Best Android TV Box Apps & Smartphone Games Winter 2017

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.12.2017. | 14:00

Are you looking for coming soon games and apps on Android TV Box? In today’s world, every month a new game or app is being released. Every year the consoles are drowned by games and apps. The same goes for Android TV Box, there are many games that are coming out every month. In this write-up, we have listed some of the apps and games that will be releasing soon.

Take a look at the upcoming apps and games on best Android TV Box.

South Park Phone Destroyer

One of the best game coming in future is the South Park Phone Destroyer. In this game, you can play in single player and multi-player mode. The characters of the South Park are dressed up like cowboys, gods, cyborgs, and pirates. The PvP mode will be great for playing. It offers the best combination of card collecting with real-time combat. The voices of the characters are done by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

south park android game

Dead Rivals

Another great that will be coming soon is the Dead Rivals. This game by Gameloft is the first zombie-themed action MMORPG game with customizable characters and different classes. The gameplay includes PvP battles with building shelter and crafting weapons. This game is the most awaited game because of the MMORPG aspect. It was also mentioned that the game will include maps of large-scale.

phone game

Animal Crossing

Next upcoming game on Cheap Android TV Box is Animal Crossing. In this game, you can settle down in a comfy village along with animals and various characters. This game is an interesting and interactive game in which you can finish different tasks. You can meet your neighbors and have great relations with them. You are given the liberty to create your unique character and select his appearance and gender. You can have agreat adventure by exploring the surroundings of the village. This game is all about enjoying life by looking for hidden treasures and growing plants.

animal game nitendo

The Sims Mobile

EA has announced they are releasing another most played PC game on Android. The Sims is coming soon on the best Android TV Box. The players can shape the family of the Sim’s over several generations, just like the PC game. In this version, when you achieve your career goals or when you retire, you are given a reward. The Heirlooms will be given to you, it can be used for unlocking the careers and hobbies for future.

Moreover, you can create your own house and design your characters. There will be no Sims without the social aspect and gamers can connect to each other through hosting parties.

sims game for phones


In the end, there are many big titles out this year and all work well on an Android TV Box. These games are great for improving your skills. The main purpose of the gaming is to help you relax and get entertained. These games will do that while also taking your gaming to a new level. If you dont yet have an Android TV Box you can alwasy visit us at chinavasion where we have an incredble range of affordable options so you can pick up cheap Android TV box for less.  Which games and apps are you waiting for? Let us know in the comments below.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.12.2017. | 14:00
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