictures or to record videos from the sky. There is no doubt that drones are among the most advanced devices in today’s aeronautics, electronics and, robotics.

What are drones and how do they work?

Drones are small and light aircraft or ships controlled that are controlled remotely. A drone is made from light materials. It would be easier to maneuver while flying and its weight would not drag it down. These gadgets come in different sizes, colors, shapes and with various different functions.

The best commercial drones that you should buy are:

1) Hubsan H301S SPY HAWK

If you prefer affordable and practical drones than this device is definitely for you. It has a price of only US$ 345.9. This drone is shatter resistant and has an action time of 30 minutes. It also has the auto-return function. It also comes with 4K video resolution. This means that the drone will return to its starting position if it goes outside the range. It is made out of Vinyl which is a light weighted material so that it could fly easily. You can order it at and if you don’t like the product then you can even return it.

SPY-HAWK drone


This drone is one of the most advanced drones in the market at the moment. This only costs around US$260. It is made out of aluminum and high-resistant plastic so it is very light and can easily maneuver the air. It can even stand rough landings and is shatter resistant. The only disadvantage to this gadget is that it comes without a camera. You have to purchase it separately and then set it up yourself. You can order this at and they will deliver your product to you in 60 days or less.


This gadget only costs US$238.06. It helps you take the best videos or pictures from the aerial view. Thanks to its CMOS sensor, this amazing hardware allows you to take exquisite photographs. Your gadget can easily be controlled by your smartphone. It has a 4K video resolution. It has a compact size because of which it is perfect for both indoors and outdoors flying. It also has a twelve-month warranty. You can buy it from for a cheap price.



It is a quadcopter style drone with 4K video resolution. It has a flying time of 10 minutes and is also affordable with a price of US$299. The best thing about this drone is that it is ultra slim and is easily portable. You can also take breathtaking aerial snaps and video with its 13 MP camera. It is available in beautiful colors and you can order it at


These are the best affordable video drones from China with 4K video resolutions. These were hand-picked by us for your convenience. Do let us know if you found this useful and share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.1.2018. | 09:56
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  1. Tom P January 5, 07:38

    The Wingsland S6 really is a great looking drone. It’s definitely on my wish list of tech purchases for 2018.

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