Salesmate vs Nimble: 5 Ways CRM Saved My E-commerce Business

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.12.2017. | 14:12

Customer relationship management (CRM) is extremely important for ecommerce businesses today as it manages a company’s interaction with its existing and potential customers.

It facilitates better customer relationship and enhances the e-commerce business model by streamlining contact organization, expediting sales management and automating the process of discovering leads, nurturing them into customers and conducting regular follow-ups to retain customer loyalty.

Subsequently, a business that uses CRM enjoys improved profits and a wider consumer base. Not to mention, your sales team can focus on increasing sales instead of worrying about data accumulation and organization.

The CRM industry has seen staggering increase in demand and is expected to reach US$48.4 billion by 2020. By using the CRM technology, I was able to increase the revenue generation of my e-commerce business.

The tool allows my sales team to interact with potential customers found on multiple platforms and provide each one of them with a personalized experience which helps us retain more customers. We also get more leads via satisfied customers.

But choosing a CRM software is not always easy. The following comparison between the value-additive features of two of the most prominent CRM software, Salesmate and Nimble, will enable you to determine the effectiveness of utilizing a CRM tool and how best to choose one for your business;


Organizational capabilities:

CRM tools allow you to organize relevant information regarding your clients such as buying habits, order histories, devices used, preferred items etc. for quick access. It assists an organization in providing every customer with an enhanced and personalized buying experience. Organizing customer details also saves previous time and resources and allows swift and effective business transactions.

Like all competent CRM software, Salesmate also enables you to store and organize contact information and data for easy and quick retrieval. But it goes one step further and organizes each piece of data according to its relevance, such as;

  • Holds long-term information about an individual or business such as contact numbers and email addresses
  • Saves conversations between the sales reps and clients which can help determine if the goals in the sales pipeline are being met
  • Saves the time, date and subject of a specific communication between the company and a customer. Activities can be appointments with potential clients, scheduled tasks or meetings to close a deal.

Nimble, on the other hand, is a social CRM that collects valuable data regarding customer preferences depending on their social media engagements and displays it in an organized format.

The accumulated data provides actionable insights about the prospective clients to forge better relationships and convert leads to customers to drive revenue. With Nimble, you can set Stay in Touch Reminders and use Mark as Important star system to give precedence and prominence to the most important communications.        


Task tracking enhancements:

Running a business includes managing a plethora of tasks simultaneously to ensure a progressive workflow and increased portability. A CRM provides you with real-time updates about the upcoming meetings, sales reps’ progress, deals closed, tasks completed etc.

It notifies you of the simplest of tasks that need to be executed to forge better customer relationships, for example, a reminder about a client’s birthday or an upcoming scheduled call. Smart CRM tools also provide a 360-degree overview of the sales pipeline and the performance of every sales rep including sales statistics, lead generation rate and conversion rate.

Salesmate has an Enhanced Reporting feature which allows you to determine the effectiveness of your sales activities and whether these actions are delivering projected results or falling short of your expectations.

It tracks the duration of a lead’s conversion into a customer in addition to the time taken by a sales rep to finish a call or conclude a meeting and the incurred results.

In addition to this, Salesmate also tracks and sends notifications about some integral aspects of lead generation and conversion such as the potential customers who have not been engaged in a while.

The software’s dashboard provides an extensive view of the sales pipeline which gives you real-time insights into the current position of each lead in the pipeline.

Nimble possesses the Smarter Email prospecting feature which tracks the number of emails opened by your clients. It can also help you understand the client’s reactions to your subject lines and email content, insights that can help you optimize them for increased clicks.

It displays a comprehensive review of your projected and previous sales and revenue stats to help you assess the profitability scales and consequently, the performance of your sales reps.

You can reward your over-achieving employees according to the results and coach the underperformers to optimize your sales team and subsequently, amplify customer acquisition and revenue generation.


Ease of customization:

Both SMBs and large enterprises use CRM tools. Therefore, it is imperative for a CRM software to be adaptable and customizable as per the requirements of an organization’s workflow and clientele.

Users can customize the aesthetics of Salesmate’s user interface according to their job’s requirements with useful form layouts and much more. The CRM functions as a sales manager and facilitates you by keeping tabs on your leads, customers and sales activities. It also allows you to customize the modules according to your preference.

Due to Salesmate’s flexibility, its use is not restricted to a single niche or business model.

On the other hand, Nimble can also be employed by various businesses, regardless of the size or niche, with its custom tabs and fields that can be integrated into the user interface. The ease of customization allows users to construct a display to expedite the sales pipeline by keeping relevant client information and other essential sales details at their fingertips.


Mobile optimization:

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, your business is not confined to a physical space. Similarly, your business transactions should not be limited to bulky desktops only. A CRM software that is optimized for mobile devices allows you to track project updates, sales reps progress and tasks completions regardless of your location. Moreover, it also allows sales teams to use it on the go.

Salesmate and Nimble offer excellent and top-notch apps for both Android and iOS devices with an extensive list of features that provide you with the opportunity to keep an eye on your business, employees and customers from anywhere, and at any time.


Smart workflow management:

CRM software is a great tool to streamline your workflow so that you can focus on the primary aspects of running a successful e-commerce business such as launching new products or improving customer service. Salesmate understands the importance of time management for a sales rep, therefore; with its workflow management feature you can automate some of the most integral tasks such as welcome email generation for new clients, scheduling follow-up calls for clients, etc. With Salesmate, your employees can focus on acquiring new customers and driving sales instead of wasting valuable time writing emails and setting up meetings.

Nimble is primarily a social CRM, and can help you discover relevant business contacts and leads that are pertinent to your business and gathers them on a single platform, eliminating the entire lead discovering process. Hence, your sales reps can put greater emphasis on nurturing the leads to pave the way for bigger sales.

Both Salesmate and Nimble are highly competitive CRMs. According to the Customer Satisfaction Algorithm on Finance Online, which accumulates customers’ reviews, opinions and comments from various social media channels, Salesmates scored 100% in terms of user satisfaction while Nimble scored 93%.

The results signify the importance of a proficient CRM which provides an enhanced overall user experience, facilitates customer acquisition, tracks employee performance and expedites your sales pipeline to yield sustainable revenue generation.



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Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.12.2017. | 14:12
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