How To Easily Save More Storage On Android

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.11.2017. | 15:35

There is nothing more annoying in life than realizing that your Android phone refuses to install a major update just because of low storage. Unlike other life annoyances, it is also simple to fix.

No matter your Android device has 32GB or 64GB of on-board storage, it is easy to run out of space within few weeks or months, even if you have expanded your storage to further 16 or 32 gigs via MicroSD card.  Here are some of the ways to free up some space on your Android.


Delete Downloads

In a Downloads folder in your device, everything you download (including WhatsApp or Facebook videos, photos, documents etc.) is stored. Most of the files in this folder are more likely to be unnecessary. So, it’s time to free up some space by removing these unwanted files.  Download folder might also be named as My Files in your app drawer. Simply tap and hold the file and tap the Trash icon or delete button to remove it.



Uninstall Unused Apps

If you want to get around storage problem and you need some more space, you should start removing some apps that you no longer need to use. You may definitely have some or several apps that you will never use. Or some apps might be taking up the most space. To find it out, simply go to Settings > Apps. It will show up the list of apps by size. It means the biggest apps will be seen at the top.



Other option to do so is to open Play Store. Tap three-line on the top right corner and tap My Apps & Games and tap Installed tab. Next up, tap the Sort button and choose an option like Size or Last used. To sort apps on “Last Used”, scroll down to the bottom and see the apps you don’t use the most. Simply tap it and select “Uninstall”.


Clean Cache

Most Android apps use cached or stored data so you don’t have to wait more when loading the same app again and again. It also saves mobile data. These files are for your convenience. But you don’t need to keep them unnecessarily.  To clear cache and temp to save up some space, simply head to Settings > Applications > Application Manager and select the app to clear cache. In the Application info of the app, tap “Storage” and “Clear Cache”. To clear cache from all apps, simply head to “Settings > Storage” and select Cached Data to remove cache of all apps stored on your device.



Move Photos to Cloud

Did you know that Google Photos app has functionality to back up endless number of photos? It means you can back up each and every photo you capture on your Android device directly to Google Photos and it won’t count over Google Drive. Once it back up your photos, you can remove them from to save up some space.

Simply turn Google Photos’ Backup & Sync feature on to get the most of free cloud space. Open Google Photos and go to Settings > Backup & sync and turn this option on. You may backup your pictures up to 16MP high quality resolution or at original size. Google Photos provides unlimited storage for HQ pictures and media which is backed up at original size in Google Drive. To back up your pictures with Google Photos, simply head to Settings > Free up device space and it will wipe all videos and photos which have been saved in cloud storage.


Move Apps to Micro SD

Apps usually take up most of the space on your phone storage. If you have Android device which has expandable storage, you can move some bigger apps to MicroSD. Simply head to Settings > Applications > Application Manager and select the storage-sucking apps.



If app allows storage on MicroSD card, it will show up a button “Move to SD Card” that you can use. On some devices, this option is available in Storage section. Keep in mind that some parts of the app are moved to SD card. The amount of app data moved is up to the app itself. Most of the large apps don’t move a huge part of their data to SD card.


Erasing Files via Third Party Software (optional)

Well, there are always great apps or software out there that help you out on this kind of matter, such as SafeWiper for Android. The reason why using third-party tool is that it saves a lot of time. You can complete the task with a single tap or click. The whole process is done automatically. However, most of them are not free. You need to pay a few bucks to fully use them.




By considering the increased file size of the apps in the market, almost all smartphone makers started to launch their Android devices with up to 32GB to 64GB of storage. But it is still easy to run low on storage within few months of usage.

But there are still easy ways to clear out hundreds of MBs and even few gigs of storage by removing unwanted apps, clearing cache, and deleting unwanted media and pictures. We hope the methods mentioned above will help you clear up some space so you can download latest updates on your device.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.11.2017. | 15:35
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